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  1. Oh thank god, they actually fixed the bug for the 2nd attire slot for alt attires in Universe, you can now select the 2nd attire if your caw or alt attire ahs 2 attire son it.
  2. Omg YES! They still got Dragunov's old theme in! And his move's look freaking amazing, so excited to play him.
  3. Heres a pic of current Shawn they added in the patch against Status version The version 2K added is like the size of Rey Mysterio.
  4. The current Shawn Michaels they added from MyRise is so small, put him in a match against Status uploaded current Shawn and he was so small in comparison. The model they added just looks like he was shrunken down.
  5. Oh cool, will definitely check them out, thanks.
  6. Anyone know the best guy on CC with the most accurate movesets uploaded? i need to get around to fixing most of the movesets.
  7. Are they ever gonna bother addressing facing away diving finishers bug? Just had a match as Io Shirai and just kept moonsaulting to the outside of the ring even though my opponent was down inside the ring, eventually i just had to use a rollup to win, this bug is just *censored*ing ridiculous. All the patches that come out with a giant list of fixes and this is NEVER acknowledged.
  8. Exactly what i'm saying, 2K doesn't understand that if they made it where you unlock those models and attires for all modes way more people would be buying packs to unlock them. Cause i like the AJ WM attire and Rollins WM attire, and stuff but i couldn't give a shit about them if i can only use them in MyFaction in terrible multi man tag matches without entrances or anything. They seem to think if they make that stuff exclusive to MyFaction it entices people to play that mode, no its doesn't, i don't care what model it is, what attire it is, they're useless to me being locked in MyFaction.
  9. Exactly, whats the point of having stuff like AJ and Seth's WM attires, who cares about using that in terrible 4 on 4 tag matches with no entrances. I wanna be able to use that stuff in mode like Universe, exhibition, rivalries, i don't care about any of that if i can only use them in multi man tag matches with a laundry list of boring objectives to complete. What they should do is if you get their card it unlocks for the entire game, see then i'd be way more inclined to play the mode to get all that stuff unlocked for the game, it would give the mode a reason to play for me, cause why do i care about unlocking that exclusive to stuff just to only be able to use it in a mode thats not fun?
  10. Well Edge just made his model extremely outdated now, lol damn it.
  11. Also i think the best way to go for a perfect AEW Kenny Omega caw is THEONLYOMEGAMAN's with Defract's hair and hair logos imported over to it. Honestly THEONLYOMEGAMAN's is the one that looks the most like current day Omega especially ingame. HotavioH's is perfect for a NJPW Omega with the bigger physique, but its body and everything isn't accurate for current day AEW Omega, cause Omega slimmed down alot since leaving NJPW and THEONLYOMEGAMAN and Defract have the more accurate AEW Omega physiques.
  12. Why is it when i try creating a minor custom show in universe it tells me i must choose a world champion when creating a major show when theres no option to make a world champion for a minor show? Its like its reading it as a major show even though i choose minor show and it wont let me create it until i choose a world champion but i can't. Then i'm trying to set up ppvs for AEW universe and some months just wont let me make a ppv on sunday, like it just reads it as i'm trying to create a major show and tells me i don't have enough superstars on it, and obviously it wont let me add superstars cause its the ppv setup even though its telling me i'm trying to create a major show.
  13. For MJF i'd also list THEONLEYOMEGAMAN as one of the best imo, its the best MJF on CC, and TheEsMec just made easily the best Jon Moxley yet, Iconic's is good but this guy just took his Moxley to another level of realistic
  14. Thanks man, that helps alot, not sure i'll do anything with the specials or just keep it to those 4 ppvs since thats their only ppvs. I could fill out the remaining 8 months where theres no ppvs with the specials in their place.
  15. I've found that 1 finisher very rarely puts anyone down for 3, i almost always have to hit 2, for 1 finisher to pin them i have to usually have them at like no health, stunned etc with a ton of damage done to them. But yeah i have noticed a random move can end the match more often than a finisher, something they really need to patch. In a way this game is perfect for an AEW simulation, long matches, kickouts of finishers, main eventers go 20 minutes with mdicard wrestlers, lol.
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