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  1. Lol yeah i was gonna post this, its current day Kane with his singlet but also in his 2004 tights, no idea why, unless it was a little easter egg they put in the trailer to tell us 2004 Kane is in as well. But yeah i'm excited as hell if this means 2004 Kane is in the game i've been wanting that version back in the game for ages, hopefully he has Slow Chemical as his theme.
  2. That can work too, but for me the jump kinda throws it off and its not got as much impact as the Gulak Attack, but both are fine to use for different variations of it.
  3. Theres no reason WALTER shouldn't make it in, he's been the UK champion for like 2 years at this point lol, if they plan at all to include NXT UK then you have to have him.
  4. Doesn't really matter that much if its only last gen, you can still play it on next gen and it will run faster and look better regardless, the way 2K20 currently does on PS5. I mean i'd love for it to officially be a next gen game for it to be even better but its not a huge disappointment if its not.
  5. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    Eddie Kingston- Created by aalique101- PS4 2K20
  6. Just thought i'd post this, i got Gamevolt to make Eddie Edwards Hard To Kill Attire for your Eddie caw and it looks amazing, so for anyone with Fiends Eddie caw go and download this attire for it. But keep in mind i did change the pants to a different pair than what he's got him in, and i changed the shirt to a bit of a smaller one, cause i thought these was a bit more accurate.
  7. Awesome! Now that..THATS COOL! Amazing job on Carlito my friend, face, body, you really nailed his current body, everything looks perfect. And i'm glad his return attire was pretty basic with hardly no logos, lol need all the free logo slots i can get right now. And i'm ecstatic to hear you plan on updating Edge, can't wait for that.
  8. Would you consider going back to your Edge and updating him? I was just thinking about it since Edge's return recently, i could see where maybe you could tweak the body texture a bit, and change the face texture a bit, and his skin tone since returning has looked a bit more tanned just slightly different than your Edge's skin tone. Your Edge is great no doubt but just thought i'd suggest it since he does look a bit different than he did upon his first return from injury last year when you made him. And you've grown leaps and bounds as a creator since you first made Edge, i'd love to see how much better you could make him look this time around with you being as good as you are right now.
  9. Sweet!! Top notch work as usual, face looks great, you can even tell how great it looks from a distance which means he's gonna look great in matches. Can't wait for this, i wanted a quality caw of him the moment i saw him return in the Rumble in amazing shape.
  10. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    Jay White- Created by aalique101- PS4 2K20 aalique101 has come out of nowhere, never heard of him before but he's been uploading some amazing caws these last few weeks, his Jordan Devlin might be my favorite, it looks so damn good, you'd think it was an ingame model. And this Jay White is freaking top notch, i had to immediately delete my old Jay White and replace him with this one after i seen it.
  11. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    Damian Priest- Created by jaybreezy020- PS4 2K20
  12. Omg dude i can't begin to tell you how excited I am for this, those 3 look freaking amazing!! And i'm really glad to hear you're gonna make Carlito as well at some point.
  13. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    Jordan Devlin- Created by aalique101- PS4 2K20
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