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  1. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    See, this is what i can get behind...not the Top Dolla thing, that guy is just way too embarrassing to me. The Reigns thing, i can get behind. Wrestlers taking shots at each other, im here for that...let them have fun and get into it. If they can put that fire into their matches too...its a win for us. Let the wrestlers have fun. Having said that, nah Roman. Personally to me, In the ring he isnt anything special, and its not hard to be the Head of the table in the WWE when the rest of it is crap. Sure he is the most entertaining thing about the WWE currently, but thats not too hard to do when im bored by the other 2 hour and 40 minute stuff. While AEW, i dont miss any show, i have several people i like, im excited for the matches and to what it leads. WWE, i havent watched a Weekly in a very long time, i check results and watch a few youtube clips. Even outside of AEW, there are plenty of guys who would wipe the floor with Reigns, in the ring and on the mic. But still, love it when they do stuff like that. Dont get me wrong, i do appreciate Mcintyres diplomatic response too when he said "they do their thing, we do ours...its good for everyone", but i love when wrestlers of different companies take shots at each other...as long as its just fun and not seriously deluded real life stuff.
  2. From what i see so far in terms of Opinion, people expected more suspense and a atmosphere like in H18...which i honestly dont understand. The movie was bound to become more of a slasher massacre movie. Because that tells you the plot. Michael after years comes back to start a blood bath new, killing people, scaring the whole town again...the logical step is that they hunt michael to get revenge for all those years and lifes lost. For living in fear and pain for all those years thanks to him. And people expected a tense, slow building movie? Why? In that i think if it really is what people say, its brilliant. Because its the logical step for a movie that picks up right where the first one ended. Have Michael be the hunted, have the town go on a hunt for the man who terrorized them and killed their loved ones.
  3. Tell them against who...TELL THEM.XD Insane, just insane. Who would have thought something like this would ever happen. The Stuff we get thanks to AEW...i cant lie, im getting emotional here.
  4. Dude, Minoru has a damn busy month...the man is everywhere...i love it.
  5. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, we really have people for almost a week, fighting over Shoes...sad thing is, you cant even say that this is the weirdest nonsense that happened in the Wrestling fandom. Anyway, potentially something more important...the hell im saying? Everything is more important than sneaker discourse in the wrestling fandom. I saw a tweet that claims there is already bullying accusations against Tessa in WOW...anybody saw that?
  6. Has Johnny anything to do with the Booking? Thats new to me...but however is to blame for having a QOTR tournament and then have for matches who all have less than 5 minutes of match time...should be fired on the spot. Disgusting. Dont Hinder Jinder lads, its the Maharajas Time...he will take his rightfull place as king.XD No seriously, what the hell are they doing here? Dont you dare to throw Jinder into the Finals when you have Xavier as potential KOTR there. That man would do far more with such a win than Jinder.
  7. I still cant believe people dont Throw up trying to make that point, because its that messed up. Yeah i get that his big mouth talk can get annoying, im disliking this more and more about him. But Smackdown on a great timeslot barely making 2 million...isnt a strong point. Especially compared AEW making 600000 regular on a pretty bad timeslot...while being a 3 year old company. In no way or form is it a good argument that Smackdown in this timeslot, being one of the major weeklies of a global Wrestling company with 20+ years on its back...just makes around 2 million. For AEW their number is far more than what people expected them to make in its first 5 years...Smackdown just making 2 million is simply sad. Like i said, i get that people get annoyed at Khan for his constant shots at WWE, i agree on that completely. Focus on your product and be proud, because you can be damn proud at it. But let that speak for itself, let the fans do the trash talking. Keep building AEW up.
  8. Yup, Priest is one good example of the WWE being not willing to really let the people do their thing. He could get far far better reactions and i think he could be a strong force for the Latino market, but not if you keep him as this generic babyface. Use his gimmick, embrace it and let him go wild with it...people will get behind him.
  9. Disgusting and sad that AJ is part of this now...really dissapointing. I mean i could understand if Tessa would at least have taken accountability for what she did, but she doesnt. It wont matter but i will not support this WOW in any way, not when they use her being a racist abuser to profit of it.
  10. Im a bit baffled that i didnt see that coming to be honest...i should know better. So, are there any Women Tag Teams outside of the current champions? I really cant remember any team left. I guess the will randomly put two people together and go form there...i assume one is Teagan and Mia. Are there really people out there who claim that the WWE cares about Women tag team wrestling? Its more than obvious that the titles were just so they could show them around and act like they care.
  11. Me too, since Battlefront 2? I havent played any FPS game. But this looks actually neat, and the fact that it will be "Free" on its Playstation release, it means the servers will be pretty full. Playing with 200 people on one server, could be neat.
  12. Things could look very different 2023, but yeah...2k22 will definitly be one of the weakest Rosters in the last 15 years or so. But if the game is good and CAW mode big, thats not too bad then. Its crazy looking at the 2k19/2k20 Roster, the talent and potential...and they wasted it in 3 years.
  13. Yup, unbelievable Tragic that he never got the Help and support he needed to love himself. Mental Health is so important, it cant be said enough. People were acting like there was some movement to "cancel" Cena, which isnt true at all after this came out. People only called him out for being a dick and openly shitting on a fellow worker, which is just shitty. The Flair clip was floating around since the episode was announced, so it wasnt a surprise...but still disgusting of Flair. The man got away with far too much far too long. Was surprised that he was friends with Cage and the bucks...goes to show that he did have a good influence on people. Its so sad that he didnt see how the business and world evolved since his death, he wouldnt have felt this alone nowadays.
  14. The game looked good and all, but i didnt expect that much praise to be honest. IGN gave it a 9 and all the youtubers who got an early version, love it so far. Really happy and it looks like a incredible fun racer, but i just dont have the time for it. AC Valhalla, Maneater, Wreckfest, Astro Bot etc are all games i currently want to finish, i need to work through the pile of games i have for now.
  15. So, seems like Raw slowly wears people down...because i dont really understand where the "Raw is good" comes from. Or is i that when its not falling apart completely, thats a win? Outside of the Main event stuff and the US title, what is there that could be considered "Good"? Hurt business which should never have broken up to begin with, brought back possibly in such a lazy way? The 24/7 nonsense? The Fact that Keith Lee looks like an idiot and is called "bearcat" when he worked perfectly well with everything he had during his NXT Run? I mean what the *Censored* is wrong with "limitless"? Is anybody interested in Goldberg? Or honestly, who of you thought Lashley attacking Goldbergs son was bad? I still remember the Dabbing kid on the turnbuckle...so beat him up again Lashley.XD Kross throwing out a serious promo in suit, before being in a match looking like a cheap action figure? I mean beating up Ryker is good, but he looks like a god damn idiot.XD Is it the fact that the paying audience at ER got a normal triple threat for the us title while the guy who randomly watched Raw got a Solid ER kind of Match? I can tell you 3 good things, Big Es presentation so far...everything around the Main event feud, Eva Marie getting beat up and the US title match. Other than that, in a 3 hour Raw there was nothing else there in my opinion. But i guess different priorities and stuff.
  16. There is a difference in the scale of Gimmick matches, of course there shouldnt be every match a HIAC during a HIAC PPV, but there shouldnt be a PPV called HIAC to begin with. I mean the idea is neat that you have the HIAC up the whole PPV, even if the matches are normal matches...because if people can stare at a UFC cage for 5-6 fights, they can have the stamina to look at a HIAC for 4 hours or what...but yeah, there doesnt need to be a HIAC named PPV. It comes down to the kind of Gimmick Match. "Extreme Rules" isnt that kind of Gimmick Match that needs a PPV named after it in the first place, but when you use such a name, go with the Theme. They could easily made every match a ER and kept it unique without bloating anything. You could have done a 4 corners match, a tables match, falls count anywhere...even if just by the name. But doing nothing at all, just sucks. Extreme Rules is not a MITB,RR,HIAC,War Games kind of Gimmick Match that can drain people far more due to its Gimmick. So you can easily do 5-6 of them.
  17. I really would like to know how they explain a 190 pound guy can break a Rope that wasnt tampered with in the match? There was no story involved in messing with the Ropes during the match. So they really try to sell it as pure luck and call it a day? That is how lazy they have become? Reigns and Balor are protected and not made look weak because of an accident? Ehm they both look dumb because of that. The "Demon" getting beaten because the ring Rope broke, the Tribal Chief only won because the Ring Rope broke...both look weak there. And wasnt the Sasha return the same as we have seen 34634645 times before? It feels like we had this Sasha return a few times already, her interfering during or after a match to turn heel/face. Most annoying thing about ER is that they have this theme for the PPV but don use it. Its not some HIAC or so that can feel bloated when you do 4-5 of those. Why not some simple No DQ, 4 corners, bullrope, tables matches...especially when even shitty written feuds like carmella vs liv had feud wise the potential? No, we fill a card with standard matches for our "EXTREME RULES" ppv...why WWE, why in gods name?
  18. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    I dont want to imagine his reaction to the WWE *censored*ing up this character he worked on so hard and long, in his first match. Not really, he pretty much just said that HE hasnt heard anybody talking about this idea...doesnt mean there wasnt talk about it.
  19. Very cool and unique look.
  20. The Barrett looks face wise a bit "strange" i dont know...maybe his eyes are farther apart, im looking at pictures of him and cant put my finger onto what could be missing. But attire wise he looks absolutly fantastic. Raven, Hogan and Steiner are on Point, looking very good. Love the Kanyon, i dont think there are many Kanyon caws out there, so its nice seeing one and then with this good quality too. Luger looks a bit too much Orange i would say, but the man had always a bit of a weird skin color during his WCW days. Otherwise looks great.
  21. August 22, Walter vs Dragunov.
  22. Eh i dont know, did he had this many really incredible Wrestling matches in terms of Wrestling itself? I mean was his Match against Cena or the WM match that good because of the Wrestling or because of the story? I really cant remember a Daniel Bryan match in WWE i would consider 5 star worthy to be honest. He refuses to give the WWE one? How come then there are 12 WWE matches he gave a 5 star Ranking?
  23. I doubt it. It was part of the whole "Shawn is now a devoted christian" Redemption arc that has been going on since so long. They never hid the fact that he was a drug addicted asshole. So i think he would get away with it because it has been made a big deal that he is a changed man. Flair on the other hand, he always played The Stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun...even as he got older.
  24. I doubt it, last i heard Martha and Brets relationship is still rather cold. Its why i hope that this maybe helps there and gets them closer again.
  25. He *censored*ed up pretty bad there, because he should have known it better. Even 5-9 months ago, 1 million people watched Raw every week, what makes him believe that NOW they would suddenly leave during one of the awful Alexa segments? Would i love if that actually happened?...kinda yeah. But we need to give up on this idea that fans would stand up and leave when Raw or any WWE is shitty...that wont happen. Currently Meltzer is throwing out a lot of nonsense, he gets quite a bit careless currently.
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