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  1. This site is infamous for catfishing events. Stick around long enough and you will witness another one very soon.
  2. You know this is a topic I have thought and debated about a lot. The conclusion that I had come to at the end of it all was that you just treat it like a person's lifestyle choice and disregarding the right or wrong morals set by the society. We all understand it is wrong for a whole number of reasons but if we are accommodating to people who smoke, drink excessively or do drugs, then I have no problem someone being obese if that's how they choose to live their life. As long as that person is not hurting anyone else or doing harm to anyone else, then who am I to decide how that person lives his life. I mean they only get one life to do it and if they enjoy eating all the unhealthy food and sitting on a couch all day watching tv/playing video games and being obese, then that's their choice. Similarly, if someone enjoys smoking cigarettes or weed or doing other types of drugs. Having said all that though, it doesn't mean one should get a special treatment because of their poor lifestyle choice. That is something that some people don't understand. That this is not a disease or a disability, it's an obvious lifestyle choice and you can't expect special treatment because of it. I read the other day where some restaurant was sued for having seats that were too small for some overweight guy to sit on and stuff his face and he had to face embarrassment. That is some *censored*ing *Censored* shit. *Censored* that. And I'm also not a fan of this promotion of overweight culture and plus size models and shit saying that it is ok. It clearly is not. Being accepted is one thing but promoting it as a lifestyle choice and discouraging others from doing something about it by saying it's ok and healthy to be overweight is just plain stupid. It's one of the leading cause of death for a reason. IMO, same rules apply as the ones to people who do drugs or smoke. Sure they are accepted somewhat but you would always get looks and sense of judgement towards someone like that and I think obesity falls in the same category. I'm not in support of body shaming, although it works wonders for some people. ( I have seen it happen) it can also make a situation worse. Just as we'd advise or politely say to a person that doing drugs or smoking is wrong, I think the same principle should apply to this. But at the end of the day, it's their decision and their life and they don't have to take this one and you shouldn't treat them any differently because of their weight be it for better or worse.
  3. hmmm...I'm not sure about being a classic member but I joined in 2008 and have been active at certain times throughout for brief periods. It usually was when I was at uni and during the summer holidays where I would just be chillin' and had a lot more time on my hands and would become quite active for a few months visiting and posting almost every day. When I joined in 2008, I was just a kid. It feels almost lifetimes ago now. I was what, 16/17 at the time. But I started really interacting with people on here and posting in 2013/14 I believe. If I'm being honest, I have just kind of grown out of the phase of interacting and being active on forums not because there is a certain age limit to this, but because now, at this stage in my life, I have very little time to do it and things that I was interested in 3-4 years ago, no longer do on the same level. There are just a lot more responsibilities now. I got a full-time job, the business on the side, events etc. The stuff that made me stick around was Football discussions and gaming discussion which tbh with you, I have very little time to watch football and play video games now compared to before let alone discussing them on a forum. But that's all just me though. In terms of the forum itself, I don't think much has changed tbh. Seems quite similar maybe just slightly less active. I don't see as many interesting topics in the general chat compared to before which would spark a good discussion or to which I feel like making a contribution to on a serious level imo. Having said all that, I'd say that this forum has contributed to lots of good friends of mine. Through the medium of this forum, I have met some great people who I keep in touch with on a daily basis. It has also contributed to some great memories. Just to name a few: SvR E-fed which survived for over 3 years on a different site but it all started here. Call of duty clan and partying up with people from here and playing almost every day in a full party for over 2 years (Great times). The whole Soap saga (was funny af), The FIFA series and tournaments. I have only just realized that all the friends that I know now and interact with daily, I would never have known them if it wasn't for this site. to be completely honest, I'd never completely leave this forum forever. I'd just keep coming back over the years as long as it is alive and kicking.
  4. Where? I wanna go there and *Censored* her, so you can taste my dick and asshole. Why not just cut out the middlewoman and go straight to the source?
  5. New job is going pretty good. Made some cool friends already. Though, there is a severe lack of hot girls at my workplace. Kind of expected though tbh and probably for the best. Less distractions, the better!
  6. First day at work. Quite fun actually. Gonna go speak to HR later about which car I want or if I just want car allowance instead and buy/use my own car.
  7. Received a job offer for an interview I went for few days back. £35k+ offered. Graduation ceremony for my postgraduate next Thursday and I start my job on the Monday after. Official start of the career ladder climb.
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