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  1. JTS

    HIstory Of Caws.ws

    Holyshit has it been a long time. I joined in 2006 after seeing so many links to this place from the IGN Smackdown forum. I remember posting a predict how wrestling will look after 5 years(some were right on the money) and its crazy to think its been 14 years since I made that post. The WWE style vs indy style debates are pretty funny looking back. Who could have predicted that HHH of all people would merge the two worlds together. Not sure if this is the place to ask but is there anyway to find the old EWR diary posts? Whole thing was a blast when it started. I rememebr guys like London* and Respect The Ring going all in on it. Plus a few gimmicky ones like the guy who wrote an Efed about an evil space businessman who kidnapped notable wrestlers from different timelines to make the ultimate wrestling tv show. He didn't do enough research and ''drafted'' the likes of Vince Russo and when athe 70s wrestlers found out Russo had booked himself to be Champion they wanted to kill him.
  2. I know they already renamed it ''Berserker'', and it doesn't make sense for Vegeta to freak out about it but I still hope they find a way to call Broly the Saiyan of legend(without making it seemed forced). The idea of Goku, Vegeta and the others just stumbling into the SS forms but the actual once in a thousand years mythical Super Saiyan being an unknown guy who has nothing to do with the main plots is so cool to me and I don't know why. Maybe because it's makes DB's world feel bigger or how it'd be so typical of DB to turn the trope of the ''Chosen One'' on it's head like that.
  3. I'm glad he changed his look,he needs a new start and thsi will help.
  4. here's some real dream matches: Freddy n Jason vs. BOD Santa Claus vs. Big Dick Johnson Superman vs. Batista Chucky vs. Little Bastard
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