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Great job with this legend. Kinda wish they had snuck him into 2K19, with Bryan Danielson and the Hammerstein Ballroom arena being in and all lol

Yeah i was so praying he was gonna be in, not sure why he wasn't, it would have been perfect for Bryan's secret bonus match in his Showcase instead of that dumb Bryan vs Bryan match.

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Nigel McGuinness

Creator- RunZekeRun

Console- PS4




Btw this isn't the attire he comes with, this is Nigel's attire from his final match with Bryan in ROH i made for it. The default attires he comes with is his announcer look and a wrestling attire mainly consisting of in game logos to save logo space.

Amazing work.

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AEW Double or Nothing attires (spoilers):


Chris Jericho


PS4: giamsamir https://twitter.com/giamsamir


Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose


PS4: DaveLFC-YNWA https://twitter.com/legitATTIRES



XB1: RecentSaucer349 https://twitter.com/Iconic2k


What it looks like imported to Bhangra22man's PS4 CAW:



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Who has the best current attire of Sami Zayn on PS4? The one I find, there always something off about it.

I use MBA512's (and changed the hat to a beanie to make it more current)



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