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About Dolfan.

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  • Birthday 03/18/1992

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    Boynton Beach, Florida
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    Music is a great interest in my life. I think it is such a powerful thing to have. It really is an amazing think. It gives you the freedom to express yourself how you want and not care about what anyone else thinks. Music is such an important key, it gives us the ability to tell stories, share thoughts, share our feelings and so much more. I also believe hard work is an important interest I have. I think if you have a great work ethic that will get your anywhere. Hard work is the key to success and that is really what is important in life.

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    I enjoy all genres of music. But some of my favorite artists would be, Eminem, Counting Crows, MatchBox 20, Maroon 5, Lil’ Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Drake and most likely some other artists I’m leaving out. I just generally enjoy listening to what currently is on the top charts or the top music as of late.
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    Customer Service Specialist - Dick's Sporting Goods... Also a full time student at Florida Atlantic University.
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    I love all food, if there is food in front of me, I would most likely eat it. But I really do enjoy sea food, like Tilapia, Sword Fish, any type of fish I really enjoy.
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  • Favourite TV Show
    Used to be LOST, but now that its over, Whale Wars is currently my new favorite along with Family Guy.
  1. Dolfan.


    I agree it would be too hard and take too much space up.
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