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  1. What website do you watch it on? It was still on Netflix at the time of that post, but it's not anymore. It's on Hulu Plus though, I believe. Either way, I own it now.
  2. I'd imagine it's because they don't have anyone to maintain that kind of stuff.
  3. The story loosely follows the comics. Most of the stuff that has happened in the show thus far has happened in the comics, but in a different way.
  4. When are we going to find out what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick in the season 1 finale? If it's in Alex's spoiler, just tell me yes or no, don't tell me what he actually says. D:
  5. They're two different story arcs. You can't say something is gonna happen in the TV show just because it happened in comics. Especially when things have happened on TV that didn't happen in the comics. Speculation is fine, but to flat out say you guarantee it is radical.
  6. I don't know why you're talking like you know what's gonna happen when they're clearly not following the comics.
  7. Clearly he's just trying to be funny/cool. OMG THAT WAS SO FUNNY, I LOL'D THE ENTIRE TIME!
  8. I *censored*ING KNEW IT. Instant chills during the entire final scene.
  9. Andrea's a dumb bitch. I can't stand her character.
  10. All of the characters actually have personalities. It really amazes me how they've developed each one individually while still maintaining everything else that makes the show amazing.
  11. I was actually thinking that would happen. It'd also open up a way to But yeah, episode 4 was pretty lame.
  12. Latest episode was pretty good. The ending was pretty crazy, although somewhat predictable.
  13. You don't watch Manga. -_- You read Manga, you watch Anime.
  14. I *censored*ing know. God damn, can't wait.
  15. Just so you know, Tom's the owner of this site, but he rarely makes appearances. Anyways, welcome to CAWs!
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