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  1. Ace Austin!!? Awesome! I was just thinking i wish there was a good Ace Austin on CC when i was watching him at Bound For Glory last night. Loving the Impact caws man, theres not enough good caws of the current Impact roster, glad you're changing that
  2. My god that Eddie... just wow. You're definitely not wrong in saying its your best, unbelievable job man. I'm watching HIAC right now but i'm so tempted to stop to go download that right now.
  3. So i had 2K19 uninstalled for a while and had deleted the saved data for it, so i had to redownload the game and reisntall the add ons, but for some reason Mysterio and Rousey DLC says its installed but i go in the game and they're no there and it wont let me download caws that have stuff from that DLC on it, Anyone know what i can do to fix this?
  4. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    Awesome looks perfect! Just downloaded him and put the attire on him, thanks
  5. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    Nice! So who has the best MVP on CC to put that on?
  6. OMG EDDIE EDWARDS!! Dude i've been dying for someone to make him going back to even 2K19, can't tell you how excited i'am for this caw man. And that face already looks ingame quality, just an amazing job man, cannot wait to see the finished product. As for Priest no worries man, if you ever get the urge to go back to him i look forward to it
  7. Saying you got decent from there is an understatement my friend, you're one of if not the best creator on PS4 right now imo, cause the g.o.a.t Ryeedee has pretty much stopped creating and the other OG's aren't really making anything either, i'm extremely thankful we got you on there churning out amazing work man. Still amazed how amazing and how much better your Roman looks than the ingame model, you really knocked it outta the park with him. I know i brought it up before but i really wish you'd consider going back and redoing your Damien Priest, he was one of your early ones that showed promise but wasn't perfect, i feel like as good as you are now you could really nail him this time. As much as i love Bhangraman, his Priest the more i look at it the more i don't see Damien Priest in the face at all, feel like he missed the mark on that one. Just a suggestion, thought i'd bring it up again and see if you may change your mind
  8. Nice! is that Jericho gonna be his 2008 run? If so i'd love to see this attire, hardly anyone ever makes it
  9. Wow! Great job man, he looks perfect, LOVE that green and black attire. Gonna jump on 2k20 and grab him.
  10. J-man89

    Creations Archive

    Wow guys a really great Io Shirai caw was just made by ily_sup7 on PS4, highly recommend downloading it, looks amazing ingame.
  11. Nice! The updated Cage looks so much better, you've really perfected him this time around, the face texture looks so clean and natural now, great job on the update man. Btw think you could give him his green, black and red attire from this past episode of AEW in one of his 2nd attire slots?
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