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    CM Punk, always.
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    AFI, Hoodie Allen, Slipknot,The Used, David Bowie, Nirvana, Skrillex, The Smashing Pumpkins, Blink 182, A7X
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    WWE, ROH
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    Thanksgiving in general
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  1. I popped for "a rectangle has three sides."
  2. Monster's first picture just reminded me of how awesome Triple H's and Flair's matches were that year.
  3. "I have more ammunition in my cannon than you'll ever know" Only The Rock can pull off that fanny pack in front of his People's strudel. Lol did you not notice that he's a goddamn juggalo?
  4. Tie down analogs to make him run in a circle. Leave room. Shit, eat, do laundry, go to town and get chips, come back, done.
  5. Playing through again. I forgot how great the beginning was.
  6. Yeah I have a back log of ROH TV from February..
  7. I've always thought they do slightly too much too. Still a really fun program to watch. Also, I can't believe the last post here was from September.
  8. Bump Like 9/11 remakes? Who cares?
  9. How do cheats work? Do they block achievements for good on that save, or until you load?
  10. Say hi to my girlfriend! http://caws.ws/forum...727-incubusbat/ She's been watching wrestling literally since she was born and that's one of the reasons we clicked like we did. She's cool!
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