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  1. The more I think about Demon Slayer, the less I like it, and I seriously can't comprehend how it managed to beat Spirited Away in any capacity and sell like 4x more than One Piece. Outside of UFOtable's production, the series is average, and the manga's art really ain't that great, yet it's somehow getting this big. And this is over stuff like MHA which is really good and had the whole Super Hero craze helping it out (along with plenty of jaded comics fans and youtubers promoting it), AoT (which I finally got into at the end of last year and has amazing writing), OPM (which also had an amazing anime for the 1st season on top of Super Hero fever, yet I've never heard of that blowing up this much), One Piece, and so many other things. On a more positive note, I finally watched One Punch Man at the end of last year, and I honestly liked it a lot. What with all the dumb memes and "hurr durr gag man beats everybody", "hurr durr shonen parody/satire/deconstruction blah blah blah" I was expecting it to be just a dumb, one joke show similar to something like Cautious Hero, but with much better animation. I really enjoyed the themes of what it means to be a hero, and I honestly don't see the parody or whatever else anywhere.
  2. Anyone play Hyper DBZ? That game's pretty damn awesome, and I honestly like it more than FighterZ.
  3. I never thought about this, but yeah you're right. A lot of the best moments over the last couple years have pretty much just been them presenting us with a that everyone hates or making us feel like they're gonna *Censored* everything up, then not doing that. Tonight, as you mentioned, Bork in last year's rumble, Kofi vs. Daniel Bryan at Mania 35, just to name a few. They've *censored*ed up so much, that they've learned to use it to their advantage.
  4. One of these years. One of New Day is gonna win the rumble.
  5. Wait. Where's Mayor Kane? DAMNIT! Not SHIN!
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