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  1. Perhaps a controversial post but here are my thoughts. It was a really tough episode to watch and it really gave you an insight into the reasons why Martha and her children want nothing to do with WWE or wrestling. Who could really disagree with that? They blame wrestling for taking Owen away from them, which you can't really argue with. In regards to WWE and their involvement - I don't think it's as black and white as the documentary portrays. No doubt, they made the request to want Owen to be able to come out of the apparatus quickly but what happened isn't on WWE in my opinion, even though it happened on their watch. WWE is, and was at the time, a huge organisation which outsources a large amount of it's work to contractors. Having someone put together a safe way for Owen to get to the ring with the specification of a quick release is a request from WWE, but it's up to the contractor to be able to identify whether it's possible and whether it's too risky to pull off. The contractors that WWE used were negligent, didn't take the proper safety precautions and didn't do a full risk assessment. While WWE are the company that appointed the contractor, they can't be held 100% responsible for what happened to Owen. Should WWE have carried out their own risk assessments or had someone internally with enough knowledge to be able to properly risk assess the situation? Sure. But I don't think for one second that Vince McMahon, WWE or anyone working for WWE would have gone ahead with the stunt had they really realised the danger of the situation. To blame or hate WWE, Vince McMahon or Kevin Dunn for something that, I believe, was a tragic accident isn't entirely fair. To me, it's heartbreakingly sad but the contractor that WWE used is far more to blame than WWE itself, even though, in hindsight they should have also had measures in place (and I believe do now for any stunt considering what happened). To paint WWE as a caring organisation is inaccurate, but to paint it as a demonic organisation that only cares about money and doesn't value human life or human rights is equally as inaccurate in my opinion. At the end of the day, it was unnecessary and it was incredibly unfortunate for all involved on a personal level, a business level or any other level. The outcome is that a man lost his life, and it never should have been allowed to happen.
  2. The D

    WWE Drama

    Dude really seems like he's in a VERY bad place mentally after being preyed upon. That's an assumption - we don't know that he was preyed upon. Also, he hasn't said anything publicly since this came out, right?
  3. Interesting but ultimately, as a fan, I am not responsible for his employment or the terms of his employment.
  4. When did Cathy get so hot? I always knew she was pretty but damn... recently...
  5. In no order: Alexa Bliss Paige Lana Becky Zelina Vega Making up the top 10 Dakota Kai Toni Storm Sonya Deonna Purrazzo Io Shirai
  6. What an assumption. Sure you aren't just 'fantasy' booking?
  7. Ziggy, you're such a dude for your hard work in this thread. Thanks man!
  8. Yeah, I get that. The PPV was good, don't get me wrong, just perhaps not quite to my taste as much as DON.
  9. I was disappointed with the show to be honest, but maybe that's because I enjoyed Double or Nothing so much. I felt that the 6 man tag was way too hokey - it really takes me out of it when it's so obvious that they're setting up spots. I felt the same with the main event - it was brutal and graphic, but I thought it really lacked any story. It just felt like they were going for hardcore spot to hardcore spot. That was a real let down for me after hearing Moxley speak so openly about all of the ideas that he had with Brock and the stories that he wanted to tell in that match. The women's match was good, the 4 way was good, the opener was good but Cody vs Allin was by far the best match of the night for me. I'd give it a 6 or 7 out of 10 overall, which isn't bad, but it definitely felt like a B show PPV and was overshadowed by Double or Nothing. I've got high hopes for Fight for the Fallen and All Out; I think those shows will be better. I'm a fan of AEW for sure, but I feel that this PPV shows that they're still finding their feet. I agree about the commentary being better too - the new guy is great and JR was much more on it than Double or Nothing with the names.
  10. Harper leaving is hitting me hard - I felt like he could have been a monster heel with a brand built around him. Harper could have been the top heel on SmackDown! Live and carried it in my opinion.
  11. My bad, I thought this topic was about releases...
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