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  1. None of those "conspiracies" explain the complete collapse of Atlanta's Defense
  2. Nah the Warriors lost Bogut and Green and Steph was obviously still injured. They should've won anyways but they at least have some legitimate reasons for losing the momentum. Falcons just *censored*ing blew it no excuses.
  3. I would recommend not looking up anything about it until you're finished. Not for spoilers but because people generally feel very strongly one way or the other about that show and that could influence how you feel watching it.
  4. As long as it's left the shooter's hands before the buzzer goes off it counts.
  5. Yeah it was boring af to me the first couple times too. But idk my friend said I should give it one more try and I really like it now.
  6. I've tried watching Mad Men twice before but couldn't make it past the second episode. Third time's a charm though I guess, I'm really enjoying it this time.
  7. Watched Stranger Things, was really good like a 8/10 for me. I really don't think it needs a second season though.
  8. Prescott? Please, can we talk about my main man Carson Wentz.
  9. Finally playing Fallout 4 after having it just sit in my room for 8 months.
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