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  1. I've only ever seen Kenny Omega use that particular combo of moves. https://i.imgur.com/Xu2hkVn.mp4
  2. For some characters but thats Not always the case I'm hoping that the Southpaw pack includes a bunch of generic old school stuff.
  3. Thanks for including Joe's big boot/senton combo. I've been wanting that since 2K16. Will the Southpaw and Empire packs contain more of these neglected "staple" moves?
  4. Where did you see these? Dre41 did a stream on YouTube. Thank you! Mr. Red, White & Blue is Jim Duggan. He waves an American flag and an invisible 2x4.
  5. It's a crime that 2K got rid of strap removal taunts the same year they added Jerry Lawler. They really should be patched back in.
  6. No pin combo on the Rock Bottom. Hogan has 5 taunts, four standing ones and one for near the corner. Cant see any other new moves for him apart from that Elbow Drop/Boot Rake you mentioned. All his other new moves are in the moves videos. Thanks!
  7. A few random questions for anyone who has the game: Does the Rock Bottom have a pin combo? How many new taunts does Hogan have? How does Hogan's new comeback compare to his old one? Does Hogan have any new DLC moves that weren't in the new moves video, such as strikes or reversals? I noticed he has a new elbow drop/boot rake combo in one of the gameplay videos.
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