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  1. I actually didnt mind Aquaman that much. It didnt blow me away or anything (similarly to what you said, the acting seemed wooden at times), but it was visually pretty good. Fight scenes were decent. I think there was the occasional scene or two where it felt like so much was happening, but all in all - I liked it.
  2. It was a continuous build up that led to nothing. Had it not been for the performances of Malkovich and Bullock, it would probably be a lot worse.
  3. The nostalgia I felt when first seeing Spidey in his Raimi suit.
  4. Silicon Valley - Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency
  5. Killing Eve. Just finished the first season, pretty good. Jodie Comers acting is brilliant.
  6. Somewhere Between. Decent show overall, started off a bit weird (acting/dialogue felt clunky) but as the plot progressed, the season started to get better.
  7. Goddamn, I cannot stop replaying Morph off of this album.
  8. Orange is the New Black Mindhunter Stranger Things House of Cards Ozark Aha, Orange is the New Black. I just remember how shocked my mum was when she found me watching it. But yeah, from what I've seen of the above, I would def say Stranger Things and House of Cards. Maybe Breaking Bad too, since they may be more patient viewers when it comes to TV shows so they may get into and enjoy that. I would also say Money Heist since my mum loved the shit outta that when I put her on to it.
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