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  1. Completed the Dex in Sword. I will probably take a break before bothering with Shield until the DLCs. Has anyone tried Temtem? Is that a good alternative?
  2. Black Widow trailer 2 This link if the video still doesn't show up: https://www.youtube.com/user/MARVEL/videos
  3. EDIT: I don't know why the trailer is not showing up in my post.
  4. Today must be my lucky day. Found three 5 stars G-Max (Butterfree, Kingler & Orbeetle) and found both the Drake & Fish fossils via Digging Bro, allowing me to get the final Fossil pokémon in Sword. EDIT: Now add 5 stars Drednaw and Snorlax.
  5. It took me around 8 Magikarps to finally get a shiny. So don't give up.
  6. Finished the main stuff... I have only like 75 pokémons left to complete the Pokédex (all evolutions). Tried the Battle Tower a bit but found it boring and I went for G-Max hunting and losing patience for that. I think I am done with the game, not interested in losing my mind with shiny hunting.
  7. I don't know if this was already posted...
  8. More details: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/studio-behind-sonic-the-hedgehog-redesign-closes-d/1100-6472221/
  9. This is confirmed the last DLCs and last support of the game?
  10. Anyone has seen Knives Out? I been looking forward a mystery murder movie. Especially when they mentioned it is inspired by Agatha Christie.
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