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  1. How the tables have turned. If only we got this want for better and more polished games earlier...instead we got people blindly going "dont care, just want a new WWE game" for years. I hope this attitude will stay even if 2k22 isnt that good and doesnt go back to the "we need to defend 2k/VC either way because having a bad game would be better than having no game" attitude. People "having" to play 2k19 for another 7 months, making it almost 5 years...boy lets hope people arent tired of the whole series after this.
  2. My first reaction was to laugh out loud because this marketing is so absolutly atrocious that you can even get mad. Lets leave the relase itself aside, has its own problems but seems the smartest idea to use the WM hype. My problem is the marketing. They annouce the game early this year with big promises of more communication etc, finishing the teaser with "coming soon". Then they release a few BTS animation clips on social media...before going radio silent. Nothing, utter silence, no word of any delays or anything...not even when during the investors call the delays of games were annouced. So what does the fan do? Of course expect the usual release window, because why the hell not? Nobody says anything, no word that people shouldnt expect it or anything. Because they promised better communication right? So if something like a delay or so happens, they would tell right? So then Summerslam comes around and they speak to the fans again, throwing 2 screenshots out and telling fans to be excited for the SummerSlam because they will show something. Then they release a 30 second clip that is the same as always, nice looking but saying nothing...except a March 2022 release window. And now people stand here baffled that they suddenly have to wait another 7 months? Is anybody actually fine with any of this? I mean i could understand if we got a 2 minute trailer with tons of infos and stuff...but after a 30 second teaser trailer that tells the fan to wait additional 7 months? That must be the shittiest Marketing Campaign, the biggest middle Finger to fans i have ever seen. Utter disrespect and disregard to the community you promised to do better.
  3. Eh, he was shooting his shot with the Edge screenshot, if i remember he even said that on this he was just speculating. Unless 2k/VC makes it official, i wouldnt think too much about it. Could mean the next gen versions, who knows. When it comes to the games, we had a lot of missheard and missinterpreted rumors in the past...i still remember when Boogeyman announced himself for wwe2k20 while meaning battlegrounds. We will need to wait and see, for now i keep quiet and wait.
  4. I honestly completely forgot about this and i have no recollection of Lesnar with the MITB outside of him using it as a boombox. Thats how shitty this was. I get that Ali didnt do anything because hey, the man who pays you tells you to do this in a moment where you are pumped and have not the patience to make sense of it, you just do what he tells you. But it must suck finding out like this and getting all your energy taken away because you think "this is my moment, my time"
  5. Thats what i keep thinking about. What could Vince possibly do to match this hype AEW has built? Bringing Back Becky? I love her but thats not even close to getting what AEW got here with Punk. The Rock? Gets a few casuals...but then nothing more. What does he have that can sell you on the product? He doesnt even have big stars because he is hellbent on not letting his workers get this big. Who outside the hardcore fanbase can you sell WWE really? And i dont mean with luring in celebrities. Cena and maybe Orton who the more casual base knows...and of course Goldberg. But outside of those you dont have needle movers. They lose slowly more and more fans, and they dont seem to care or understand the problem here.
  6. Well march isnt april, April is WM month...so unless their FY is including April, its less likely that it will be a WM release. The problem with this idea is that it just looks super bad if they do the big reveal of the game and all now...and then have people wait 8 months for the release. Thats just looking like a bad strategy. Many in the game industry have said this by now that a late marketing campaign is the better idea since you dont have to keep it going for long stretches and make people possibly get tired. Its possibly to reveal pre-order etc now, go fully marketing starting September till october or november release. To me personally, everything speaks against a WM release. I can see a later than "usual" release for sure, but i just cant see it being released in 8 months when its fully revealed this weekend. If WM is really the targeted goal, doing this all at the Royal Rumble weekend seems the smarter move.
  7. If all goes clean, i dont see a problem. I think the crowd is smarter than that. Punk will for sure be the "face" in this, but after the Match i doubt people turn on Allen. If this ends with a handshake or so, things will be fine.
  8. Normally i would all be for Next Gen...but we live in a time where its not easy getting the consoles and that for almost a year now. Making this next gen exclusive would be suicide since its already not a title millions of people have on the radar. Its a game for a very specific group of people and a small number of casual fans. Until Sony and Microsoft have found a way to get the consoles easier to people and not in the hands of scalpers, a pure next gen game of anything is not a smart move.
  9. Oh man, imagine that. Even if they annouce Punk...him not showing up would really backfire. People will riot if that happens...literally.
  10. You never know with the WWE. But yeah, a game 8 months away seems strange to have one of your big PPVs sponsored by. I mean i would assume when you aim for a April release you would do it for the Rumble. Like this it would look a bit strange, but again, its WWE...who knows.
  11. *censored*ing hell GCW, slow down man. Im already in love with you guys...i can only get this hard. XD XD Cant wait for this, if god damn Covid wouldnt be a thing still, i would definitly buy some tickets and fly over there for a few shows.
  12. Hm, if their fiscal year goes till april then i can see it. Thats the release window they said in the 2k investor call. It would be smart in terms of taking the WM hype with and all. But we are talking about 8 months here, Full reveal at SS and then 8 months later a release? I have my doubts, especially considering how long the development time is then...they dont even allow nba2k to have this long of a development time, and that is the more successfull game series currently. I could see them not going with October, instead november or december...but April is way too far away. We will see what they reveal this weekend.
  13. Yeah, the last few weeks they seem to be especially bonkers. Stuff like that Alicia Fox was in reality the best female wrestler, that Rosa mendes was underrated, that kelly kelly was so great(even Eva Marie can hit the ropes better than her for christ sake)...i appreciate lifting up the Women who were there in a Era were they werent given a true chance, but man...some of those takes are really strange. Having said that, i do have to say that im interested in seeing how the Women look, that gives us a good indication on if they nailed the visuals. Getting one of their "major" characters right, never was a problem...the 2k games mostly sucked in terms of the women visuals. So it would give us a better feel for the general look and if the hair are better etc.
  14. Yep, this Edge model...comparing it to 2k19s edge...night and day my friends. But every game had great screenshots, so i need to see this in motion to say more. But im very very impressed by those screenshots, that is definitly not the same as the teaser of Rey and Cesaro. It looks on all accounts far less sterile than 2k19, has a lot of life in its visuals. Definitly what you could call "hitting different"
  15. So it does begin...interesting. And i have to say that first screenshot delivers. Sure it could be edited and made to look super nice, but if this is what the game delivers visual...very interesting. Finally a new model, the textures look strong, the lightning and effects are neat...lets see this in action hopefully this weekend. But for the first screenshot of the "final" version, that is looking surprisingly strong.
  16. Okay, things might start finally...a few content creators hinted that today might give us something. Not expecting too much and all, but who knows...lets see if there is something to that.
  17. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Flair has gone on Twitter to deny those Rumors the way just a Ric Flair can do it. XD
  18. ASAP? We dont even know if we are soon or not. Thats the thing, we dont know if information would be soon or late. Does the game come out september? October? April next year? We have no clue whatsoever. And as i often said, THEY promised better communication, better marketing...thats not something we made up. It was THEM telling us they want to work closer with us. But so far there is not much that makes people feel like this is happening.
  19. I forgot about the whole Punk/Cabana mess...boy that might be awkward if Punk really is AEW bound.
  20. Battle Riot is really a good show to get into MLW, but if you are interested you can check out their Youtube channel, i think they still have their shows online there. MLW like many other Companies are on a roll really. Hammerstone is really a weird character, i dont get him at all and in the ring im not impressed by him.
  21. Maybe they didnt meant in a better way different marketing. XD XD XD I said it before, sure they could just throw a Trailer out on Friday with press release etc and be done. But they often made a big deal about this, now we are 3 days away from SummerSlam and the utter silence on this is just crazy. We are talking here about the WWE first and foremost, who promote the hell out of every tiny thing they do. You would think their "big" video game wouldnt be any different. But absolute silence on all accounts there...while they have 2k22 sponsoring the Summerslam. I know its a crazy thought that they might not show anything, but is it really...knowing its the WWE?
  22. That is where my mindset stands right now. The content creators etc hyping themself up for Summer Slam, but i think thats a mistake at the moment. Because i can totally see them not do anything for Summer Slam, so im not really expecting much.
  23. Thats good...for America. But the shift came even before Trump became president. The people lost faith and trust in America, the Taliban were gaining ground. And then in came Trump who caused so much damage on all fronts, then pulled out a large amount of Troops...that all helped the Taliban. The Final nail is then of course pulling out everyone in mere days...on that yeah, you can blame Biden. A tactical retreat done far smarter, would possibly havent caused this all...but things were always bound to go south very quickly...that is 6+ years in the making.
  24. Im surprised Biden was this straightforward with the reason why they have gone to Afghanistan in the first place. I mean we all knew it was for Vengeance and not to help people. Other presidents would have said something about "to liberate, to free people" and blamed the people from Afghanistan on America not doing that. So that was refreshing...but the other nonsense was a waste of breath. No words can make the situation better, a 20 year war that did nothing except help extremism and made people suffer. Why the *Censored* Republicans use this for "gotcha" points is beyond me...you *censored*ers were all for the war, you were for swift exit, you cheered when Trumps Administration met with Taliban, when Trump pulled a large amount of Soldier out which caused this extreme shift in the first place. Again, this is not just on Republicans, Democrats are at fault too...everyone is, even we all in the West for letting America go through with it like they did. Sitting back and watching the cowboys drop bombs into mountains, ripping the country apart...we are to blame for standing back and letting this happen too.
  25. I would even say this one sucked more than usual...which is horrible considering the fact it was the last before one of the big PPVs they have. Such a lifeless Raw episode to hype SummerSlam, is embarrassing.
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