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    WWE Drama

    Nah.. He wasnt much of a peacock. First attire (2014): The dark blue with white patterns from his KENTA days Second attire 2014-17: Kawada esque black and yellow shorts and kickpads that he debuted at R:Evolution Third attire 2017-19: Black shorts with a simple brown trim and logo
  2. Fire Promoter is super fun but has a bit of a learning curve! I accidentally ran a show with the 6 no name wrestlers I started with and blew my budget on WALTER.
  3. So who have you all got in terms of mains? I personally love Kirbys playstyle and theres hardly anything better than smashing your enemy with a fully charged hammer.
  4. It depends entirely on how good the creator is at creating a moveset and more importantly: AI Logic You know, some creators will put the five signature moves of a wrestler to some completely unrealistically high values, so that they'll do nothing but their five moves of doom, while others have masterfully crafted a moveset that allows the wrestler to seamlessly segueway from one spot to the next one. I suggest that you find edits that have been made by the same creator, for the best possible match experience.
  5. I went through 5 hours of editing to get all the themes right. Then for some reason they messed up and I had to do it all again. 10 hours of editing and all wrestlers come out to their own theme.
  6. I don't think it is a priority in Early Access. It will probably be just before the proper release of the game.
  7. @GMP I thought the coup de grace taunt happened when you won strike battles late into the match? Anyway, I highly recommend that you use a PS4 or X-box controller. The PS4 controller is even plug and play.
  8. Ernez: https://www.reddit.com/r/firepro/comments/6pnvof/ye_be_weary_there_be_spoilers_here/?st=J5UA5SRP&sh=fb980b2d Some folks have datamined the game
  9. Read my re edited post Added spoiler tags if people want to be surprised.
  10. I saw on Reddit that they are preparing an update that will include:
  11. Just to make sure, I think you should register the controller in Steam settings.
  12. Have you registered the controller in Steam settings?
  13. I know right? And you can even plug and play with a second controller and play it with a friend. It's great fun!
  14. I enjoy it a lot so far! Been playing it all day with my PS4 controller fully compatible. Those 4 vs 4 matches are madness though.
  15. It will be released, but not until at a later point.
  16. In Early Access on Steam yes. All other releases are on hold as of now
  17. Well, as long as you can live with the subpar graphics then I think you will enjoy it. It has unprecedented A.I. logic options that makes the wrestlers play individually.
  18. It will be fully English translated as far as I am aware. FPR was too.
  19. Definitely one of the best games of the entire franchise as a whole. However Megaman 3 will always be my favourite.
  20. FFX is fantastic, are you enjoying it? I really want to go back and play VII, IX, and X. But, I just don't have the time :/ I've finally beat the canonical last boss of the game and I gotta say that I thought the game was decent (cringey voice acting aside). I can understand why people have such a love/hate relationship with X though. I'm glad I played this title in the series. It's definitely one of the first major games of the PS2 era along with Kingdom Hearts.
  21. I hope we can reach Enter Electro kinds of quality with this game.
  22. FFX on PS4 for the first time ever. I got hooked on Final Fantasy when I played the demo of X 14 years ago, but I never really got around to playing the games, perhaps I was too much in awe and feared I would suck at it.
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