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  1. Completed the Dex in Sword. I will probably take a break before bothering with Shield until the DLCs. Has anyone tried Temtem? Is that a good alternative?
  2. Black Widow trailer 2 This link if the video still doesn't show up: https://www.youtube.com/user/MARVEL/videos
  3. EDIT: I don't know why the trailer is not showing up in my post.
  4. Today must be my lucky day. Found three 5 stars G-Max (Butterfree, Kingler & Orbeetle) and found both the Drake & Fish fossils via Digging Bro, allowing me to get the final Fossil pokémon in Sword. EDIT: Now add 5 stars Drednaw and Snorlax.
  5. It took me around 8 Magikarps to finally get a shiny. So don't give up.
  6. Finished the main stuff... I have only like 75 pokémons left to complete the Pokédex (all evolutions). Tried the Battle Tower a bit but found it boring and I went for G-Max hunting and losing patience for that. I think I am done with the game, not interested in losing my mind with shiny hunting.
  7. This is confirmed the last DLCs and last support of the game?
  8. Anyone has seen Knives Out? I been looking forward a mystery murder movie. Especially when they mentioned it is inspired by Agatha Christie.
  9. Is using a Pokéball Plus the only way to get Mew?
  10. Majuub is coming to Xenoverse 2. https://twitter.com/zamasu19/status/1196764719941652480
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