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  1. Yeah i saw that too with Cardona and thought about maybe giving it a shot. Then i saw the card and were "Nope". Austin Aries in the Opener, Mike Knox vs Trevor Murdoch in the main event...not really exciting stuff.
  2. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    I dont know, Matt put out a statement that has me worried a bit. Because if its just that Jeff ate something bad or so, wouldnt he say that instead of going along the lines of "Its not my place to say much more" ? If its nothing too serious then wouldnt he have said so? Sure maybe im just reading too much into it, but i dont know, feels like there is more to this i fear.
  3. When the talk is about not being sure if playable then i assume its a celebrity. Comes down to who they want to lure in more, i assume the casuals are what they will aim for. Because the easy fan already is convinced based on very little footage and big words. So you can sell a pre-order easier to the casual with a celebrity. Will be interesting to see where they go with it.
  4. Did anybody watch Hard Times 2? When your opener involves Austin Aries, its not a great start so i didnt bother with the whole thing.
  5. I mean sucks for the lack of exposure therefore, but everything where Asshole Ospreay doesnt show up...is where i show up. So good for me.
  6. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Dont want to assume anything there. Could be that his body is just tired and all. Jeffs wrestling style etc was always bound to get more demanding the older he gets, so maybe being on tour and all just really wears him down far more.
  7. He may be, i can see many Promotions reaching out towards him because he is a good wrestler.
  8. He made a bit of a mess there because he seems to talk more about Animations in general and not specificly wrestling moves. Because shortly after he mentioned that he assumes that in this number, entrance animations etc are in. So the wording on "moves" is maybe a bit wrong there. But even so, 30000 animations with 5000 new...thats a lot. It seems really that engine or code limit with how many animations etc the game can have, was a huge deal none of us realized. On that note, again i have to praise Yukes then for managing to get as much stuff as we got in the previous games despite that. Thumbs up to VC on the work they put in the animation department, because getting 5000 animations is taking a lot of work either way.
  9. You can never have enough lariats, Clotheslines imo. Funny enough, i liked the old Clothesline from Hell animation minus the Pin. Looked super cool, but the pin animation sucked. The newly animated CFH is kind of boring.
  10. Yeah, i like his matches and they get me excited, but i dont care about him that much. The matches he is in are exciting and fun, but thats about it with him for me.
  11. True. The day they manage to make Triplemania not a mess, is the day Lucha Libre dies. Its so bonkers but entertaining as hell.
  12. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, at the time i had the most fun watching the Cruiserweights going at it Wrestling wise...it was for me the highlight.
  13. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Ringside news is one of the garbage sites who likes to make up stuff, but honestly...its just a matter of time. Who even is CW champion? When was that champion in any way relevant in the recent months? When was the last time it was on a PPV? Nobody knows. Only the WWE could revive the CW division this big and then butcher it so completely. It was one time the most entertaining thing in the WWE, it was fire...then they gave the title Enzo and buried it.
  14. If i remember correctly, the developers already said that what we seen is just to make it easier for casual players...you still will be able to fully edit the attributes. Honestly i hope we can use a few templates because i find it tedious to do the attributes who dont really change that much. Possibly. I dont really know how the mode works, the MyTeam stuff works simple in basketball, football etc but in wrestling? And its not like we have many factions currently, so will they go with Fictional ones, old school...meaning we really get NWO variants? Hard to say how the mode works, if the mentioned will be in the game or were just used as example for the mode. Would definitly be cool if we could unlock DX/NWO etc versions of the wrestlers...maybe arenas or so.
  15. I think thats one reason why people love HCTP so much...especially if you played with Rock, Lesnar, Undertaker etc. They felt more unique with stances, special animated moves etc. But it would take a lot of time to do stuff like this for everyone, so i can see why its not possible. Even with a smaller Roster, you still have 50+ people you would need to animate etc...thats way too time consuming. Its easier to make only 3 specific categories for moves, even that is very time consuming...but with Cruiserweight, Heavyweight, Super Heavyweight you get at least something. But your idea is very good and its one reason i think why im not super excited anymore for the WWE games. Everyone, everything plays the same. Many wrestlers have the same moves and not much unique stuff that makes them feel different than the others. Its like you simply switched out the Model...and that makes to me the game feel less exciting. They dont feel different, even when you give them a few of the more unique moves they still feel all like the same template. Randy Orton doesnt play different than Rey, Undertakers punches dont feel heavier than Dolph Zigglers etc. I think thats my biggest problem, the games feel more like you have mirror matches in beat em ups instead of having two different characters.
  16. We will need to wait and see on the dodge feature. You get a dodge and a reversal button and a block, so who knows how this plays a role. I do like the idea but since the footage we saw seems to indicate that we lose the reversal counter...i fear the idea wont work as well. I was thinking that a dodge costs stamina, while the reversal costs...well a reversal. That way you could add some tactical depth to the game, if players want to save their stamina or reversal for later in the match. Would definitly suck if the dodge would always look the same and all...but we find out sooner or later.
  17. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, i dont think you find a more WWE Fanboy who made his dream come through than Johnny Gargano. That man was living for the dream to be a WWE superstar. If he leaves, what does it say about the WWE as a whole when this big WWE fan leaves? But then, what else is he able to do? NXT doesnt have much left, especially with the Reboot of NXT and new focus. And the Main Roster is a sure dead at this stage. Johnny is a indy guy and all, i very much doubt he would be used better than the others in the main roster. I dont see him going to the Main Roster and be THE Star, i see him fall down to the midcard very soon and be lost in the sea of underused people. Its a gamble because without ROH and AEW already being stacked, leaving the WWE isnt having the same effect as it had a few months ago. Especially when he is a soon to be father. NXT still is the safest bet for a while at least. I dont know, really hard to say how this goes.
  18. That part caught my eyes...seems like he lost his passion for whatever the WWE puts out. Really sad to see how those people who live and breath wrestling, leave the WWE because they fall out of love for it. It says so much how it is inside the company. I mean when even a Hardcore WWE fanboy like Johnny Gargano is said to be leaving the one place he worked his life to make it to...then things are looking bad. If passion and love is lacking, what does it say about the WWE.
  19. He does it because he thinks he is cool...doing it ironically is fine. XD The man is so thin skinned, imagine reacting like this because i fan does what he is supposed to do. XD
  20. TJP is so weird, but then...should have been clear when in WWE he found he looks cool doing the Dab. So that should have told us everything about him.
  21. Absolutely shitty, i hope nobody tries to make this guy "famous". I dont need to know his name, his social media accounts where he brags about this etc. Let this guy be the nameless and faceless dirtbag who attacked a wrestler, nothing more. I dont get how the security wasnt faster, how he could come from the side there and had enough time to tackle Rollins and stuff. It took them way too long to react.
  22. Its a good feature, but it needs to be polished. That goes for a lot of things in this game. Its one of the things where you always could see Yukes talent. They came up with good modes and systems over the years, but lacked the time to polish them. Of course we need more stuff like hair, beards etc...no question about that. Im more for details to be honest. I want for example more that you can use beards with all jackets or masks, not being told i cant have this hair and this shirt. I want a more detailed crowd, more referees(hell let me create referees) etc. Thats strangely where im going mostly. Its the details like that the mat bounces, the ropes move. Sure i want big changes too, but most people ask for the stuff i want so im more the one who thinks about the little details that make a game feel much more alive.
  23. If its true, then 2k19 is even more a wonder with all the restrictions etc the game itself has. Imagine having to work on a mess of a code...and having to deal with all kinds of nonsense from wwe,2k etc. That we got the quality we had the last few years, shows the talent Yukes has. If they got rid of such Restrictions from the game side, then the one year break was a absolute success.
  24. Doing Segments with a god damn Egg that is allgedly worth Millions, after firing people via E-Mail due to "budget cuts"...is peak Tonedeaf middle finger to the people.
  25. Well one good thing that came out so far and is good for the future, is that they had enough time to rewrite the engine or whatever technical programm, that makes it possible for them to add stuff without having to get rid of others. That was one problem i didnt knew the series had. They only could add a certain amount of stuff and had to get rid of old things due to restrictions in the games base. Allegedly they were able to get rid of that...so it should at least in terms of animation, be very good for players going forward.
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