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  1. Which tendency do i need to change and what number should i change it to?
  2. Seeing this beautiful chain wrestling makes sad as hell we aint got it no more 2K needs to be bombarded with fans telling them to put chain wrestling back in 2K25.
  3. 2K has got to do something about the AI doing Irish whips and drags 90% of the matches, holy hell they do a grapple move like 5% of the time and Irish Whips and drags 95% of the time. They introduced reversing Irish whips with an Irish Whip and in their mind they thought they should make Irish Whips all the AI does to show off the new addition to the gameplay.
  4. Did 2K legit forget for Gunther to add the white trim on front part of his trunks or did Gunther wear a set of trunks where he just had white trim around the back but not the front? Cause i'm pretty sure it should have white trim there
  5. I mean Status is a big part of keeping the game fun and updated, and he wouldn't have been unbanned if not for the creators and everyone taking a stand to let 2K know his Mods improve their game. And now maybe 2K are gonna be more open to mods thanks to the outrage the community showed over Status ban. So i appreciate the people coming together in support of Status, it made 2K unban him and hopefully leads to mods being more accepted by them.
  6. Holy shit they actually unbanned him and are gonna work with him with mods.
  7. Oh wow, Status gonna get unbanned? This would be amazing if they unbanned him and allowed the use of most of his mods.
  8. If what Status is doing is breaking the TOS and frowned upon they shouldn't be allowed to promote it saying "Hey go download this guys work we approve of it!". Status has provided them with content to make views off for a long time, without him they aint got much to make videos about outside of patches.
  9. If they're not getting banned or in trouble then unban Status. They obviously think its alright for them to promote his stuff, then whats the issue?
  10. I mean Status himself has said he's fine with being banned, he knows he broke the TOS, his issue is all the others who promote his stuff that are in with 2K getting no bans or consequences, they promote his stuff all the time and help promote the game by doing it. All these guys use his content for views and 2K is fine with it.
  11. He addressed this in that interview he had, saying he can't keep spending $70 or $100 buying the game again only to be banned again cause you can't just make a new account you gotta buy the game again. At this point he's just waiting to see if they unban him and if they don't i guess he's done.
  12. I guess, but still think Satus should be given another chance, he brings alot of value to their game, he's kept alot playing with his updated models, hidden models and hidden audio lines. Alot of the big time names in the community on youtube etc draw in views talking about his content. Unban him and just make it clear no more of the intergender stuff if that was primary reason for the ban.
  13. Well i think at this point they should unban him and give him a warning, considering all the blowback on social media, #Freestatus has been trending for nearly 2 days now, and community creations is currently the top trend, tons of creators are backing him, some are stop playing the game, twitter is filled with pics of profanity and nudity thats on CC while Status is banned for way less offensive stuff. Some of their Next Makers are even quitting. 2K is being shit on big time for this, they actually made a post saying something like "We can't tolerate actions that are negatively impacting players enjoyment of the game" or something to that effect, which is utterly ridiculous, players love mods and that tweet was met with a TON of backlash. Status did tweet that WWEgames have followed him again after they had him unfollowed, so maybe thats a sign they're gonna unban him at some point here.
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