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  1. Maybe the ducking reversal is just one reversal animation, theres likely still the regular reversal where you block it with your arm, i don't see everyone ducking when you reverse a strike.
  2. I've seen wrestlers dodge punches by dunking under them, Big E did it at one point when he faced Reigns at Survivor Series. I think it will make for some cool transitions into a move, say you dunk under one then hit a Rock Bottom.
  3. Yeah i'm not gonna worry and fret over the control changes until i play it and see how it actually feels with my own hands. It'll likely not be a big deal and most will have them figured out and used to them by the end of the day.
  4. I'm begging them to put a better looking Clothesline From Hell in the game, ideally one like this where the opponent gets turned inside out and you hear the impact
  5. Plus Dominik is in the game as an adult, so i totally see kid Dominik being in a cutscene for the Eddie and Rey ladder match from Summerslam 2005.
  6. Oh man thats gonna be awesome, we'll get WCW Eddie, and 2005 heel Eddie, by far my two favorite eras of his. I just hope for the 2005 version that they make him really jacked and huge, cause he was really jacked around 2005, much bigger than he ever was in WCW and even in 2004. So i hope they don't just copy and past his WCW body with his 2005 model.
  7. Ya know one thing that just occurred to me, with Rey's showcase that means we will probably finally get 2005 heel Eddie with the highlights and his heel theme song, man i loved his heel theme "Can you feel the heat!!!", cause i can't see them not having the ladder match from Summerslam 05 for the battle over Dominic in Rey's showcase. I've wanted the 2005 heel Eddie in a game for years, cause they always give us his 2004 version with the same tights every time he's in a game.
  8. One thing i wish they'd add to Community Creations is custom titantrons, i mean we can make custom trons with images and effects, why not allow us to upload them to community creations? never understood why they wont let us upload those to CC. Its very annoying having to watch someone do a tutorial on youtube on how to make a certain tron for someone and having to individually get the images and try and piece them together the way the guy doing the tutorial did it. My dream feature would be for them to add the ability to upload videos to make actual titantrons for people and be able to use actual wrestling show and ppv intros instead of having to choose preset videos.
  9. I'm just looking forward to the 2K19 servers shutting down and all the creators coming back together to one game to create instead of being divided between 2K19 and 2K20, theres gonna be an insane amount of talented creators churning out amazing caws in 2K22.
  10. Yeah i'm thinking its an option where it makes it kinda like the HCTP season mode where you pick someone from the roster and work your way to the world title in a universe mode kinda setup, you can't manipulate the matches you just get booked and have to pick up wins. I don't remember the HCTP season mode that well but i think thats how it was.
  11. Not a big deal but why do they always put Goldberg in his WCW attire? they even got his current day older model in his WCW attire. It would be nice just once to get his WWE gear in the game instead of having to make it. They've had the half black half white shorts he wore in WWE like 2 or 3 times when he first debuted in the games for a long time, but they've never had his regular black shorts with the logo on the back that he primarily wore his entire WWE career..... Again not a big deal obviously since we can make it very easily but it would be one more slot we'd have for a caw if we didn't have to take up a slot to make it.
  12. Forcing you to play as 1 character in Universe mode would kill that mode for me. I love playing all the matches and playing through all the rivalries and building up new debuting wrestlers by squashing jobbers, i love playing all the title matches on the ppvs etc, i don't wanna be forced to only play as 1 wrestler and not see anything else that goes on, that would get incredibly stale.
  13. Jesus Goldberg and Edge look insanely real, they look freaking stunning. Seeing Murphy still in the game gives me hope most released may still be in the game, cause he was released a while ago and still made it in. AUSTIN THEORY! so stocked that he's in. Real life renders are an issue when it comes to being matched up against caws, can they not just let us upload renders to use for caws? its essentially an image and we can upload images, i don't see the issue. Damn was really hoping for a Ruthless Aggression showcase, but hopefully Rey has some matches and moments from the Ruthless Aggression Era in his showcase. We know a least he faces unmasked Kane in the barbwire tights.
  14. Man i just hope Kross is still in the game with Scarlett. I'd love all the released ones to be included but if only a few can make it in let it be Kross and Scarlett.
  15. I'm really hoping we get some Ruthless Aggression love in 2k22, give us the clean shaven chunky Evolution Triple H, Evolution Orton and Batista, unmasked 2003 Kane with the police escort and chains entrance, young Brock, i'd really love a Ruthless Aggression Showcase where we play through the most iconic moments. That shot of Kane's barbwire tights from 2003 in the trailer gives me hope cause i can't remember the last time those tights was in a game. At the very least it gives me hope we get a Kane Showcase and get a few Ruthless Aggression models from that.
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