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  1. Ethan Page! All Ego Ethan Page has never looked better, another phenomenal job man, love the attires, these in game quality Impact caws you're giving us are amazing man. Can't wait to see who you make next, its one of the things i most look forward to is seeing what DLC you give us next.
  2. OC's looking great man, he's got that ingame looking quality now.
  3. Holy crap! Wow man, i'm almost speechless, this might be your best work yet, the face, the attire, everything looks flawless man. You put the ingame models to absolute shame with how good you make these. I've wanted a good Callihan going all the way back to 2K18 and never found a really good one, thank you so much for this, i really appreciate all the time and effort you put into these caws man, you truly keep this game alive with caws like this.
  4. I knew his singlet looked familiar and i did a bit of research and found thats actually the singlet Olympic wrestler John Smith wore
  5. Oh another cool thing i never even knew, they actually got Sami Callihan's entrance and victory motions called "Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down" so its gonna make this caw even more perfect.
  6. OMG YES! Sami!! Face looks amazing!! By far the best Sami face i've ever seen on a caw.
  7. Kayden Carter- By ily_sup7 - PS4
  8. No one outside of Taz ever used it but he's one of the most well known wrestlers from ECW and in wrestling period, theres no reason why it shouldn't be in the game. I mean we got some moves in the game i haven't seen anyone do before, some moves that probably a Japanese wrestler did once or twice in a bar somewhere, but we haven't got Taz's finisher? Theres tons of Taz caws every year, its a move thats really needed for the caw community.
  9. How about that new Drew McIntyre attire from Raw tonight? His entrance attire and everything looked epic.
  10. Rohit! Nice, i've been becoming a big fan of his as of late, without a doubt one of the best on the roster right now. Yeah i know what you mean about Moose and the tattoos, perhaps you could get in contact with Iconic2k and work with him to convert his Moose to ps4, he looked to have nailed his tattoos.
  11. Is there some reason we've not gotten the Tazmission in any of the games in the last decade? Its like the one well known submission move they refuse to put in the game, and every Taz caw has to be given a freaking Rear Naked Choke or the Chicken Wing. I can't remember the last time it was in a WWE game, but i know it hasn't been in one in a long time, probably going all the way back to the SVR games. I don't get why its never put in the recent games, if its a legal thing they don't have to call it the Tazmission, they could call it the Half Nelson Choke or something. Seriously does anyone know what the deal is with the Tazmission always being left out the games?
  12. Yeah lol, he's been the one creator thats made me consider going over to XBox just to get his caws.
  13. Swann! Nice! Looks perfect my man, the face is spot on, love the body texture, sometimes a good body texture is was makes a caw really become the wrestler you're going for. The Impact caws you're churning out is like early Christmas gifts. Hope to see some more Impact guys, theres still alot that desperately needs good caws on CC. Moose is one especially that needs one, theres like a handful of caws of him on CC and they're all terrible, theres like 2 thats kinda decent but their attires and tattoo work suck. When i saw Iconic2K make Moose for 2K20 on XBox i was extremely jealous lol, it was like the first really good caw of Moose, cause there wasn't even a good Moose for 2K19, i remember hundreds made for that game and they all sucked.
  14. Dude that Kane might be the best looking caw of unmasked Kane i've ever seen, looks unreal ingame. And damn! That Jericho looks like an ingame model, well done man.
  15. Wow man Fulton looks stunning, and the updated Ace is perfect, definitely gonna hop on and grab them in a bit.
  16. Holy shit that Kane looks amazing. By far my favorite version of Kane.
  17. Oh damn didn't see that one coming, Alpha Male! thank god we got a good Pounce in the game.
  18. Dude that RVD looks freaking phenomenal, you really captured the face perfectly with the latest update. Thats how you know a caw is really good, when from a distance you can see who the face is supposed to be and all the little details shine through. Didn't plan on having RVD in my game but that looks so good i gotta get it.
  19. RVD's face looks alot better, its really coming together nicely. When can we expect that updated Ace Austin to be uploaded?
  20. Oh thats cool, i didn't even think about using the hair glitch to make his hair look more wet and less poofy, nice thinking. Love the updates, looks even better.
  21. Just downloaded Ace, wow looks even better in game, flawless job man, attires perfect, face is spot on, its good to finally have a great Ace Austin. And its so good to be getting some high quality Impact caws, hope you churn out some more Impact guys, Sami Callahan's one i'd love to see, he's another guy who doesn't have a good caw.
  22. Ace Austin!!? Awesome! I was just thinking i wish there was a good Ace Austin on CC when i was watching him at Bound For Glory last night. Loving the Impact caws man, theres not enough good caws of the current Impact roster, glad you're changing that
  23. My god that Eddie... just wow. You're definitely not wrong in saying its your best, unbelievable job man. I'm watching HIAC right now but i'm so tempted to stop to go download that right now.
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