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  1. Holy shit. Vince AND Bork gone? Amazing! It might finally be time to start watching again.
  2. I sure wish I could feel as excited as all ya'll but I'm just very meh.
  3. This show's felt like an episode of Raw.
  4. I don't have it yet. Probably be a while before I do. Don't help that I really don't care for OW stuff. I also just outside skipped the remakes. On another note, https://nokemon.eloie.tech/
  5. So for anyone who cares about Seven Deadly Frames, a new game got announced and it looks like another BotW/Genshin type OW, but with underwater exploration. Solo Leveling also has a game by the same dev.
  6. It wasn't aimed at you; just something I've seen.
  7. Well to be fair, it's a conversation he's had a lot. As for the casuals thing, yeah it basically just boils down to don't be an asshole. Everyone starts off bad. They'll get better eventually if they care enough. That being said, if you go on bitching and making excuses and just generally acting like scrub, you deserve to get clowned. Also, the reverse applies too. Ever since SFV released and that whole shitshow went down, I've been seeing an increase in...I guess you could call it anti-competitive mentality. Even longer if you include Smash. Personally, I'm not competitive either, but it does get annoying seeing it all the time and seeing people act as if "fun" isn't completely subjective. I also find the people who brag about how they're bad at fighting game and don't care about getting good or playing other people and so on to be really insufferable. To go back to the whole fighting game difficulty thing, I don't mind simple games existing as a whole, but I do hate the recent trend of dumbing existing franchises down. Also just the fact that it feels like pretty much every fighting game is being simplified now, especially the big ones. Some people like harder games, but it feels like those people are being left behind and if they try to vent, they just get dogpiled and accused of gatekeeping and told to deal with it or stick to old stuff and I hate it.
  8. I'm assuming this is a defense for fighting game difficulty since that's kinda been his stance for years. In which case, I agree. People who want to learn a game are gonna learn it regardless and the people who don't won't learn no matter how much you dumb it down. Personally, I'm a selfish asshole who couldn't care less about casuals or growing the scene or any of that. I just want something I enjoy.
  9. The more I think about Demon Slayer, the less I like it, and I seriously can't comprehend how it managed to beat Spirited Away in any capacity and sell like 4x more than One Piece. Outside of UFOtable's production, the series is average, and the manga's art really ain't that great, yet it's somehow getting this big. And this is over stuff like MHA which is really good and had the whole Super Hero craze helping it out (along with plenty of jaded comics fans and youtubers promoting it), AoT (which I finally got into at the end of last year and has amazing writing), OPM (which also had an amazing anime for the 1st season on top of Super Hero fever, yet I've never heard of that blowing up this much), One Piece, and so many other things. On a more positive note, I finally watched One Punch Man at the end of last year, and I honestly liked it a lot. What with all the dumb memes and "hurr durr gag man beats everybody", "hurr durr shonen parody/satire/deconstruction blah blah blah" I was expecting it to be just a dumb, one joke show similar to something like Cautious Hero, but with much better animation. I really enjoyed the themes of what it means to be a hero, and I honestly don't see the parody or whatever else anywhere.
  10. Im reminded of Jwittz spending like 4 days trying to catch a shiny Wooloo before even leaving route 1.
  11. Apparently, theyre based on how British paleontologists used to mess up fossils. And Ive seen a lot of people like them.
  12. I went through battle tower and Leon beat my ass. Hell he even switched out which no one does for some stupid reason. And all the other teams were well thought out and everything. Why cant the main game be like that? Challenge shouldnt even be that much of an issue consider you have access to items and a free switch when you knock out an opponents Pokémon. Its also weird because main game and post game are essentially two separate games and the main game does nothing to prepare you for it. Even worse when you remember that theres an official competitive scene.
  13. Tbf, Sun/Moon did that too when they had Lille go to Kanto (or Gladian, in the cast of Ultra) SM never felt like they were setting up sequels. It felt like a complete story. Lillie going to Kanto is epilogue stuff at most. Didnt need a full story. In Swish, you have Piers and Opal resigning, Bede and Marnie becoming gym leaders, Hop and Sonia becoming professors, Leon cleaning up after Rose and taking over Rose tower or whatever the name was, and Oleana doing who knows what. Theres also Toxtricity being relevant to the lore what with the statues in Hulbury and gmax Toxtricity in the glyphs. Only issue is all the legendaries have been caught.
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