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  1. https://www.cagesideseats.com/indies-independent-wrestling-indy-promotions/2018/9/26/17907724/joey-janela-injured-knee-details You probably heard about this by now but if not, he completely destroyed his knee and will be out for many months.
  2. Any word on how long Janela is going to be out yet? That was a Sid Vicious/Mickie Knuckles kind of landing, but I'm hoping for a miracle.
  3. 5 years ago Crowley made a 'adult' bet that by now intergender matches in WWE would be a regularity. Not saying that and his inactivity are connected... But also not saying the opposite either. I think it was something along the lines of, "if a woman doesn't win a man's title (WWE) in three years I'll suck all your dicks". I have no idea what was going on in WWE at that time but I think I had become convinced that Sasha Banks was going to get a push with the IC title for some reason. Then I heard rumblings about KANA being signed, so I was pretty confident! Basically this. I used to be a big WWE fan and then my taste in wrestling changed and I hated it, but for some reason I kept watching and talking about it. Then I went from that to posting about how I finally quit watching and how people should broaden their horizons for wrestling. By that point, people were tired of my shit and I should have just left but I had been coming on here a lot since like 2006. Creatures of habit and all that. Then I just started blatantly shitposting. Plus the site started getting extra buggy and unfortunately most people seem to have migrated from old forums like this to the bigger sites.
  4. I didn't know we were including non-WWE stuff. In that case, Shibata vs. Okada.
  5. What more can they really do with that matchup? I really like the last match, but I think there's more they could do. They could shake it up by doing a more technical, MMA influenced match. Or a gimmick that we haven't seen in a while like first blood could be fun.
  6. I know it was still predictable, but I actually liked the excitement of the old MITBs that gave you option to cash in on either of the world champions. I know everyone always talks about "long term booking" and stuff, but I've always felt that WWE does better when they don't write themselves into a corner. I think they spread themselves too thin with all of these titles, trophies, and themed pay-per-views that they feel obligated to do. In my opinion, a lot of their best stuff comes when they're playing it by ear.
  7. I feel the same way. I only watch a couple full WWE pay-per-views a year, plus a few random matches here and there. A while ago I happened to see one of Velveteen Dream's matches with Aleister Black and I was sold on Dream right away. I was never a big Tommy End fan, but now I think Aleister Black is pretty neat. He has improved a lot. I came across the Wargames pay-per-view the other night right as their match was starting. That's the only match I saw from the show, but I loved it. Dude, you try way too hard. lol How is a paragraph of friendly conversation with OP trying too hard? Anyways... I think Velveteen Dream is even better than The Miz. And I don't just mean that he's the one of the best things to come out of Tough Enough. I think Miz is one of the best guys on the roster too. Maybe even one of the best heels anywhere. I've heard the stories about Velveteen Dream having a bit of an ego too. That isn't always a bad thing though. It could actually help him because sometimes Vince likes those guys better. They thought Miz had an ego.
  8. I feel the same way. I only watch a couple full WWE pay-per-views a year, plus a few random matches here and there. A while ago I happened to see one of Velveteen Dream's matches with Aleister Black and I was sold on Dream right away. I was never a big Tommy End fan, but now I think Aleister Black is pretty neat. He has improved a lot. I came across the Wargames pay-per-view the other night right as their match was starting. That's the only match I saw from the show, but I loved it. Most NXT matches that I've seen follow the typical fast paced ROH/PWG formula, only a bit watered down. There's lots of cool moves and sequences. There's a bunch of near falls and indie wrestling cliches. Basically fan service. It's fun, but it gets old when there's so little variety on the card. They always have a stacked roster of wrestlers from all over the world but it's like they get in the ring and they all feel kind of samey. They come from all sorts of pro wrestling backgrounds, but it never feels like organic lucha/strong style/hardcore/whatever anymore. With the exception of a handful of guys, their "characters" pretty much begin and end with their entrance. They try to explain their motives and reasons for wrestling in the video packages, but I could never get into it. Velveteen Dream and to a lesser extent Aleister Black are the first guys that I've seen in a long time that feel special to me. The first time I saw Chad Gable I thought he was immensely talented, but even his matches never blew me away. At least not yet. Velveteen Dream is already so good he actually makes me want to watch NXT. He does what other wrestlers there fail to do. It's as if the producers are making everyone except him wrestle the exact same match. Almost everyone in NXT is an amazing athlete that can perform a bunch of complicated, flashy moves safely. But the way Dream adds his own little pizazz to the simplest of moves like punches is so rare in WWE these days. He actually reminds me a lot of guys like Austin and Rock in that respect. I see a lot of wrestlers that try to prove to WWE that they can tell a story and they're not just "movez guys", so they try to shoehorn a bunch of melodrama into their matches. Sometimes it works. In wrestling, you have to be so subtle though. It's hard to convey your whole personality in a five minute fight scene while the commentators talk about something unrelated without overacting. Velveteen Dream does that. And he doesn't just recycle the same spots in every match. For once you have a guy who actually looks like he's trying to adapt to all of these styles that the commentators tell us are represented in NXT. And you don't see many heels these days that actually appear insecure or vulnerable in their matches. Dream shows a wide array of emotions by wrestling standards. On top of all that, he's big enough that he still looks good next to most heavyweights these days while still being nimble and fast enough to keep up with the smaller guys. I think he's the total package. He might be the best guy WWE has right now.
  9. What a huge missed opportunity. This would have been perfect. A perfect PR Nightmare maybe. No way would that story fly in 2017. I'm sure people would complain, but I doubt it'd be a PR nightmare. There is already plenty of gross, sacrilegious, racist, sexist, and homophobic storylines associated with WWE that haven't resulted in the PR nightmares they deserve. If SJWs wanted to attack WWE, they would have already done it. It doesn't matter if the most insensitive storylines happened fifteen years ago or if they're happening right now. Those kinds of people don't care. More importantly, the sponsors don't care unless there's enough of those people to hurt business, and there's not. You would already know if there was. WWE isn't relevant enough to be a target. Even if they were, a silly undercard storyline like this would probably still go mostly unnoticed by the mainstream media. You'd get a few blogs about how it's homophobic or something, but they already get that and nothing comes of it. They'd probably be fine.
  10. Definitely Austin, Undertaker, Lesnar, Cena, RVD, and Punk. Daniel Bryan, Brian Kendrick, and The New Day could also be examples. I honestly think a lot of that mentality just comes from kayfabe. In storyline, Triple H is supposed to be more in touch with the fans, and as he takes the reins from Vince in real life, the behind the scenes documentaries they put on the Network are obviously going to be a bit biased in Triple H's favor. It's more fun to believe that every good thing is Triple H because that's the narrative on the show. It's a lot more interesting. But in real life it's not so cut and dry. They've both done some good things and some bad things. An example of something that I often see misattributed to Vince is the Roman Reigns push. I think Vince loves Roman, but the whole push is very much a Triple H creation. There was a time when Vince was trying to convince Triple H to push Big E instead. I think Triple H is a lot more knowledgeable about pro wrestling and his vision for WWE involves developmental territories around the world with a little more variety in styles. But I think he's just as reluctant as Vince to give back to other promotions. Maybe even more reluctant than Vince. This WK thing could be an example of what I'm talking about. Triple H is more wary of other promotions. He wants to be more involved with them than Vince, but he wants to be in control. Vince doesn't care that they exist at all.
  11. It's cute. Kenny Omega is so gay and he loves anime. I also learned that he is interested in possibly singing his own entrance music at some point. He was inspired by anime voice actors who often sing the intro/outro theme music for their TV shows. At one point he also had plans for a whole album of duets with Kota Ibushi, but sadly, as we all know, they have gone their separate ways. Maybe at Wrestle Kingdom he can sing his own theme music on the way to the ring and Jericho can sing his. That would be pretty cool. It seems like Jericho is going to come out to "Judas" (Fozzy song). Vince would never care about something like this. If anything, Triple H is the one who would have had more of a problem with it. Vince doesn't give a damn about NJPW. He doesn't understand the significance of a show like Wrestle Kingdom. To him it's no difference than Jericho wrestling in a VFW hall or something. Triple H is more in touch with the Japanese wrestling scene and views promotions like NJPW as competition to some extent. Chris Jericho also gets along very well with Vince McMahon. He's a Vince guy, not a Triple H guy. If you've heard Jericho's shoot interviews or read his books, then you know he used to have a lot of issues with Triple H. Supposedly they get along fine now, but I could see them butting heads when it comes to something like this. It's going to be interesting to see what happens to all of the "Vince Guys" when Triple H takes complete control of the company. There's a pattern where a lot of those "Vince Guys" have had a history of personal issues with Triple H and don't have as much faith in him to lead the company. I think most of Vince's guys are loyal to him, not WWE itself. As Vince gets older, I think things like Jericho appearing at WK could become more common.
  12. What a huge missed opportunity. This would have been perfect.
  13. This is almost believable but they went a bit too far in some places. #BringBackPunk and #TurnThemHeel gave him away.
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