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Status Updates posted by Raddad88

  1. that SKP dude sucks so much, lord I can't take it.

  2. that SKP dude sucks so much, lord I can't take it.

    1. Punkfoot


      Haha no kidding. It's crazy that he's a real person.

  3. Just saw your tweaks to Bryan! Things look rad!

  4. Just listened to the REDMAN tracks you posted in the "Hip hop" thread, I honestly feel really old now. I really can't believe that in 2013 redman tracks are more logical and enjoyable then what's regularly played on the radio. Kudos to you sir.

  5. There will be an awesome/legit current punk uploaded in the next month. I can guarantee it, made by by someone who I know will do the best job possible. Talking a CAW that looks ingame.

    1. Honor Me

      Honor Me

      I believe so, I'm just being tongue in cheek. I know CAWing isn't easy by a long shot and I appreciate the efforts.


      Could you tell by who? lol.

  6. unless you have something to contribute to a thread don't post.

  7. love your avatar man, one of my favorite pictures I can think of. Just wish it was real!

  8. What's going on with GO?!!!?!!?!

  9. Of course steiner blows, that's why he's hilarious. Is accidently more funny then 90 percent of the guys working today!

  10. I'm done with this shit. I'm butthurt and responded late.... you responded back to it. What does it make you? Dykstra himself has said he hasn't retired, taking a break. TNA pays for dark matches based on talent caliber. They always have, Ken is mad because he thinks he's worth more then he is, which nobody but himself and apparently you agree with.

  11. So now that ophidian has a new attire, any chance of making him?

    1. kreay fufu

      kreay fufu

      Indeed there is. Just waiting for my DVD of that event to be delivered before I start.

  12. I'm almost never on, but okay!

  13. Just thought I'd let you know, there is a conversion of ruaidri's kenta from last year up on live right now. Search Kenta under most recent, credit i given in the description. Looks so good.

  14. what's it going to take to get you to do Kanes new attire? Really thought one of the greats would be on this by now.

  15. He toned down his moveset in TNA because he's old. He didn't tone it down in WWE, expect for the moves that would have gotten him disqualified. Only move I can think of is the dive from the ring to the crowd as not being duplicated in WWE.

  16. The wwe 12 series wish-list thread is helpful? Royal rumble thread? It's the same idea. Instead of a million threads that create clutter you merge it into one... There are more threads on the board about taker and mania then the rumble...

  17. Commenting on the I-offer thing.

    It's the holidays, so don't expect to much. I'd wait till thurs. Still no word from anyone send the seller a message saying if you arn't contacted by next monday you will be filing a paypal claim.

    One DVD I bought came super fast, the other took almost 3 months to get, which involved a paypal claim.

  18. did I see you hinting a kenta kobayashi? Don't toy with me! I really hope we'll be seeing the 2011 Heel splatter attire?

  19. Are we going to see a Masked Kane return out of you? Figured it'd already be up honestly.

  20. Saw you were having trouble with the tap/grab running strikes and grapples. I've found that if you tap the button multiple times it will actually pull off the tap grab/strike. Give it a try, it's not 100 percent of the time, but it works most of the time.

  21. Any way I could convince you to make a Kenta caw this year with his new Heel attire? http://i1119.photobucket.com/albums/k627/PuroresuSpirit/NOAH/Roster%20Pics/KENTA2011.jpg

    I can always get more refs.

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