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  1. Wow didn't know that, definitely need to try it out, i've had all my rivalry slots filled up and never knew about this. Have you found a way to select the 3rd person involved in the rivalry actions? You know the opponent it selects for you if you aren't facing your rival in a match? Its so annoying how it just randomly selects someone from the roster and you have no control over it.
  2. Oh thats actually a cool idea, didn't think to do that. So you just make a new rivalry for each match on the show and delete it after to make room for a rivalry for the next match?
  3. Its dumb luck, after the patch a few minutes ago i got the blank rivalry action list, so thats still an issue. Telling you there better be a huge patch dedicated to fixing Universe Mode next, cause the issues in there are staggering, i don't think 2K20 had this much issues in it.
  4. Omg how did they not fix Cody's alt attire theme bug? I mean my god everyone was complaining about that, and the trios entrance issues in Universe make trios teams utterly useless. But thank god they fixed some exploits in MyFaction, so in other words they fixed something that was making that terrible mode tolerable for people and neglected everything people was actually complaining about. And they also took away Edge's blue tights logos now, so screw all the people using that for a proper attire for 06 Edge now, lol this patch took away from everyone and gave nothing. Did they fix any actual issues that has been complained about like at all? I haven't checked but i also imagine they didn't bother fixing the preview function not working in CAE, you hit preview on a motion and it doesn't do anything but show you the motion you already had set.
  5. They're freaking idiots man, they have no idea how much money they're leaving on the floor by keeping those models locked in there. There would be guys i guarantee it spending hundreds of dollars buying packs trying to get certain models. But who wants to spend money on packs as it is now only for what you get to be locked inside a boring limited mode?
  6. Whatever it makes them i guarantee it would double that and more if they made the stuff in there usable for all modes, cause think about all the ones who don't play because the stuffs locked in there, they'd be rushing to it to buy packs to try and unlock the models for every other mode and for caws.
  7. I guess, to me its just not very appealing to go and play as exclusive models in a mode where theres no entrances, and you gotta complete a laundry list of boring objectives and play a ton of multi man matches where you gotta do stuff like make 3 different wrestlers legs orange.
  8. Theres not even entrances in MyFaction are they?
  9. Just had a really good match with the combos and dodging/blocking turned down and had a blast, tried to play it as realistic as i could, i mean you can have alot of really good realistic style matches now with these sliders For anyone who wants to check it out
  10. My only real issues have been Universe mode related, primarily with tag teams/managers, that situation is a buggy mess, entrances not being selectable, tag teams set to come out separately by default. Rivalry actions not showing up at random times. Praying the firs big patch addresses all of that.
  11. Is there any way to choose the wrestler you face in a rivalry match when you aren't facing your rival? Like when you pick a rivalry action that has your rival jumping you after you have a match with someone, as far as i can tell the game just randomly selects a wrestler from the brand to be the opponent. Is there not a way to choose who you wanna face? cause it messes up my stories when i got like the number 1 contender for the WWE title being randomly placed as the jobber for a midcard feud. It almost never selects jobbers or lower card guys, it always takes someone from one of my big feuds and i gotta beat them. Its a real pain in the ass.
  12. Man i'm just now going through the default tag teams in Universe and jesus christ what a mess, almost all of them by default are set to come out separately, NONE OF THEM have their own victory motions in the game, nearly everyone or at least all the new teams all have the same generic victory motion. Jinder and Shanky don't have their own, Creed Brothers don't have their own, Kayden and Katana don't have their own, Brawling Brutes don't have their own, Toxic Attraction don't have their own, i could go on and on, literally not one single new victory animation for tag teams every team is set to the same generic victory animation. Brawling Brutes from what i can tell don't even have their own entrance. I don't even see Judgement Day's entrance, i go to edit their entrance and its set to generic 2, and theres no Judgement Day entrance to even choose.
  13. So did they not give any of the female tag teams their own victory motion? All of them have generic victory motions and don't have their own. So Toxic Attraction come out to their entrance, Katana and Kayden come out to their own entrance, Dmg Ctrl comes out to their own entrance, but each of them have the same generic victory motions. The tag teams are just a buggy mess in general in Universe, half of them are set to come out separately, trying to make a trios team is a complete disaster, theres no way to edit trios entrances, i have no clue how to make Toxic Attraction's trios entrance with Mandy, theres just no option to do it you can only edit the 2 person tag entrance.
  14. Yeah this is one part thats bugging me, the game automatically picks at random a wrestler to be in the match if your rival aint facing you, i'd love to know if theres a way to pick who it is.
  15. Anyone else run into the issue of rivalry actions not showing up? like i'll click on an action to change it and it wont show any actions to choose, its all blank.
  16. So the band themselves don't have any clue about the song being copyrighted or anything in the game, so wtf is the deal? you can't use it in the jukebox, select it in the themes and Cody can't even use it with alt attires.
  17. I swear if they don't fix the bug with Cody's theme not playing with alternate attires in the next patch....We're stuck having to use that attire he's only wore like once in his career unless we wanna do without his theme. Gamevolt just made Cody's recent attires that look gorgeous, a shame no one can enjoy them until that bug is fixed
  18. He's not wrong, and he's one of the best up and coming guys they got in NXT, dude gonna be a star on the main roster.
  19. Lol Julius Creed on twitter ragging on 2K for his model. Dude aint wrong they half assed his model.
  20. Yeah seriously, they managed to get Waller's wild complicated finisher in but still can't get Gargano's basic slingshot over the rope ddt. And again he's been using it for 2 years or maybe longer, yet they never attempt to give him the correct finisher, it should've been a finisher in 2K22, and here we are at 2K23 and its still not selectable as a finish.
  21. Are we seriously still not able to set One Final Beat as Gargano's finisher? He's been using that as his finish for like 2 years, he's not used the Gargano Escape as his finish in a long time. But for some reason 2K seem to think the Gargano Escape is still his finisher. Funny thing is you're able to set the slingshot ddt to the outside as a finish, almost every other slingshot move EXCEPT Gargano's slingshot ddt its amazing.
  22. So wait now in Universe you have to play the rivalry match up universe mode puts on there or else you can't do the rivalry actions? That seriously sucks, i got Roman and Cody in a rivalry and of course its them 1 on 1 on Raw the very first week. And apparently i can't change it around to where its Cody vs Solo and choose a rivalry action for Roman to jump him after the match or anything or else the rivalry action goes away if you alter the match in any way. Unless i'm missing something and someone can enlighten me. Are we seriously not able to edit rivalry matches without losing the rivalry action feature? Cause thats gonna annoy me to no end constantly having to play my two rival's in 1 on 1 matches every week leading up to the ppv. I wanna be able to edit the match and then choose a rivalry action, cause doesn't really feel like i'm control otherwise. In 2K22 you could choose to do a rivalry compatible edit and change the match and have it keep the rivalry tag underneath it, but from what i'm seeing theres no way to edit any rivalry match without it taking away the rivalry tag under it and thus taking away rivalry actions. And also theres not any option to choose any kind of interference for non rivalry matches, in the past i could at least create my own custom rivalries outside of the 4 i'm allowed by doing interference assaults, but now no match outside of the rivalries can do anything like that?
  23. That patch better fix the Cody alt attire entrance theme bug
  24. About the Edge 2006 attire issue, most say the solution for the fix is using the blue tights and recoloring them, but those are really inaccurate when it comes to the size of the logos on the sides they're too small. As you'll see here where i used custom images on the unfinished 2006 tights which the stars on those are much more accurate despite being unfinished. The blue tights recolored The 2006 tights with the missing logos with custom images used May be minor to some but i'm a stickler for detail and those blue tights have really small logos on the sides thats not accurate, so its best to use custom logos and make the 2006 tights on the unfinished tights the stars are much more accurate in terms of size.
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