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  1. I never think about how someone looks under a Mask, i very much doubt many wear one because they feel ugly or so...i always think its more a character thing, to get into character or a tool that helps them for when they have anxiety or so performing in front of an audience etc. Never really bother thinking about how someone looks like...but damn, this man is handsome as hell.
  2. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Really? I dont remember that...jesus. But either way, Darby called for it...dont try shit if you cant handle it slapping you back. Was no need to be an ass towards her for no real reason. Instead he got dragged by her spectacular. That is on so many levels bonkers. First of all sad for them because its not that long ago where he proposed to her in the AEW ring right? Also, how can anybody be mean to Tay? She is like the sweetest person ever it seems. And based on what do they blame her? Based on that her and Sammy are often around each other and some gossip asshole spread a rumor? Even if true, its none of our business, who the hell do the people think they are going after her for any of that? People really suck.
  3. Really cool first show. Im happy for them and super excited where they go with this. Crazy to think how far they came.
  4. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Yup. If he is happy in the WWE, if he felt it was the best decision to make...im happy for him. But if in 5-6 months or so he complains because suddenly the WWE doesnt care about him anymore, yeah not a good look. If they however use him well from now on, im happy.
  5. Ah so its finally time for the movie...good. Im not a huge marvel or spider-man fan, but im nosy...so dont hold back spoiling this for me, i wanna hear it all. But as Jeb mentioned, please use spoilers because many are excited and fans and want to see this stuff for themself in Theaters etc.
  6. Never say never, but i absolutely doubt they will do smaller model for his WCW or so days. That is just a too specific detail i think. But that actually makes me quite interested in a Rey showcase, seeing how detailed they make it, what it includes etc. Never really thought about stuff like that to be honest, normally im all about details but never thought about the change of body proportions of wrestlers.
  7. Didnt expect her to Retire this young, i always assumed sooner or later she would go back to Stardom or some other Joshi promotion. She doesnt want to leave Japan, which is sad for Wrestling fans because there are many matches she could do everywhere. I still hope Stardom and AEW form a relationship, so that talent goes to Japan and all...would be sweet.
  8. God damn it, and that shortly after his Birthday and all. I was hoping things would look better by now, i didnt expect or wanted to read THIS. Damn, im already in sad Nostalgia mood thanks to ROH Final Battle...now this, its a gut punch.
  9. Yeah, a hardcore wwe fan that got to live his dream...who expects such a guy to leave? Maybe he sees the writing on the wall, sees that he would never would have gotten this Wrestlemania moment so many still dream about. I dont know, i expected him to at least stay 1-2 years to save some money etc for his family or so. Who knows, we will see where this goes with him...as long as he is happy and does what he loves, i dont really care what he does next.
  10. How in gods name does this like the first movie, look this good? Of all the Video Game live action stuff, i never expected Sonic of all things being the one that works and giving me goosebumps.
  11. I really regret that i didnt watched it live, but it was just too late on here...2 in the morning, way too late and i was tired. Wonder Woman,Suicide Squad,Hellblade 2, Star wars eclipse,Evil west,Steelrising,Metal Hellsinger, Space marine 2,Slitterhead,Tchia,Texas Chainsaw Massacre all looked very promising. Seems the next few years could be rather expensive for me. So many games that capture my interest.
  12. Ehm, have you seen the trailer? It was a Gameplay Trailer that showed us how the gameplay will be, how the characters play, how you move in the world etc. Im not sure what Trailer you saw but Jeb above you posted the latest Trailer from the VGA with tons of Gameplay.
  13. Looks neat i have to say. How popular is Rey even to Latinos and lucha libre...i never really looked into that, but considering his career and all, i would assume he is a huge name...certainly big enough to get his own cartoon.
  14. Speak for yourself, i didnt expect anything wwe2k22 related. Cool for Mysterio and his fans, makes me believe that he will be cover star etc for 2k22 even more now.
  15. ROH cant catch a break...really sad that the world champion wont be at the "final" show but i understand.
  16. God damn it, i feared that. I hoped it was just something minor, but it seems like things are pretty rough for him currently...i hope he gets the help he needs. *Censored* that guy in the comments making this some kind of Entertainment thing. Jeff needs help, this is not some AEW or WWE shit...its about a human being that struggles...i wish him all the best. Dude seriously, can you for once not be absolute trash...only one time at least pretend to not be the bottom of the barrell and instead a decent human being.
  17. Yeah i saw that too with Cardona and thought about maybe giving it a shot. Then i saw the card and were "Nope". Austin Aries in the Opener, Mike Knox vs Trevor Murdoch in the main event...not really exciting stuff.
  18. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    I dont know, Matt put out a statement that has me worried a bit. Because if its just that Jeff ate something bad or so, wouldnt he say that instead of going along the lines of "Its not my place to say much more" ? If its nothing too serious then wouldnt he have said so? Sure maybe im just reading too much into it, but i dont know, feels like there is more to this i fear.
  19. When the talk is about not being sure if playable then i assume its a celebrity. Comes down to who they want to lure in more, i assume the casuals are what they will aim for. Because the easy fan already is convinced based on very little footage and big words. So you can sell a pre-order easier to the casual with a celebrity. Will be interesting to see where they go with it.
  20. Did anybody watch Hard Times 2? When your opener involves Austin Aries, its not a great start so i didnt bother with the whole thing.
  21. I mean sucks for the lack of exposure therefore, but everything where Asshole Ospreay doesnt show up...is where i show up. So good for me.
  22. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Dont want to assume anything there. Could be that his body is just tired and all. Jeffs wrestling style etc was always bound to get more demanding the older he gets, so maybe being on tour and all just really wears him down far more.
  23. He may be, i can see many Promotions reaching out towards him because he is a good wrestler.
  24. He made a bit of a mess there because he seems to talk more about Animations in general and not specificly wrestling moves. Because shortly after he mentioned that he assumes that in this number, entrance animations etc are in. So the wording on "moves" is maybe a bit wrong there. But even so, 30000 animations with 5000 new...thats a lot. It seems really that engine or code limit with how many animations etc the game can have, was a huge deal none of us realized. On that note, again i have to praise Yukes then for managing to get as much stuff as we got in the previous games despite that. Thumbs up to VC on the work they put in the animation department, because getting 5000 animations is taking a lot of work either way.
  25. You can never have enough lariats, Clotheslines imo. Funny enough, i liked the old Clothesline from Hell animation minus the Pin. Looked super cool, but the pin animation sucked. The newly animated CFH is kind of boring.
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