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Beast And The Harlot

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About Beast And The Harlot

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    I love my Gf from Xbox Live <3
  • Birthday 03/16/1993

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    The Undertaker
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    Lady Gaga 4 life!
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    Chinese, Burgers, Indian & others
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    If you wanna it, ask for it

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    Parties, Xbox Live
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    Hanging with my chick on xbox live! I promise to see you one day!
  1. Welcome, enjoy your whacky stay. I know I have for the 4 years I've been here.
  2. Suggestions: - Beard needs to be more visible - Lips need a tiny bit less width - Also the cheek designs need blending or change the symbols to "\ /" - Maybe change the lip choice or the colour - His nose isn't that fat either
  3. ^ I can add more to that now I am 16, I make movesets for smackdown games, I enjoy watching horror films, I enjoy playing on my nintendo Wii, but I need to know how to get online so I can beat people at GH3. I own loads of simpsons DVDs. I am going to start college in september (Awesome) to do a BTEC in Media Studies & I could become a video game designer so watch out for my name if I do great.
  4. Wow How long has this topic been here? Hey my Real Name is Craig My username is Beast & The Harlot (Duh) I'm 15. I've been here for 2 years now from April 20th. I like Wrestling, Music. If you wanna chat on MSN or something just PM me. Plus I like a lot of Video Games & TV Shows. Later B.A.T.H.
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