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  1. I'm praying they got his Multiple Cross Rhodes in where he hits it once and holds on and hits it again. Like in this vid
  2. I'd say theres a high chance its got a new animation with Cody's first time being back in the games in years, i bet he's getting all kinds of new mocaps for his moves.
  3. Its not only for certain people, they just used Cody's move as an example, they never said its only available to certain wrestlers. Its any in ring springboards i'm guessing.
  4. People keep saying advanced entrances never should have been removed, but yeah it needed to be removed apparently it was causing a major part of the bugs in 2K20, so they had to remove it, they had to gut everything and certain modes and start over and now it can be brought back. Its what i expected, i'm sure body morphing is coming back at some point if not in 2k23, some stuff had to be taken out to start over they couldn't just keep those things in and build a new system on top of broken modes. Yeah i guess it can sound a little shitty to advertise a mode we had before not long ago is being brought back, but it was an issue for some so they're letting them know its back, i don't take it as them announcing some new groundbreaking mode we should all be hyped for. But i get people being happy, i don't see anything wrong with that.
  5. Yeah everyone can have their opinion and say what they don't like or like, but i'm not on board with people insinuating that the ones who like what said person dislikes are casual idiot fanboys who blindly accept something bad and don't know any better or something. As if its impossible the ones who like it actually do like it and aren't just idiotically blindly saying "yes sir may i have another?" whipping boys for 2K. i was even saying last year before i played 2K22 that locking up to do grapples could be a game breaker for me and ruin the game, but i played it, got used to it and it didn't kill the gameplay for me, so sue me. I didn't like the combos, so i never use them in matches, and i find the AI doesn't use them that often either. The blocking i never use or the dodging, and the AI uses them occasionally but to me its a minor thing. 2K19 wasn't some groundbreaking amazing wrestling simulator imo, as i said to me the gameplay was as stale as 5 year old bread, it had some stuff i'd like to see integrated back into the new system, like collar and elbow tie up and instant grapples. But at the tail end of my 2K19 experience i was bored as hell and the 2K22 gameplay felt fresh and like something i hadn't played before in the series. Overtime it can be tweaked and they can take feedback and change some stuff, its not like this is how it will be exactly for all time going forward. The gameplay definitely aint prefect, but its not broken imo and a dead empty husk of what it used to be, i think thats overreacting a bit.
  6. Exactly, i mean tbh the gameplay was getting really stale by 2K19, just felt like the same game over and over again, it needed freshened up. Now i don't agree with every gameplay change, and some things needs reworked but i don't hate it and enjoy the game just fine.
  7. I'm so hyped for the Ruthless Aggression stuff, the smackdown fist arena, Angle being back in the game,, Lesnar, Cena, Orton and Batista OVW models. Hoping there's also a DLC pack specifically Ruthless Aggression era themed.
  8. Can we at least see gameplay first before shitting on it and complaining others aren't shitting on it? we got a screenshot of Drew and Roman about to lock up and and a few guys hitting their finishers in a trailer, maybe its tweaked and better this time around. Not saying its gonna be reverted back to 2k19 or anything but they did change some stuff apparently and said they listened to the feedback.
  9. Yeah the Rock Bottom we've had in recent years has been horrible, slow and plodding, and the lack of pin combo makes it awkward, got hit it and go down, get back back up after hitting it then go down again for the pin. Its literally begging for a pin combo, its the only classic finisher without a pin combo, Pedigree, Stunner, Tombstone, Sweet Chin Music etc all have pin combos.
  10. Image logo limit needs increased badly, 1000 just isn't enough, you run out of room before you even fill up 100 caw slots, needs to be at least doubled to 2000.
  11. Wow that stuff about the caws looking on par with in game wrestlers sounds really awesome, cause that was always a big negative about the mode is they never matched up with the in game wrestlers. But to some creators credit in 2K22 they managed to make some caws that did look on par almost, so its gonna be wild to see how good caws by creators like iconic etc if now caws look on par with ingame wrestlers.
  12. Damn not a single shot of OVW Brock guess they're saving that. But OVW Batista looks freaking great, as does OVW Cena.
  13. Yeah i guess, if they could alter it a bit like i said it would be the best way to do it though. I've gotten used to the new system, its not how i would prefer it, but i can live with it, i rarely if ever use the combo system in 2k22, the AI uses it here and there but i can usually play a match realistic enough and ignore the blocking and dodging features. This match is an example of how i tend to play the game, you can have a realistic enough match not using the new features I thought the locking up to do grapples was gonna kill the gameplay for me but its fine. I mean locking up to do grapples is whats used now i guess, the AEW game you're gonna have to lock up to do grapples, same in Fire Pro, if people are fine with it in those games not sure why 2K should be picked at for it, its not what's idea for those that want a pure wrestling simulation game but all the big games now use it so what can you do?
  14. For me a simple change for the combos would be just make them an ability you assign like in the past, those you assign with it like strikers use it, and if its not assigned to a wrestler they can't use combos, that solves a big issue for alot who dislike the combo system. The devs should have known making everyone forced to have combos was a bad idea, not every wrestler has a strike combination. Not sure if it could be done but locking up to do grapples should also be an option you can toggle on or off like weight detection in options. Then each side can play the game the way they prefer.
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