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  1. Thats cool, it'll be exciting to see who you make next knowing it could be from any company, i like the idea of just freestyling it.
  2. Nice! Another phenomenal caw my man, love the face you really captured it perfectly. Looks crazy good, and he will definitely help me complete my NXT roster in universe. You planning on anymore NXT guys after Ruff? If so Thatcher would be a good choice.
  3. Nice! Pearce is such a great surprise, but its no surprise he looks amazing! Definitely downloading. And i can't wait for Brodie Lee, he may be one of my most anticipated caws to download of yours, i got big plans for him in my Universe. I tried pushing the ingame Harper model in my Universe but his buggy beard during his entrance was unbearable, plus the ingame models' face compared to your Brodie's face is night and day difference, so much better than the ingame models face.
  4. YES! Thank you! You are an artist my friend, wow just wow, that face is perfect, never realized how bad the ingame models face was until seeing your caw. Cannot wait to download this.
  5. Hey what would you think about making Brodie Lee? It'd be a cool tribute, plus his model in the game is kinda bugged, his beard glitches and disappears during his entrance and his hair could use an updating. Just a thought, not sure what you're working on atm or if you have time, its cool if you can't, just thought i'd throw that out there since i saw Iconic made a really awesome Brodie caw for xbox.
  6. Wow! you absolutely perfected EY and Joe Doering, holy shit, and that Joe Doering face is scary accurate looks so damn good, and your EY's face blows the ingame one outta the freaking water, theres no detail at all in the ingame EY's face hardly, but you nailed every wrinkle and every little detail, amazing job my man.
  7. What would you think about doing 1 or 2 more MLW guys? Been watching the new shows and Filthy Tom Lawlor is becoming a big favorite of mine, would love to see you make him. Low Ki's another guy we've not got a good caw of whos on there.
  8. Awesome! Another flawless DLC model, Bey looks great, he was desperately needed on CC.
  9. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    Yeah really looking forward to Ruff, i know you'll knock him outta the park man.
  10. OMG MOOSE!!!! thank you!! He looks perfect, and wow that face looks amazing, you perfectly captured his face man. And those tattoos are a work of art, the attires look phenomenal, this is one freaking amazing caw my man. You've really gave us a great Impact roster these past few months, can't thank you enough.
  11. Ethan Page! All Ego Ethan Page has never looked better, another phenomenal job man, love the attires, these in game quality Impact caws you're giving us are amazing man. Can't wait to see who you make next, its one of the things i most look forward to is seeing what DLC you give us next.
  12. OC's looking great man, he's got that ingame looking quality now.
  13. Holy crap! Wow man, i'm almost speechless, this might be your best work yet, the face, the attire, everything looks flawless man. You put the ingame models to absolute shame with how good you make these. I've wanted a good Callihan going all the way back to 2K18 and never found a really good one, thank you so much for this, i really appreciate all the time and effort you put into these caws man, you truly keep this game alive with caws like this.
  14. I knew his singlet looked familiar and i did a bit of research and found thats actually the singlet Olympic wrestler John Smith wore
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