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  1. Yeah Eddie looks freaking amazing, totally captured his face, this is probably the most well done Eddie Kingston caw i've seen, bravo man. Definitely gonna jump on 2K20 and grab him. Also i'm excited as hell you're gonna create Ridge Holland, cause theres literally none on CC right now, well theres 1 or 2 but they're not very good.
  2. Hey i dunno if you got anyone planned after Kingston, but Ridge Holland would be a great choice, i just saw him for the first time on NXT this week and was impressed as hell with him, been looking up his moves and he's an absolute beast. Theres recently been reports that officials backstage are calling him the next big thing in wwe, and i gotta agree, he reminded me alot of Brock Lesnar from 2002. Just a suggestion, no pressure or anything brother
  3. Yeah maybe a tad bit thinner on the eyebrows, but not too much, Kingston does have some thick eyebrows.
  4. There it is, now i can definitely see Kingston in the face, looks perfect man, another flawless creation.
  5. I'm just speechless, phenomenal job man, Escobar looks incredible, i gotta go grab him right now. Once again amazing job dude, i'm so thankful we have you on PS4 brother.
  6. Omg Warhorse?! Wow didn't expect that, he looks freaking perfect, just a flawless job man. And that Escobar update is beautiful, can't wait to get my hands on him, hope you upload him soon. I'm glad we got you on PS4 man, you're without a doubt one of the best.
  7. Escobar is looking great! That face looks spot on, can't wait to see it when he's got all his tattoos and attire logos.
  8. I'd say you've likely hit the logo limit, after you hit the limit you are still able to download stuff but it just wont download the logos on the caws you download.
  9. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    Awesome! Can't wait to see him.
  10. Amazing job as always man, loved that jacket he wore tonight. Any chance of Eric Young's attire from Slammiversary perhaps?
  11. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    YES! Been waiting on that Kross, he looks freaking amazing, the body morph, the moveset, the face, the tattoos, everything is flawless on this Kross, and Ryeedee nailed his entrance as well, legit looks like DLC when you see him come out in his entrance.
  12. That AJ attire is perfect man, its good to know that whenever i see AJ come out with a new attire i can always count on the master to make it in record time.
  13. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    Well i can confirm buying the My Player Kickstart made it able for me to download MacToastCrunch's Tegan Nox, not sure why that was needed for me to get her but i expect nothing less from 2K20. But Its an amazing caw, imo it was worth buying that DLC just to get her, the body morph is so spot on too and the logos on the gear is perfect, wish she had her jacket but i can probably make it myself.
  14. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    Lol its very tempting lately i'll tell you that.
  15. I had no idea who Jacob Fatu was when you posted him, but i looked up his stuff and instantly became a fan, that dude is amazing, its crazy the stuff he's able to do, he reminds me of a more agile Umaga. I can't believe he's not been signed by WWE yet cause they could make him into a big star. I downloaded him and am currently giving him a big pushy in my NXT show.
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