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  1. Eh its not happening anyways, was just saying as a huge Punk fan i'd love it, but yeah i get it would be disappointing only getting 1 wrestler from it. i just hope Punk is 2K25's showcase so we can get those models in the game.
  2. Yeah this sucks tbh, cause it means they're still holding back on what current gen can really do for the game. This series needs to move on from last gen already, most everyone has one of the new consoles by now, if they don't you can get one cheaper than you could have before. They just seem so scared of losing the tiniest bit of money from those who haven't upgraded.
  3. And yet the Punk pack would sell like hot cakes, you know it would. Dude is more popular than ever, WWE is going all out promoting him and selling his new merch, you make an entire DLC pack of him with different gear, looks, themes, everyone would get it. I'd take that over 1 or 2 wrestlers with disposable throwaway characters like that Wyatt pack was.
  4. A waste? A waste and slap in the face is $10 for an updated Bad Bunny attire and hair style. That would actually provide a ton of uses for multiple eras for Universe mode. It wont happen don't worry, they'll likely lock versions of Punk in my Faction and no one can actually get much use of them.. What did we really get in that final Wyatt pack? Wyatt, Zeus who i doubt anyone even got any use out of, Uncle Howdy whos not even a wrestler and was on tv a handful of times, Valhalla whos more of a manager than wrestler, and Joe Gacy. So really only 2 actual wrestlers you could really get alot of use out of, so to me an entire pack of Punk's various eras would be alot better than that. But yeah i can see why people would be unhappy with it, selfishly as a huge Punk fan i'd love it though. But i can see them doing a Showcase of Punk for 2k25 and getting those models through that.
  5. Imagine a whole DLC pack of Punk of him from all his personas, Current look, Summer Of Punk, Straight Edge Society, ECW, Bald Heel, Wolverine Sideburns. That would be amazing.
  6. Didn't they get The Fiend into 2K20 extremely quickly if i remember? I have to think Punk would be a huge selling point and would increase the sales of the game by a big margin even more so than Cody would have for 2K22.
  7. We got at least another 3 months before games release, theres time to get him as at least the final DLC, considering all his moves are already in the game so no need to mocap anything new for him. I assume they still got his entrance animation on file so maybe no need to mocap an entrance, only thing to do really is record audio lines for him on commentary and announcing and get his model in there.
  8. Yeah is Punk able to make DLC for 2K24 is the big question, i mean he would be a HUGE selling point for DLC, i would think they would go to extra lengths to make sure it happens. Theres no way imo he's not DLC. Also not having to download a billion different Punk caws and taking up a ton of logo slots for his tattoos is gonna be amazing.
  9. Anyone know a good substitute for Dragunov's grounded smashing forearm finisher?
  10. So is Joe Gacy's entrance mask now glowing for anyone else after the recent DLC? I remember it glowing in the preview for his DLC< but it being fixed when it was released, but its now glowing like it was in his previews for his DLC pack..
  11. Yep happened twice to me both times i managed to actually trigger it, it got reversed/interrupted. I had to hit it like 3 different times before i actually got it to connect without it getting interrupted. This needs to be patched, cause its a legit chore trying to hit Joe Gacy's finisher. I guess i'm gonna just have to use his Full Nelson Bomb/Rings Of Saturn finisher until this gets fixed.
  12. Yeah i've realized that now after doing a 20 minute match trying to hit that damn springboard lariat over and over again, opponent has gotta be ridiculously close to the ropes for it to work which makes the move always look awful and awkward and can never be hit smoothly. And yeah Gacy's finisher looks especially awful because of how much space the move needs for it to be hit clean, its literally meant to hit it with the opponent in the center of the ring, and you gotta hit it with the opponent literally pressed up against your back.
  13. So is anyone actually able to do Joe Gacy's springboard lariat finisher? cause i can't for the life of me do it, any tips?
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