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  1. https://www.cagesideseats.com/indies-independent-wrestling-indy-promotions/2018/9/26/17907724/joey-janela-injured-knee-details You probably heard about this by now but if not, he completely destroyed his knee and will be out for many months.
  2. Any word on how long Janela is going to be out yet? That was a Sid Vicious/Mickie Knuckles kind of landing, but I'm hoping for a miracle.
  3. Proof? Here's an excerpt. If you want more proof, buy a subscription.
  4. How about going to small venues that they don't even need and trying to tell them who can and can't run shows there? Or trying to tell people that they can't sell products that they totally own the rights to? I mean, I guess it's not illegal, but neither is what Martin Shkreli is doing.
  5. Man... What is your issue? You want an example of a monopoly (a real one)...that rich dude who buys the exclusive rights to the drugs that people need to survive...and then marks them up a shit load...that is a monopoly. That is a real monopoly. The WWE is not a monopoly just because you say it is. And you're laughing at me... Martin Shkreli? He does have competition though. His company doesn't meet the dictionary definition of monopoly either. I was trying to think of an example to illustrate how a corporation like that has unfair advantages over their "competition", and you thought of it for me. So if someone famous like him can get away with deciding whether people live or die, why is it such a big stretch to think that a company that offers pro wrestling, something totally meaningless that no one cares about, could get away with using sketchy business practices to maintain a monopoly some unfair advantages?
  6. Resulting in promoters actually paying their talent real money, since WWE is an option now This is kind of misleading. If you mean the average indie wrestler is being paid more, that’s not true. Dave Meltzer did an article a year or two about how most NXT wrestlers aren’t even paid that well. The allure of WWE isn’t the money. The vast majority of wrestlers who end up in NXT are only there because they’re fans of the product, and because they’re holding out hope that maybe they can get really lucky and become the next John Cena or something. The difference is that now there is a small handful of guys like the Young Bucks who make good money. There are very few of those guys, but they can make a decent living because other promotions are more popular and easy to watch now. WWE deserves some credit for this, but they aren’t the main reason, let alone the only one. As new streaming and VOD technology became available, more people were able to see all kinds of wrestling from around the world. People were gradually getting into more niche wrestling products way before WWE was highlighting those styles. Many people are becoming fans of wrestling because of other products. Because there are more wrestling fans in general, there are also more “money mark” types right now who can splurge on big names. This is why some wrestlers are being paid more. I actually think Billy Corgan might be the best example of what I’m talking about. He’s a rich guy who happened to be a wrestling fan. He can afford to pay a lot more than your average indie promoter. But if you’ve heard interviews with him, he didn’t get into the business because he was inspired by WWE. He is just a huge fan of wrestling in general, and he was probably one of the first guys to start collecting rare tapes. He’s not just some casual fan with deep pockets. He knows his shit. That’s why I’m excited to see what he does with NWA.
  7. Soon? No way. But they shouldn't let their guard down. WWE's goal is to eventually have franchises like NXT in various wrestling hotspots around the world. You will see more and more of their guys leave in the coming years. WWE will capitalize on the rivalry between AAA and CMLL. Mexican indie wrestling is gaining lot of steam, and WWE is going to want to manipulate that too. It will play out similar to how it did in the UK, but it's going to be even more dramatic. Who knows what the landscape of wrestling will look like twenty years from now, but it's going to get uglier. Maybe CMLL will survive for many decades, but it's only going to get harder.
  8. That's an old school way of looking at the business and it isn't doing ROH a bit of good because even when someone does start to create some buzz, they just get poached. It'd be really cool if they could get CM Punk, Batista, and Sting on ROH, but once they're gone ROH is back to square one. They need to focus on making their product stand out as a whole, because right now they're just another wrestling show, but with less famous wrestlers that keep leaving. Lucha Underground is doing well because they don't rely on big names to draw. The stories and the whole presentation are the draw. Even if they lost Pentagon, Ricochet, and Cage it wouldn't mean much because there will still be wacky storylines and crazy hardcore matches every week. ECW was similar in that they never had to rely on household names or even technically sound wrestlers because they found other ways to make it interesting. I think you're more likely to get the average person to tune in if you have a hook or gimmick besides "this guy used to be in WWE".
  9. It's cool to see it 4K. And I love matches with no commentary. I wish there was more of that. I wasn't going to say anything about the Jack Evans thing, but since I've seen a lot of smart asses on various sites preaching about how dangerous/irresponsible that move was, I'm going to go ahead and say it. I think it's lame how hard some people get worked by injuries nowadays. Is it just because a lot of selling isn't in style right now? I agree that Jack Evans made it look really scary and realistic, but typically people don't have real seizures like that in wrestling matches. When I heard the news I was concerned, but then I saw the clip and I was at least a bit skeptical. I think you should usually assume it's a work and then wait for more news. If not, fine. But don't go on the internet and try to make it sound like the wrestlers are unprofessional or something.
  10. I’m excited to see what Billy Corgan does with NWA too. Any time a fan with a lot of money decides to get involved in the business it’s fun to watch, but Corgan is also a shrewd businessman and promoter, unlike the WhatCulture nerds, for example. Corgan did wonders for TNA and Resistance Pro was a breath of fresh air compared to the other generic indies out there at the time. And I don’t want to see NWA competing with anyone. That completely defeats the purpose of the promotion. The idea is that smaller wrestling organizations should work together as part of a larger league. That’s the whole point in kayfabe, and it makes more sense in real life. What would going to war with a company like Impact Wrestling even accomplish? Competition is good and it’s unfortunate that WWE has none, but one of the main reasons that they don’t is because there’s too much competition between the little guys. There isn’t enough demand for pro wrestling to warrant how much competition there is on that level of the industry. Most wrestlers get paid peanuts while the promoters continue to have these petty little feuds that help no one. It makes it harder for the wrestlers to make a living and denies the fans the chance to see more dream matches. The promoters are just bleeding money because of their old fashioned, bullshit carny mentality. People like to shit on Jeff Jarrett and don’t get me wrong, I understand why, but I think it’s great how he’s been trying to form all of these partnerships with other promotions around the world. That’s the direction I’d like to see more companies go in, and that’s what NWA was all about. Jeff Jarrett is still tinkering with his original GFW concept and NJPW laid out plans for a similar international league. I’d like to see Corgan work with one or even both of these guys. I don’t want to see the whole industry consolidated into one or two promotions. But if some of these guys don’t start working together, that might happen some day. WWE’s strategy is clearly to divide and conquer, and so many of these stupid promoters play right into their hands. I’d hate for their to be a day when you can no longer see organic, traditional lucha libra made by mexicans, for mexicans. But unfortunately that’s the direction we’re heading in. WWE is the worst kind of globalization. The cool thing about NWA is that even if this goes nowhere, they will always stand out just by being a famous promotion with a rich history that isn’t entirely owned by WWE. I’d like to see Billy Corgan put his own spin on it, but I also respect NWA for doing their own thing all these years.
  11. Pro Wrestling Sheet posted an article the very next day talking about how El Rey officials are supposedly very happy with the show and optimistic about making more seasons. I know dirtsheets are always garbage, but it seems like their coverage of LU is even worse. Ever since the show came out there's been tons of stuff posted about how it's supposedly a big failure and going away soon. We know the show is expensive and I'm sure it could be doing better, but we haven't seen any real evidence to suggest that it's over. On the contrary, everything that we've heard from El Rey has been optimistic and now they're in more homes than ever with the Netflix deal. Whenever it does end, I just hope they can wrap up all of the stories. It'd be a shame if they have to rush to a finale where the whole temple blows up and everyone dies or something. But even that would be better than it ending in the middle of a story. In a perfect world, they'll go out on their terms and this thing will have a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  12. What did you think of Sports Entertainment Xtreme? I thought some of it was alright. I love that era of TNA though because you'd see all kinds of random wrestlers show up. I think it's even more fun if you go back and watch it now. You never know what you're going to get. One day Paul Bearer shows up and the next it's Tony Schiavone or New Jack.
  13. I don't get it. ROH has always had this problem. I said the same thing about Jon Moxley years ago. It's not like they didn't know what he was capable of. He was already one of the hottest acts out there and he was a free agent. Why weren't they bending over backwards to sign the guy? The same thing goes for Brian Cage before he was in LU. The list goes on and on. Joey Janella is another one of those guys that I'm looking around like, "um, hello!? Does nobody else see this guy!?"
  14. I wasn't a fan of Juice Robinson's stuff before coming to Japan. When he ended up in NJPW, I thought he was just another mediocre gaijin that they picked up because of the way he looks. The crazy thing is, I love him now. The fact that he looks and carries himself like a star is a nice bonus. I hope NJPW gets really serious about this US expansion, and if they can poach some big names that would be amazing. But if all they have for now is Juice Robinson, I think that's a great start. If the goal is to push a couple of western stars, I actually think Juice is a better choice than Kenny Omega in some ways.
  15. Lucha Underground could easily take Jack Swagger, put him in a cool looking mask, dub over his voice, and voilà! Instant star. I still think he's a great athlete and at 6'7, 275 lbs, he's capable of being very menacing. He just needs a fresh coat of paint.
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