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  1. Sorry about that bro I didn't know that was a problem.

  2. I couldn't PM you either. Would you be willing to do some PT on a creation for me?

  3. Awesome... thanks man =]

  4. Just thought I'd let you know, there is a conversion of ruaidri's kenta from last year up on live right now. Search Kenta under most recent, credit i given in the description. Looks so good.

  5. I posted the Shiima refs in my topic. Tried to PM you but it said I couldn't :S

  6. I know you decided to scrap you Great Muta CAW, but if you still have them, can you please upload your paint tools? Especially the Mutoh ones. Thanks in advance.

  7. Hey man. I'm getting a capture card that will arrive in about 2 weeks. When it arrives, I'll be happy to gets some attire refs from my Great Muta DVD for you once I get it working. Just send me basic pics of the attires you want and it will most likely be in my DVD. I also have a Keiji Mutoh DVD if you want any attires from that. You're Muta/Mutoh CAW is awesome by the way! Will...

  8. Sort your inbox, so I can send you that Lawler form.

  9. Ok dude. Fair enough. Good luck with getting it done.

  10. Mr. Anderson face skin texture was on my list to do, but I haven't been able to work on any face skins lately.

  11. Hey dude. Im amazed by your jeff hardy face. Could you possibly make a mr kennedy/anderson?

  12. Thanks for that mate =]

  13. Hey, dude, just in case you didn't know; I uploaded the Husky Harris PTs onto XBL.

  14. hey u said u had a rhino caw i sent u a friend request add it then send me a message

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