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  1. IS rivalry cutscenes messed up for anyone else? everytime ones supposed to happen it just freezes and brings up the exit to menu or skip to next match prompts. Then the commentary keep's going as if the cutscene is playing out., even keeps going when you go the menu.
  2. I would think if The Curb Stomp is safe to mocap, then a knee to the back of the head could be safely done.
  3. Are we ever gonna get a Kinshasa to the back of the head in the game?
  4. Man this is so annoying and i didn't even notice till i saw this tweet about it
  5. Thank god they got that fixed quick, game was unplayable because of that. Having to wait another month for that to get fixed would've been hell.
  6. Some pretty serious bugs no one is talking about that this latest patch caused is now almost all the time if you try and hit your standing front finisher it will always perform your behind finisher if you have one, also theres a second or two delay now when trying to hit your finisher from the front, it wont prompt you to hit it for like a second or two now. These are some pretty game breaking bugs imo.
  7. Tired finishers being back is so awesome, these look so damn good
  8. Holy crap we getting tired finishers back in this patch?!
  9. Its all but confirmed that the bad Tiffany model with the stiff hair is from an early build and the one we're getting is much better than that
  10. Yeah no ones really talked about that bug from what i can tell. Its incredibly frustrating, cause theres a high chance the AI reverses the strike. And you gotta always hit them once everytime to get the tag finisher prompt your to appear.
  11. Are they ever gonna bother fixing the tag finisher not working in the corner until you strike the opponent once? I can't be the only one experiencing that. I throw an opponent into my corner with my partner, i go to do our tag finisher and i don't see the prompt to do it, i gotta hit them once and then the prompt appears. I don't know how many times thats screwed me over and made tag matches even more frustrating.
  12. Praying now we can get a bald Karrion Kross and an 02 Orton with spiky hair without the messy hair.
  13. Been stumped on which CM Punk i wanna keep, which one do you guys thinks looks best? MisterFiends is on the left and KisaragiTV's is on the right
  14. Man the Cody theme situation with alt attires is so damn weird, we got the band here again talking about it, saying they'll sign whatever needs to be signed to fix it. What is the issue exactly? the band who sings the song and owns it are literally saying for 2K to use it however they want in this game. Yet 2K can't give us a straight up honest answer of why its tied to just Cody's default attire, if the band is saying they're fine with them suing the song however they want in the game what is holding them back from letting us use the theme for others wrestlers/caws, the jukebox, and alt attires?
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