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  1. Those Nakamura attires are perfect, another home run man, keep up the great work, creators like you really help keep the game alive. And wow didn't expect that Andrade attire so fast lol, thats awesome, i was hoping you'd do it as soon as i saw it tonight. Hey would you ever consider making attires for guys that aren't in the game like Austin Theory? like put the attire on a default caw model for people to import onto their caws, cause Theory had a great attire tonight and i'd love to see the master make it.
  2. Would you consider making Brodie Lee's attire from Double Or Nothing for Harper? no ones really made any good versions of his AEW attires.
  3. Omg MJF!! Yes!! he looks perfect, i gotta go download that right now.
  4. So if 2K21 aint happening why can't they take the time to work on more patches for 2K20? the game has come a long way from the shape it was in from its launch, and it feels close to being alright, but theres still a long list of bugs in it that needs to be addressed. The 2nd slot in alt attires not appearing in universe needs fixed, custom tron vids and alignments resetting in universe needs addressed, the hair on Backlash Bliss goes nuts when you try and make and alternate attire for it, in general alot of hair styles tend to bug out for no reason. There still things that need to be fixed in this game and they've washed their hands of it and intend on leaving it as is, despite not even working on 2k21 this year.
  5. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    I haven't tested it but i switched the hair to the dread bun style, looks the same as the one Ryee had on him but its dreads, i just placed logos around the parts with exposed skin in the hairstyle and dyed some parts of it and it looks very close to the other hair style. Hopefully it doesn't glitch.
  6. What exactly keeps making my custom titantron vids disappear from my caws in universe? everytime i go to a match they have the generic wwe logo on their tron, does editing a caw or downloading something cause it to reset or what? And crowd reaction and manager slots suddenly reset as well.
  7. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    Does the hair on Ryee's Kushida bug out for anyone else during his entrance and matches?
  8. Omg those Seth attires look amazing! Thank you! And i can't believe i never thought of doing that to make the fur on his jacket, thats brilliant.
  9. Wow the Taker WM 36 attire looks flawless, definitely gonna grab it. Since you seem to be back into makings attires, any chance of Seth's WM 36 attire? Theres still not been a good version of that attire made by anyone.
  10. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    GrabHerByThePuh (i know great name) just uploaded a pretty good Cody
  11. Wow the updated Kross looks so much better, and much more like how he looks, i love the new face texture, love the body texture, and i noticed you even tweaked the tattoo on his arm and got it more accurate. This is definitely the best version of Kross you've made. Also i would recommend changing his announcer call name to Kerry Ann Cruz, sounds very close to the real thing.
  12. Awesome!! I've been dying for someone to make Black's recent attires. Phenomenal work my man.
  13. Wow Priest looks amazing, i've yet to see anyone capture his face like you have, phenomenal job man.
  14. Would you ever consider making JBL in the future? He's been removed from the games since 2K18, and hardly anyone can ever make a good caw of him. Would love to see a high quality JBL made from someone, just throwing it out there if you wanna add him on your list for future caws.
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