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  1. Phenomenal King Corbin excellent work
  2. @BHANGRA_MAN understood will keep an eye out for updates assuming Booker maybe in 1-2 weeks? , I can’t DM you on here or on Twitter so sent you a friend request on PSN as their messaging app is pretty good and I can send ref pics / WIP updates on things like I do with NBA2KFanman Following on from what Jay said I do think JBL maybe a nice idea down the line although personally I would have liked him in 2K19 with King Booker and all that. I hope you stick around I’ve started a thread with some HBK attire mashups and will continue to try to support just to do my bit and give back where I can and where I’m good at it.
  3. Hope you are enjoying your break I know I’ve mentioned Booker T and Warrior but in absence of legends in the game and no Steiner etc I’ve been enjoying your AEW caws found an awesome arena that makes them feel authentic too hope list wise the AEW guys continue to flow (Dustin, Jericho, Luchasaurus, jungle boy, Darby allin, Broken Matt etc) still having trouble finding decent belts that are either on point or don’t have logos missing (Aew, 24/7 new IC) but getting there
  4. @BHANGRA_MAN had a think another legend that might be worth a go would WCW warrior as the in game one is just as bad as Booker T. Attire one could be when he faced Hogan and Attire 2 could be a older short grey hair version mashup of his 2K14 advert face paint chest paint and jacket crossed with his trunks, knee pads boots and wrist / arm tassels from his last ever match what do you think? Other possible legends I’d be interested include Sgt Slaughter (last WWE matches on raw bald version) , Hacksaw Jim Duggen (blue shorts last wwe run on raw) Ricky Steamboat (wm25) Jimmy Snuka (wm25) basically their last run or last known matches / current look I don’t like using 80s versions of the legends Not legends but ideas for TNA caws that compliment Brian Cage etc are Ken Shamrock (Black TNA attire 2019 bound for glory) Moose (2019 bound for glory) wanted those bad on 2K19 but people moved on and servers shut in a couple of weeks so 2K20 is the best bet.
  5. @BHANGRA_MAN ah that’s shame Regal and Steiner are my most used caws last year for NXT and TNA. Booker T is the main legend (Cept for Steiner Regal RVD) maybe nice to have a the last two attires Kurt Angle wore no real good ones on cc
  6. If 2K21 is indeed cancelled and the 2K19 servers are canned next month I’m gonna stick with 2K20 as it’s that or nothing and the game is somewhat stable so thank you for this as it all helps breath some more life into what may be the only simulation WWE game we will have for some time
  7. @BHANGRA_MAN see what you mean now about them not wanting their caws converted on here (Probably to snub 2Ks poor efforts into this game) but in all honestly it hurts only the community who play it and with 2K21 rumoured to be cancelled I hope they would reconsider, if you were willing to make Regal and nobody is asking them to make them (unless they were on this console and were planning on making them themselves for PS4) then I would understand but it just seems a damn shame otherwise. I checked out HB Regal the face is ok but the entrance jacket is nonexistent and the boots logos are missing from being added altogether (not the glitch) so I guess I will skip Regal this year but if things change and you ever get the green light considering we won’t get a 2K21 let me know. I’ve seen the new caws you put out they look polished and fantastic except I don’t know who Jeff Cobb and Danny Birch are i’m ashamed to say. I really only know the mains you made like Kendrick Hurricane Steiner Regal Etc I knew a few newer ones like Willie Mack Walter etc and of course the legends but I struggle to keep up to date with the lesser known / emerging superstars
  8. @BHANGRA_MAN couldn’t find Regal by Wizard on cc when looking at content by creator not sure if I am not look in the right place? Didn’t realise recreating yours would upset collab partners I think with so many people who have given up on the game at this point there would be no one left to upset? But for me Booker is the pits so if your next few creations are fluid be cool to know when he is in line up it’s the main caw for me haven’t seen your latest uploads will take a look tomorrow did re-do Cody’s face or something?
  9. @BHANGRA_MAN Thank you so much for accepting my request to do Booker T I know you don’t normally do him but I can’t believe 2K gave us the tired old model we suffered with from 2K15 / 16 /17 / 18 it’s garbage lol Only DLC I like is the Wyatt swamp, Undertaker graveyard, mankind boiler room as you can suspend disbelief and use them as credible bouts, the arcade backstage brawl looks fun for a 24/7 championship match if I can find a decent belt with logos that don’t disappear. I also enjoy the gameplay on 2K20 it seems ever so more slightly paced and simulated which I enjoy I don’t like it when the gameplay speeds up I wanted Hogans leg drop to be more animated and a little more slower like it was in smackdown shut your mouth as I think he runs a little too fast for the animation in the game, I like the light being darker on 2K20 it’s a little too dark sometimes but makes small arenas like NXT feel more intimate and in 2K19 the arenas I felt were ever so slightly too light. Been playing 2K19 today. Still love playing with this guy from 2K19 (below) you may be recognise him I hope he makes a “converted return in 2K20 this year” considering you and Ryeedee are making so many NXT guys He was the perfect legend for the NXT shows on my 2K19 caws like Riddle, Tomasso all had to pass the test of beating Regal brilliant caw I like the fact you made him stocky / slightly overweight like Regal was. Jerry Lawler was under contract for years and wasn’t included until 2K20 since WWE 12 I don’t get why 2K don’t give us Regal as a yearly entry into the series I remember the year they did and they gave him jet black hair But once again thanks for doing Booker T his trons moves and music are all in the game so it should compliment the caw nicely I like the legends to be the most recent version of themselves in the game or their last WWE match it feels you can integrate them better with NXT AEW TNA and the rest of the updated main roster
  10. Apologies wasn’t gonna make a request but there is one that’s bugging me ... Booker T loved his 2K19 model last year as it was both a current Booker T and King Booker model depending on what you based his attire on any chance of a long dreadlock beard current version with his 2012 attires (white one & black ones he wore against In his final matches against Cody Rhodes) The in game face model isn’t too bad if the texture can be ripped (saw someone do it to update Bayley) the in game Booker T hair and attire is awful. Black Attire https://youtu.be/R2DHHreq9VE White Attire https://youtu.be/q9yyGHJmn-w
  11. @BHANGRA_MAN hey thanks for the reply, my game is somewhat stable, like if you boot it up and play it and do nothing customisable generally it works but I’ve noticed a few crashes after making Something or editing something. For example I’ve made macho man a full edit customised NWO entrance but after doing it loading it up crashes the game. Close the application and reboot and it works fine. Download a few caws to play in a royal rumble and select them it crashes close the application and reboot and your fine, importing logos and parts from another caw works but if you do too much for too long continuing with the editing in depth it may crash the game But again reboot then it’s fine. Struggling with create an arena as can’t find decent raw and smack down aew dynamite arena current arenas without logos missing and same problem with customisable belts as can’t get impact logos to make my own arena and can’t get a decent IC and 24/7 belt without logos missing. Although I was one of those who slated this game the most (And deservedly) I never came in untill patch 1.08 so I probably didn’t experience half the nightmares others have (although I saw the videos) and so can see small glimmers of hope in this game which I never thought I would say. It still needs 2 or 3 patches to be passable but to add some positives Hogan and The Fiend have a few good characteristic nuances which is nice to see and could be evolved to others as time goes on, commentary is better than 2K19 though far from perfect, the character models for most are way better looking than their menu renders but not as good as 2K19 and but also a lot need work too but the ones on point that are decent I think are Undertaker and Jerry Lawler come to mind that stick out as really good. The referee putting the turnbuckle back, weapons in the Cell, royal rumble entry order numbers etc appear to show some intent of improvement early on in development before things took a turn for the worse. After 18 months with 2K19 it does feel more up to date with the Fiend, Cena, Becky Lynch etc but I miss a lot of those who have been removed particularly though current Sting and Chris Jericho those two removed hurts the most the latter for obvious reasons and nobody really makes a decent caw of those two although I saw a decent Edge by Mister Fiend he has a decent current Edge on PS4 cc (Another hard face to recreate) but considering it didn’t use a face texture it’s good. I’ve found some decent things from CC I’ve added some tweaks on a few but can’t reupload due to not being the original creator happy to add you on PS4 can send some screenshots on 2K19 and 2K20 things if you want to see just pm your tag. glad to hear you are continuing to create I don’t watch much NXT but I’ve watched a lot of Impact so if older Ken Shamrock, Moose blue tights from their match, Rhyno, RVD, Willie Mack come up then I’ll be looking out for them, AEW I’m 50/50 on so getting to know more and building a few of them up due to yours and Ryeedee’s caws. Still use Steiner, Regal, Hurricane, Kendrick, from you off of 2K19 so if they get a convert into 2k20 I’d be aces with that no idea why in game Kendrick is an old version weird. I still play 2K19 but if it had a current Cena, Fiend, Hogan Chyna I wouldn’t have bought 2K20 but I made the plunge on the cheap so can’t complain and will alternate between both as I just love the legends in 2K19.
  12. Hey Bhangra after 8 updates and getting the deluxe edition for £25 instead of £80 I made the purchase as to me it’s all the game is worth really wasn’t gonna bother but I got anyway cos I figured 2K21 won’t come out this year with all that’s going on in the world and I’m in lockdown lol. Anyways im only using this game as an updated WWE game and AEW was just wondering are you possibly doing Dustin Rhodes and Chris Jericho? Not any on cc that are any good and as you have made a few AEW guys I thought I’d ask. Also any conversions from last year happening such as RVD, outlaws, Kendrick, Hurricane, William Regal, Scott Steiner etc Or perhaps a possible new WWE creation like MVP Royal Rumble. Not requests or expected just interested who’s on your planned list and who to expect / not expect really. Thanks for the hard work you’ve done I know I’m late to the dance but you and Ryeedee have really contributed hugely to saving this title on PS4 so for the things I have picked up I thank you for your incredible work.
  13. I take you point Saturi and thank you for bringing that to my attention but you surely can concede that ultimately a lack in sales leading to a deficit in financial income hurts all of us including big business I realise there is a lack of competition to wet appetites for disillusioned fans but if Yukes do indeed pick up the AEW licence and they can easily have a game out within a year and by simply building in 2K19 work alone with all WWE references stripped out and perhaps a revamped mode that mimics a singular version of GM mode crossed with story designer / universe could be a real contender the only monopoly WWE have is the characters and stars but if DDP Billy Gunn and Jerry Lynn elect to be in the game we could have some legends and Dustin of course would have a base model for Goldust caws etc the community given the tools could do wonders especially if AEW arent as strict on their game content like WWE
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