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  1. Holy shit. Vince AND Bork gone? Amazing! It might finally be time to start watching again.
  2. So for anyone who cares about Seven Deadly Frames, a new game got announced and it looks like another BotW/Genshin type OW, but with underwater exploration. Solo Leveling also has a game by the same dev.
  3. It wasn't aimed at you; just something I've seen.
  4. Well to be fair, it's a conversation he's had a lot. As for the casuals thing, yeah it basically just boils down to don't be an asshole. Everyone starts off bad. They'll get better eventually if they care enough. That being said, if you go on bitching and making excuses and just generally acting like scrub, you deserve to get clowned. Also, the reverse applies too. Ever since SFV released and that whole shitshow went down, I've been seeing an increase in...I guess you could call it anti-competitive mentality. Even longer if you include Smash. Personally, I'm not competitive either, but it does get annoying seeing it all the time and seeing people act as if "fun" isn't completely subjective. I also find the people who brag about how they're bad at fighting game and don't care about getting good or playing other people and so on to be really insufferable. To go back to the whole fighting game difficulty thing, I don't mind simple games existing as a whole, but I do hate the recent trend of dumbing existing franchises down. Also just the fact that it feels like pretty much every fighting game is being simplified now, especially the big ones. Some people like harder games, but it feels like those people are being left behind and if they try to vent, they just get dogpiled and accused of gatekeeping and told to deal with it or stick to old stuff and I hate it.
  5. I'm assuming this is a defense for fighting game difficulty since that's kinda been his stance for years. In which case, I agree. People who want to learn a game are gonna learn it regardless and the people who don't won't learn no matter how much you dumb it down. Personally, I'm a selfish asshole who couldn't care less about casuals or growing the scene or any of that. I just want something I enjoy.
  6. I have mixed feelings about listening to dragon ball (or any funimation show) dubbed these days. On one hand, I cant stand the Japanese voices, especially Goku. On the other, after all the BS thats happened this year, I dont feel good listening to the dub.
  7. This whole kick vic thing has got to be like the biggest shitstorm in anime in at least a good ass while.
  8. No, they already said what it is. Scenes from the MCU playing out differently. What does the MCU (I know the games exist, but they are nothing to do with the MCU) have to do with Capcom? Well Mahvel Infinite was basically a giant MCU ad. But really, nothing. Just hoping for something that has no chance of happening.
  9. Please let that Marvel If be Marvel vs. Capcom. Please.
  10. It's really *censored*ing crazy how all of these people, all of whom have known Vic for years, are seemingly in on trying to ruin the man's career. What the hell happened? Did he say or do something to piss everyone off? Is it just SJW bullshit where he didn't think like them and now they want him gone? Did they all just suddenly decide they didn't like the guy and wanted to *censored* him over? There has to be some kind of reason.
  11. I know about the kick vic stuff. I specifically meant the videos. I also remember the stuff with anime news network and the facebook groups and other shit trying to set him up. The most annoying thing about all of this is the stupid "always believe women" nonsense as if no woman has ever lied about being and and over petty shit.
  12. Can someone summarize? My ears hurt and I don't feel like listening to talking.
  13. https://twitter.com/Mlickles/status/1138678472857907200 And does anyone have the "Aqua Konosuba" stage?
  14. I was watching Power Stone videos yesterday and it really is 3D Smash Bros. It also got me thinking what if someone mixed that with an anime arena fighter like Kill La Kill If, Nardo Storm, Xenoverse, or whatever have you. That'd be pretty damn awesome. Then I played MHA One's Justice and thought, "this could work". Just remove the wall stuff and tracking, then add items and the ability to have up to 4 players.
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