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  1. Im reminded of Jwittz spending like 4 days trying to catch a shiny Wooloo before even leaving route 1.
  2. Apparently, theyre based on how British paleontologists used to mess up fossils. And Ive seen a lot of people like them.
  3. Looks like XV2 is finally finished. Now everyone can stop whining.
  4. I went through battle tower and Leon beat my ass. Hell he even switched out which no one does for some stupid reason. And all the other teams were well thought out and everything. Why cant the main game be like that? Challenge shouldnt even be that much of an issue consider you have access to items and a free switch when you knock out an opponents Pokémon. Its also weird because main game and post game are essentially two separate games and the main game does nothing to prepare you for it. Even worse when you remember that theres an official competitive scene.
  5. You dont know the black ranger? Dude does a ton of characters. Yu and Adachi from Persona. A DMC character. I forget who. Lelouch in Code Geass. I think he does Ichigo from Laundry Detergent.
  6. Tbf, Sun/Moon did that too when they had Lille go to Kanto (or Gladian, in the cast of Ultra) SM never felt like they were setting up sequels. It felt like a complete story. Lillie going to Kanto is epilogue stuff at most. Didnt need a full story. In Swish, you have Piers and Opal resigning, Bede and Marnie becoming gym leaders, Hop and Sonia becoming professors, Leon cleaning up after Rose and taking over Rose tower or whatever the name was, and Oleana doing who knows what. Theres also Toxtricity being relevant to the lore what with the statues in Hulbury and gmax Toxtricity in the glyphs. Only issue is all the legendaries have been caught.
  7. Sword and Shield really seem to be setting up for a sequel. Like even more than BW.
  8. I have mixed feelings about listening to dragon ball (or any funimation show) dubbed these days. On one hand, I cant stand the Japanese voices, especially Goku. On the other, after all the BS thats happened this year, I dont feel good listening to the dub.
  9. No Guns Life is a story about a man with a gun for a head.
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/SerebiiNet/status/1197447479324762112 Read the comments. Or dont Someone made white and gyaru Nessa mods.
  11. Having beaten Swords post game story, I like Hop. A lot. And Piers is one of my favorite characters.
  12. Speaking of nuzlocke, what happened to the Pokémon Hardmode comic? Ive been doing set and no items in battle since mid gen 5.
  13. I remember way back in 2017 and even last year, there were rumors and leaks of XV3 having a lot more development time (also mentioning a cc2 game) plus I remember it being mentioned by producers a couple of times. Cant say when or where, though. Plus with the way we get one console DBZ game a year, it kinda makes sense what with us also getting FighterZ, Heroes these past two years and Kakarot next year. Honestly, Xenoverse is so big and such an easy money making machine that I think the only way we dont get 3 is if they just get lazy and port 2 over to next gen.
  14. Pretty much no exploration, constant unnecessary roadblocks, and only 10 routes. Maybe I shouldve worded it better, but yeah. At the very least, the caves and forests shouldve been bigger.
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