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  1. I think its lyrically pretty hard hitting, so from that standpoint, Id def give that to Cole. But the instrumental and hook aint blowin me away. Still a solid listen but yeah.
  2. I havent watched what hes done, but he seems to be coming at everybody from the headlines I am seeing. I was just thinking, Is he tryna regain popularity?
  3. Did you listen to any music/artists similar to what you heard in your dream?
  4. I actually didnt mind Aquaman that much. It didnt blow me away or anything (similarly to what you said, the acting seemed wooden at times), but it was visually pretty good. Fight scenes were decent. I think there was the occasional scene or two where it felt like so much was happening, but all in all - I liked it.
  5. Bandana is coming. Haven't anticipated an album this much since Frank Ocean's Blonde. https://www.instagram.com/p/BsJCoP5gdOa/
  6. It was a continuous build up that led to nothing. Had it not been for the performances of Malkovich and Bullock, it would probably be a lot worse.
  7. The nostalgia I felt when first seeing Spidey in his Raimi suit.
  8. Was it like that Community episode where you ended up having a chicken empire like Abed?
  9. And there was something hilarious about the way he unveiled it, like it was a proper dun-da-duuun! moment. Ah, I didnt know that. That changes things then.
  10. Tbh, I did see the Cudi tweet and how Drake relatively picks easier targets and I did agree since I found his silence on Pusha (esp. in comparison to how he was targeting Ye in live performances etc.) kinda weird. But on the other hand, Kanye also tweeted how hes against diss records and all of that & that doesnt make sense since he produced Infrared. I find it tough to believe he didnt hear that song at all before the record was publicly released.
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