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  1. City of God. Probably the best non-English movie you can watch.
  2. Is that a spoiler or just a lot of images, scared to click it
  3. Should've went with Live & Reloaded, that was my game
  4. Just played Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes for the first time and what the *Censored*, that's it? Guess that was the first mission of the real game, but meh.
  5. Recently played and beat Bully. I can now safely say that was one of my favorite Rockstar games and maybe top 15 game
  6. I loved it, and wasn't even a fan of Assassins Creed
  7. Sometimes I gotta sit and stare at Battlefield 4's maps
  8. If you had to keep one game you should've kept that one, it's a go to game with an active player base
  9. I liked some of them, but it became repetitive as hell.
  10. I keep forgetting I even have 2K15, haven't played it since March
  11. Had to snap a picture of me finally getting into a full match of Big Team Battle on Halo MCC in months, as sad as that sounds
  12. I beat Black Flag and I don't think I'm even past 30% complete
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