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  1. I really hope Universe Mode is a big focus at some point, feels like it gets neglected every year, they barely touch it, and its the mode that keeps the game alive imo after creations of course. Imo they need to motion capture hundreds of different cutscenes for rivalries, cause it truly feels like theres a total of maybe 10 different cut scenes that occur and it gets really old, every rivalry plays almost the exact same. We need promos back, rehauled, we need more control over them, maybe even let us write the promos and set up how the promo plays out with how the rival responds etc. And for the life of me i don't get why this is even a thing, if you're in the middle of a show in universe and go out and download a caw or delete logos or something you go back in universe and a rivalry will be deleted, i feel like thats been a bug ever since the mode was introduced, just an example of how long they've neglected the mode for.
  2. It has the same negatives 2K22 does, lock up to do grapples, awkward body blocking, fast paced, feels like a fighting game, except it looks like it was made in 2002 for the N64, what am i missing? Also theres no entrances, and i heard no creations sharing, what makes this superior to 2K22? I mean people ripped 2K22 apart for locking up to grapples and those body blocks and the fighting game feel of it, but a game with cartoony graphics and less features gets praised for it? Honestly to me it feels like it has all the negatives of 2K22 but doesn't have as good graphics nor does it have as many features. To me 2K22 looks like the better game and more in line of actual wrestling than this game does. I can play a match on 2K22 and make it resemble a real match, but the matches on this so far seem way too arcadey to resemble a real match. I do like the crowd audio and loved the authentic leg slapping sound on Cole's Last Shot, and some of the moves look good, but other than that i'm not liking what i'm seeing, and i got a feeling its gonna be as bare bones as the TNA game was in terms of creation, which is making the $60 price tag even more ridiculous, from everything i've seen this should $40 tops.
  3. Jesus christ of course they didn't fix tag finishers in Universe Mode, of course they didn't, why do they refuse to fix that?! its a pretty big bug that they should be aware of ffs. I thought the patches was done after the DLC, but was shocked to see a new patch and dumb me actually thought we'd get a fix for tag finishers in Universe.....Screw you 2K.
  4. Kind of, the animation was still happening where he was selling the reversal, so i couldn't trigger it quick enough, but it worked out for the best.
  5. Yeah that was by far one of the coolest finishes to a match i've had on the game, flowed really well. Its always rewarding when you can get a finish like that.
  6. Just had a great ending to my match with Moxley vs CM Punk
  7. Whats missing from the 5 Star Frog Splash is the selling after you hit it, RVD almost always sold pain from hitting the move and rolled off holding his stomach then crawled back for the pin.
  8. No joke Logan Paul might be one the best looking models of the franchise, just looks insanely real, the hair looks amazing and the gear is epic.
  9. I don't get why they don't include stuff like that in the patch notes, they list a bunch of crap no one cares about and hide stuff like the custom renders bug being fixed and stuff downloaded from CC coming with a custom render now, i don't understand their lazy patch notes that just cause people to get mad at stuff thats perhaps been fixed but they didn't list it.
  10. Yeah lol its a pain in the ass for sure, but once its done you don't have to worry about it again. Gonna finally make deleting logos so much easier now.
  11. Ok so apparently the renders being labeled as unused in deletion utility has finally been fixed, in the comments i think they said you have to go into each caw/attire thats using a render and resave them for them to register as used.
  12. OF COURSE the tag team finisher bug is still in Universe, of course it is........The last patch and for the rest of this games lifespan you can't select a tag finisher for tag teams in Universe, real *censored*ing nice. Love how they just ignored that bug and refused to fix it and chose to fix other smaller issues that most wasn't even affected by. I didn't see one thing listed in those patch notes that was any major bugs thats been complained about, not one. Oh the smackdown ref now works, thank god for that cause the game was unplayable without that ref.....yeah fix that but not any major bugs that everyone was complaining about... And like i predicted nothing thats listed as addressed is anything that affected me, "Addressed stability in cage matches on the wall blah blah blah addressed stability online when doing this blah blah" no mention of tag team finishers in Universe, no mention of the render bug in the deletion utility, so for the rest of the games lifespan the delete all function is useless if you use renders. And i love how vague they are with crap they do fix like "Addressed reported concerns regarding damage not being applied to some moves" SOME MOVES, why can't you tell us what specific moves you fixed? see they don't wanna list what moves cause they wanna be vague with it so when a move that has the issue is still there they can be like we said "Some moves" not all. and they likely never even fixed a single damage issue on a move.
  13. I expect to see the tag finisher bug in Universe remain after this next patch, they seem to be completely ignoring it, been there for 2 patches now i don't see them fixing it this time around either, same with custom renders being considered not used in the deletion utility, thats been a problem since launch and not once have they bothered to fix it. The final patch i expect to be disappointed again, they'll list that they've fixed stability issues online and some other bullshit that i'm not even effected by while ignoring everything i'am effected by ya know the real issues that they refuse to address.
  14. This was a great sequence When you can get moments like this going its really fun.
  15. I'd just like to be able to give tag teams tag finishers in Universe again, cause tag teams are useless in Universe for me right now, and i think we're now 2 patches with no fix for it, if they don't fix it in the patch for this final DLC coming up i don't see them ever fixing it. Cause once the final DLC drops they're done with 2K22 and moving on to 2K23.
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