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  1. Phenomenal King Corbin excellent work
  2. Ok so Create an arena is broken, visual condition is standardised and fixed to the the light setting irrespective of what you set contrast too, visual condition works for the entrances but not in game mid match, as you get more into creating if you have set the titantron it moves from where you have applied and set it even if you delete save and then reapply which sucks, wooden floor colours reset back to original and if you edit rope colours by selecting the colour icon instead of the word colour it crashes and you lose all progress everytime also if you apply images to ring post you can’t edit them it has to be perfect each time otherwise when you edit it and save it will revert back and to how you first applied it. So I cannot make an accurate conversation, this is the best I can do but I’d say it is about 85% accurate. I really tried guys let me know what you think if it’s good enough and you want me to upload it let me know don’t think I’ll make any more arenas for 2K20 unless a patch comes as it’s so unstable
  3. Updated Impact 2020 Arena almost ready for upload, so which do you guys prefer blue stage lights with royal rumble graphics or pale violet lights with general purpose graphics? please note cannot do the wooden floor effect with short black mat as the game just reverts the colour of the wood back to default which makes it like a pine wood the impact wooden floor is medium dark so will be gong with black mats
  4. @JoshistarAppreciate the kind words I just want give back I have taken a lot from cc and gained some creative skill and want to share my contributions whilst in lockdown. @Petey_the_Clown I’m 20 years out of touch too probably more lol I loved WCW truly miss it. AEW is ok far more into than NXT I was digging NXT when it was Zayn Owens etc Ok guys so working on a Regal can’t decide which face is better so any opinions would be appreciated version 1 is photo 1 version 2 is photos 2 & 3
  5. @Petey_the_Clown As for an era I guess it is kinda 2002 - 2012 I like the legends to be as upto date as possible rather than in their prime so NWO Hogan would be his WWE version, Flair his last run, HBK last DX look and Animal his latest WWE match etc. I have picked up a Jim Duggan and trying to convert him to his last run he had on raw but I may not be able to reupload him but could put his attire on a blank caw I don’t have a lot of interest in the newer guys like I enjoy mainstream newer guys like Shinsuke, Ceasro Sami Zayn, Dolph etc but I’m not interested in emerging talents like Kieth Lee, Austin Theory, Damian Priest, Jeff Cobb etc that bunch are just lost on me I prefer the old NXT before most went to the main roster but I do enjoy Impacts independent emerging guys like Willie Mack, Joey Ryan etc
  6. @Petey_the_Clown textures for Hogans boots go to the talented NBA2Kfanman he was working on a WM X8 and WCW version when I downloaded them they were glitched originally even after the 1.08 update so the idea was gonna be scrapped but after a couple of attempts going back and fourth with him he was able stabilise it. I had the same problem with gamevolts logos but was able to to reapply them on a new model and they became stable also so in the end it worked and the alternate attire along with some other bits I put together were made and it seemed appropriate that as this new creation Is now stable and was born of out these different works to give back and share. Flairs boots aren’t textured the sole is still the same colour as the main boot but the rim of the boot you can change for the last couple of games. I have an X-Pac 2012 from when he faced Jerry lynn on the independent and Piper from 2006 planned there will be others NBA2Kfanman has requested a Triple H to match the DX HBK I think if I do I’ll make it for both the current and old model as I will want that DX attire on current Triple H whilst others will want it on on the long hair version for more authenticity I’m working on an Road Warrior Animal attire from 2012 when he fought Heath Slated but will need someones base model to reuplod the attire onto last year I used Forsakens but it wasn’t reuplodable and I used Punks tattoos as a place holder due to not being able to get logos myself so it was more a private project I need more collab partners I’ve been a member for years and just did my private edits offline but looking to get more involved and share what I can do a lot last year I couldn’t share because I took a download of something and then by the time I was finished it either looked like a completely new design or was something different not offered or done by the original creator but I could have kicked myself because I couldn’t reupload it the WCW project on Twitter I converted his Finlay into a WWE version 2006 with his blessing which he liked and I made my own new impact arena on someone’s else’s very basic creation Which I only downloaded purely for the apron logo
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