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  1. I sure wish I could feel as excited as all ya'll but I'm just very meh.
  2. This show's felt like an episode of Raw.
  3. I don't have it yet. Probably be a while before I do. Don't help that I really don't care for OW stuff. I also just outside skipped the remakes. On another note, https://nokemon.eloie.tech/
  4. So what's happened so far? And when did PPVs get moved to Saturday?
  5. So for anyone who cares about Seven Deadly Frames, a new game got announced and it looks like another BotW/Genshin type OW, but with underwater exploration. Solo Leveling also has a game by the same dev.
  6. Funny how base 21's been in Xenoverse 2 for about 2 years or so already. Wonder if there's any chance they'll add a Xenoverse character to FighterZ. I don't like the game, but it'd still be cool to have Chronoa, Towa, Mira, or Fu in it. Jiren's also out for Hyper DBZ. This is honestly my favorite DBZ game. Only downsides are lack of Vs. CPU and no pause menu for some unfathomable reason. At first, I figured it may be a weird(stupid) MUGEN thing, but Card Sagas Wars has a pause menu. This is also a thing that exists.
  7. Was it? It was definitely boring, but it wasn't outright shit...aside from Bork Laser winning. And The two world title maches were alright.
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