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  1. Greetings, It was fun . Take it easy
  2. You suck

    1. Crazy.


      Lesnar got squashed lmaoooooo

  3. Gonna miss Cody Rhodes, couldn't stand his Stardust character though.
  4. It's the 3rd game in the series. It's known as Red Dead 3 until it gets an official title. I just hope this comes with a compatible RDR
  5. Just finished The Wolf Among Us which was amazing, now I'm playing Saints Row IV and Sunset Overdrive
  6. Still want to play Redemption, never touched it
  7. Out at Kristen Stewart, still somewhat looking forward to Now You See Me's sequel though.
  8. That's my game right there. Shame they removed it from PSClassics on PS3.
  9. Just beat Battlefield: Hardline's campaign after Xbox gave out the trial until the 24th free. Not a bad campaign at all. Ready to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution next.
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