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  1. Damn, this thread used to be so active
  2. The entire X shit and everything surrounding it is so *censored*ed up. I don't think I've ever seen a more divisive celebrity moment/situation. Feel really bad for all of his friends and family having to see all of this in response to his murder.
  3. Just here to spread the good news that Isaiah Rashad confirmed hes releasing an album this summer. Ok bye.
  4. Awesome all the people that were just actively trying to deny football players' first amendment when they harmed no one are now preaching the value of the constitution and the second amendment when dozens of innocent people are dying and hundreds injured/scarred for life
  5. If you aren't *censored*ing with Brockhampton idk what you're doing
  6. Welp. My friends' cancer wasn't caught until stage 4 about a year and a half ago, he fought it and completely beat it for awhile, but it came back and he wasn't able to beat it this time. Judging by how everyone who was much closer to him than me is acting I'm pretty sure he is passing away at the moment. Cancer *censored*ing sucks dude. I don't even know what to say.
  7. Don't really like a lot of Uzi's super popular songs/features but he does have some pretty great songs. This is legit one of the best songs of the year so far.
  8. Passionfruit, Lose You, and Teenage Fever are dope. Rest of the album is pretty forgettable for me. Definitely not a classic. Way too long of an album for mostly mediocre songs. Oh and Get Together is aight
  9. I do too but that's not really saying much for me. I think Views sucks
  10. More Life as a whole is fairly average but hooooly shit Passionfruit is a banger. One of my favorite Drake songs maybe ever. Everything about it is just so perfect.
  11. Big Sean's new album is so insanely Drake influenced. Legitimately thought a few of the songs were straight up Drake at first
  12. None of those "conspiracies" explain the complete collapse of Atlanta's Defense
  13. Nah the Warriors lost Bogut and Green and Steph was obviously still injured. They should've won anyways but they at least have some legitimate reasons for losing the momentum. Falcons just *censored*ing blew it no excuses.
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