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  1. They would never do it, but I kinda hope there's a bait and switch and Batgirl gets paralyzed in the first 15 minutes and it's actually an Oracle movie
  2. I'm still gonna be a Raiders fan. This move absolutely had to happen for the better of the franchise, they were just flat out never gonna get a new stadium in Oakland The Raiders will be better off without Oakland, and the city of Oakland will be better off without the Raiders. For one, now they can more easily get something done with the A's
  3. Why must all of Snyder's films look so devoid of color
  4. Rented Mass Effect: Andromeda. I really enjoy it, except for one major thing. There's no squadmate customization, and it doesn't look like you can command their powers
  5. Every time I get annoyed that the Raiders really aren't doing anything in free agency, I have to remind myself that extensions for Mack and Carr are coming up very soon
  6. Still kinda marking out that 2 guys I interact with almost every weekend, Reno Scum, have finally made it to TV. Adam Thornstowe (the smaller one) could be a star if they give him a legit singles run
  7. Are they trying to do a heel Cole thing with Josh? He's insufferable
  8. I'm so stoked to see Reno Scum with TNA (not sure what they'll be called there though). Adam Thornstowe (the smaller one, without the mohawk) is legit one of the best wrestlers I've seen here in Nor Cal
  9. Titanfall 2 was pretty cheap on PSN, so I snagged it. I really like it
  10. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/warner-bros-plotting-nightwing-movie-lego-batman-movie-director-978737 YEEEEEEESSS
  11. I'm working my way up to this, currently playing 2 remastered
  12. The way Pa Kent dies in that movie actually bothers me more than that, even though yeah that was pretty bad
  13. Well that's good. I had heard that alot of the cut content painted their relationship as more abusive, which I hate. I find the Joker/Harley dynamic much more interesting when he actually cares about her
  14. In the extended cut, did they make the Joker/Harley relationship way more abusive?
  15. Now if they do Flashpoint should they just say *Censored* it and use the CW universe?Probably, yeah. At the very least use Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, and the dude that played Super on Supergirl. And also whoever actually oversees the whole thing
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