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  1. Going to start playing Alan Wake since Arkham City doesn't want to open on this computer for some reason
  2. My Mario emblem I made for Call of Duty from the original Mario emblem from Battlefield 4 somebody else made Original BF 4 one:
  3. Lmao Michael Myers would've got his ass kicked, all he has is a damn kitchen knife
  4. @Nostalgia, yeah that's Forza Horizon 2
  5. The alien armory in COD: AW Also Halo 4's graphics still look so good
  6. Yeah the Fast and Furious spinoff game is like a free 1000 gamescore, and then game it's self is pretty fun
  7. The Happening. Yikes at that movie
  8. Beat Arkham Asylum for the first time back in November last year. About to play Arkham City and Arkham Origins next for the first time to prepare for Arkham Knight.
  9. Damn. How long did that game session last? Lol it was one of those rooms that last an hour
  10. Happy to see that I finally got 108 kills on BF 4
  11. Yeah that's Horizon 2 and I never played Forza 5, but I'm positive that it has more of a fun factor & replay value to it than the track racing Forzas. This game gives you more freedom and doesn't take it's self too seriously
  12. Whiplash. Which was some unexpectedly good shit
  13. Meaning...? XboxDVR.com, Type your Gamertag, then Click the View Screenshots Tab. Quality to me looks way better
  14. Finally figured out how to upload higher quality Xbox One photos than OneDrive
  15. Lol I'm ready to check this out right now
  16. I can play the PC version of San Andreas repeatedly, it never gets old
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