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Major League Wrestling Discussion Thread

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In a storyline sense...Mil Muertes is the only person who could logically beat Fatu for the title, and I really think he should. As much as I love Fatu, MLW has been "the Contra show" for way too long at this point. I know the pandemic probably forced them to do that more than they probably planned to. But...now is high time for something different.  First you could do battle of the big men between Mil Muertes and  Mads Krugger...and when he breaks through Contra's firewall, he can get to Fatu himself. 


I'd go one step further and say that Mil should actually beat Fatu with ease. It would paint a picture of Fatu being complacent at the top of the food chain and not expecting anyone to meet him at his level. In comes this supernatural power, and wipes him right off his feet. Fatu is shocked, to say the least, and he turns away from Contra to do his own thing. 

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Yeah it's weird how his match was just...there lol

Can he still go? He's almost 50 now. But hey, he did all that crazy shit on LU in his early 40s.

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