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  1. Really cool attires, i always have huge respect for those doing long tights attires because the fact that they have split the Logo placing up in 3 parts, and it gets really tedious to line up logos.
  2. Because for the WWE, their own fans and Workers are the enemy, so you go against stuff that works for Fans etc...or they just like to mess with shit for the sake of it.XD Maybe because most people dont have the patience to listen to what she says. I cant remember a word she said in that Promo, so i have trust your word on this. I dont have the patience to listen to her or be upset about her untalented ass. Raw continues to be...underwhelming. The Main event feud and Us title are the only good thing going really. I appreciate that they dont want to torture anybody with "long" Eva Marie matches, but 3 women matches and not one goes even 5 minutes...is shitty. And even worse when on is a Womens Tag Team Title match.
  3. With Jericho you never know what you get, seems like He rolls a dice every Morning to decide if he is an ass or Not today. Pope a surprise, a dissapointing surprise, wanted to follow him for a while...well i guess thats Not needed anymore. Storm, the guy is a Redneck Cowboy, Not expecting too much on that Front, but He seems surprisingly decent so far.
  4. Lol, this already gets a Stipulation while for Example Priest and Sheamus who have developed a Grudge, get a normal singles match. It feels like every match on the card so far has more valid reason to be a grudge match. Oh well, as long as Liv gets a PPV match, i dont care.
  5. Glad to see you back. Kronik attire is on point, dont know about the faces...never cared much for them so im not sure who is who and how they should look. The right one i think was Adam Bomb, would work fantastic for Adam Bomb. Ascension looks awesome. Liked the first Mr Kennedy version, but the second one is just insanely good...the progress you made is incredible.
  6. Im wondering if Dreamer knew about the whole story when they asked him about it or if he was one of those who only heard the "Flair walked around naked twirling his penis around" thing and not the "he forced himself onto this woman" part. Because then it wouldnt be as bad as it sounds now. Right now it sounds like the guy excuses Flair forcing a woman to touch his genitals as some kind of joke...and that is way worse than him just being a damn fool who didnt heard the whole story and just gone "Hey its Ric Flair everyone, he does stuff like that hahahah"
  7. Hard to remember them if its just 2 right? Or where it 3...i only remember the one where he threw the guitar into the fire and the other where he put on that hat. Imagine wasting money on creating those promos, just to drop it all after 2-3 weeks.
  8. That is something i honestly would be more interested in diving into. How many Women backstage had to create this mindset of shrugging everything off and going "oh its just the boys playing, ignore it". Because otherwise reacting or so would have been a bigger problem and more dangerous. And then you have guys like The Undertaker acting like this time was better and all that. Who knows what he saw and shrugged instead of standing up and going "Thats enough." Yeah i guess Vince constantly trying to pin angle on the plane was the least problematic thing that was going on. We got a big fight of two 6'4 guys that could have caused the plane to have a emergency landing, drunken wrestlers, sexual harrassment etc...Vince trying to outwrestle Kurt Angle on the ground of the airplane seems very tame compared to that.
  9. Its weird and inconsistent thing that i dont get the purpose off. Even if you say they dont want people to associate him with Scott, what about all the other talent who is second or third generation? They constantly go with Charlotte that she is Ric Flairs daughter, with Orton etc...but with Rick Steiners son they literally ban any mentioning of his Father? Again i keep wondering how this company can make so much money and all when they behave this weird.
  10. This plane ride will never fail to upset me hearing about it. Really shows you the culture that was going on in Wrestling and why more than ever we need to go away from that. A bit dissapointing that we didnt get new stories because im sure on that plane in every corner shit was going on, but hearing some of the worst things again is still so messed up. Flair being Flair shouldnt have been excused back in the day and not now. Lesnar the same, absolutly messed up what he did with Terri. Honestly, i hope one day the Women have the strength to come forward and speak about every shit that has gone on backstage since the Attitude era...im scared what we would hear, what they all had to endure. Dreamer can suck a Rotten Banana as far as im concerend. Your ponytail isnt upsetting anybody you clown, you being a shitty asshole that defends sexual missconduct is what upsets people. But i had to laugh at the part with Hayes and JBL, the visual of JBL slapping Hayes so hard that he gets knocked out, pleases me.
  11. What they see in him over at NWA i dont know...he got even worse than when he was in WWE. And its not like he is a good talker either.
  12. Oh yeah, i mean i get the idea and all...but for those who only do caws, its a bad thing to having to unlock everything. 2k20 had a few cool things but you had to have a certain rank for that...and that was really awful. What do you mean "make up"? What have they shown or said so far that should make us go "Wuhu, 2k22 F yeah, this will be awesome"? We have a path of breadcrumbs we can follow that validate peoples worry. What have they done to deserve any trust or so? They couldnt even keep their "more and better communication" promise so far...something so simple and easy in this day and age.
  13. This rumor about GM mode, doesnt ease any worry to be honest. I dont trust them to do all the big things we expect or hope for. A lot of modes and stuff need new life in them, i dont know if they can do that AND add a GM mode that has depth in it. We will see.
  14. Ooookkay, this Company is very weird.
  15. If you want a clean start, its smarter to have a tournament or big Title match for the Vacant title to start a new Era fresh. I dont know, this seems way too neat for my taste. He is injured and must relinquish the title so that it can be fought for in the Main Event of their NXT 2.0 debut event, which coincidentially starts soon after that? But you are not wrong, especially if the rumors are true and Joes new role is being a Trainer/Mentor. Taking the title off of Joe would have given the new Champion incredible momentum. I dont know, i dont want this to be a legit injury because that would suck for Joe in general.
  16. Right? Pretty neat isnt it? Good that we could talk about it.
  17. Its called Cause and effect...My goodness.
  18. As long as we get better Raw episodes than we have in the recent months, im not bothered by the why. If its AEW or NFL that puts pressure onto the WWE, as long as it makes Raw better i take anything.
  19. Sad that Lashley lost the title, he was a fantastic champion. But happy for Big E. Interesting however, people scream for years that they want Big E as champion...one week after AEW beats Raw in the Ratings, exactly that happens. Im "suuuure" this just a coincidence, since AEW is no competition right? so its not like they paniced and decided to do the Orton vs Lashley title match and Big E cash in which was announced via Twitter...to compete with AEW, right? XD XD XD Anyway, im happy for Big E.
  20. If you are disrespecting fellow forum members because they dont do what you want...it has to do with me. Be a decent human and apologize.
  21. Alone for that i would ban your ass if i could. We have a request thread for stuff like that. Barely a Day here and already bothering people in their thread requesting stuff, and when they dont want to, being a dick about it...your disrespectful ass would be banned if it were up to me.
  22. Most i can understand, but the thing is called World WRESTLING Entertainment...how they hell do you ban the word wrestlers or wrestling? They are so very weird.
  23. Dumb Name, but im surprised that many didnt saw it coming or are upset. The Man tried to build a Brand around himself while the wwe wanted to take their workers Twitch Accounts from them to prevent any Brand building. Did people Really expect him to keep his unique Name? Be glad it wasnt something even dumber.
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