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  1. http://thetruthofcaws.blog.com/files/2012/08/BlackToxic-Stepping-Down1.png ; just read this (was on a blog thing about caws). Tis awesome. Was this in gen chat?
    1. BlackToxic


      No, it was in one of the private sections for Moderators. What a random blog, why would anyone care to know or blog on "the truth" about such a minor website as this? Is it your blog?

  2. Thanks, Toxic. I saw your step down thread. Lots of stuff I know only a fraction of

  3. Congrats on becoming a Mod' :)

  4. You owned me there >;[ and he'll probably flop there aswell!, I'd rather have PL quality players than Sunday League ones like Pratley!

  5. Yeah but Swansea were in the Championship/League One then so he would've been able to have good performances in the lower divisons. He has shown to be awful thus far in the PL and Swansea are lucky he's ended up here.. The sooner we sell him the better, maybe you can try and convince Rodgers to resign him?

  6. Random football question lmao?, Didn't even know you liked it. Pratley is a piece of shit and is one of the worst i've ever seen whilst Ricketts only played his first match in 11 months yesterday and scored on his return. So Ricketts is fine, Pratley should die.

    And I guess my vote in the Caws award for best mod doesn't count anymore since you're no longer one.

  7. Not a mod anymore?, What happened?

  8. I'm not sure, i didn't expect it to be honest, it's not like i left staff on the best of terms.

  9. I'll enter it eventually. Also, why you not VIP?

  10. Why have you lost the ability to spell? Hmmmm!? I Left staff because i have a stone in my shoe, bloody nightmare is what it is.

  11. Toxie; Y U NO A MOD ANYMOAR???

  12. Enter it! Oh and Merry Xmas ;D!

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