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  1. Oops, forgot about Crown Jewel.
  2. Well.. They wanted to leave Bullet Club right from the get go, but weren't allowed because NJPW wanted them to peddle BC merch. Good for them that they have finally gotten what they wanted in the first place.
  3. Bayley, Sasha, Natalya Trish Stratus & Lita Asuka - First Eliminated: Dana Brooke - Final 4: Peyton Royce, Asuka, Nia Jax, Naomi - Most Eliminations: Asuka Io Shirai Kairi Sane Ronda Rousey Becky Lynch
  4. Eh. Probably a work. The Elite and Harold Meij have already proven before that they like to interweave reality and fiction. This meta kayfabe thing is the new tool to rile people up.
  5. The Shield Ronda & Bellas Cena & Lashley IIconics Undertaker The Miz The New Day Cedric Alexander Becky Lynch AJ Styles
  6. Bryan and Brie Hardy The Shield New Day Ronda Becky AJ Styles Roman
  7. It depends entirely on how good the creator is at creating a moveset and more importantly: AI Logic You know, some creators will put the five signature moves of a wrestler to some completely unrealistically high values, so that they'll do nothing but their five moves of doom, while others have masterfully crafted a moveset that allows the wrestler to seamlessly segueway from one spot to the next one. I suggest that you find edits that have been made by the same creator, for the best possible match experience.
  8. Zelina Vega & Andrade Cien Almas B Team Cedric Alexander The Miz Finn Balor Braun Strowman Bludgeon Brothers Seth Rollins Ronda Rousey Shinsuke Nakamura Roman Reigns AJ Styles Charlotte
  9. Velveteen Dream Undisputed Era Adam Cole Kairi Sane Johnny Gargano
  10. He will be working a fall program with Jay White I think. At the dome I see him being in some sort of title match. It all depends upon whether or not Naito is through with Jericho. Okada vs Jericho is a possibility if so. Or a non title Tanahashi rematch.
  11. You'll get six Ibushi vs ZSJ July 15 Juice vs Naito July 21 Omega vs Naito July 15 Ibushi vs Juice July 19 White vs Okada July 14 Ishii vs Goto July 21
  12. Tama is a solid Tag guy, but his singles matches are rather forgettable.
  13. Saw the newest BTE today. The part with Juice asking Fale about his relationship with the rest of 'The Elite' part of Bullet Club had me in stitches: Juice:,"Well... What about Yujiro and Chase on the Case??" Fale: "*Censored*'Em A very sad Juice: "But they were your booooooys c'mon! Fale in the distance: "*Censored*'Em!"
  14. It really was. It was so obvious that it was Naito's year back then. This year we could really head into several directions with the tournament and the first few days have been immensely exciting result-wise.
  15. Hmm... It really depends upon how much they want to go into Okada's crisis. Jay White or Okada wins A block Kenny or Ibushi wins the B block I'd like to see Omega take it all only to challenge someone at WK13 (Preferably Ibushi or Okada) Imagine how much Okada would have to prove if he failed in G1, but got challenged by Kenny because he thought the new Okada was pathetic, thus wanting to light a fire under his ass again. Realistically we will see Okada in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 13 one way or another. The ace of the company must main event. To me, Naito is out of the equation this year. I see a Jericho rematch at WK13
  16. Sanity Finn Bálor Roman Reigns Kevin Owens The Deleters of Worlds Bludgeon Brothers Shinsuke Nakamura (Big match Nak has to win this time) AJ Styles Carmella Alexa Bliss Seth Rollins (3-2) Cien Almas
  17. To me it is really unclear whether Barnett came off as a hothead or as someone who was trying to direct traffic in an unusual situation. I interpreted it as him trying to get White some heel heat while effectively giving JR some time to recuperate.
  18. Bludgeon Brothers Bobby Lashley Daniel Bryan Roman Reigns Seth Rollins Ronda Rousey Asuka Shinsuke Nakamura Sasha Banks Finn Bálor (The New Day member Will be Big E)
  19. Dude is tougher than a 2 dollar steak. I really hope we'll see him back.
  20. Ricochet Gargano Undisputed Era Baszler Black
  21. Read that too a couple of days ago, cool little piece of trivia with Scorcese. You can actually buy Takayama's DLC for Fire Pro Wrestling to support his medical expenses. ------- TIL that Titus O'Neil was conceived through rape and that his mother had him at 12 years old
  22. Hiromu being in B block like: "Oh look!! It's The Greatest Hits of all my rivals... Dragon Lee, KUSHIDA and Scurll"
  23. Bayley Bryan Reigns Owens & Zayn Rollins Nia Carmella Jeff Hardy Nakamura
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