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  1. The TV series was never going to be like the comic and that was said from the get-go. It started pretty similar, but Kirkman has said dozens of times that he is writing two different things. If you keep comparing the show to the novels you are always going to be disappointed IMO so you should stop doing that. The problem is, I shouldn't be disappointed when I compare the show to the comic I've been a fan of since day one. The show should measure up. They were obviously never going to follow the comic word for word, but the quality should still be there. Don't get me wrong, I liked the better part of the first 2 seasons, but season 3, and so far, season 4, have been lackluster. There's also no excuse for making unnecessary changes to main characters the way that they have, even killing some that are crucial to the story. They killed Dale without even doing the cannibal story-line, which explored the lengths some people are willing to go in this new world, and the toll is has on the psyche. They skipped over the winter, which presented some interesting obstacles to the survivors and walkers alike. They killed Lori and Andrea before their time, both of whom are important to Rick's character progression.. I could go on, but I'm not trying to bash the show. It's just hard for me not to draw comparisons, when they keep throwing in these nonsensical changes that detract from the quality of the show.
  2. It also happened in the comic eons ago. Having read the comics, the show isn't as enjoyable. Especially this season and the last. They changed nearly everything, and now they throw in a scene or prop here and there in an attempt to appease people who read the comics. The tank, Gov's head collection, etc. My main problem is Rick's characterizations to this point. They're pretty far off from the Rick that I know. Killing Lori before they were supposed to stunted his character development. Anyway, I hope tonight's episode is better than the rest of the season has been.
  3. in the show's defence, Greg Nicotero and Robert Kirkman did state that the differances between the comics and the series are done deliberate to keep fans guessing. i mean, if you were gonna do a tv series based on a comic book, why would you do everything the exact same way. the people that read the comics would be like "Oh i don't need to watch the show, i already know whats gonna happen". Oh, I'm not saying it's bad to deviate from the comics, but some of the ways they choose to do so, as a huge fan of the comic, bothers me. The way things went down with the inmates in particular. Tamos had a way bigger impact in the comic. He actually killed one of the main characters, and then Rick beat him to death. Another thing I don't like about the new season is that they skipped through the first winter. The one improvement they made from the comics is the Shane story ark. He died in the first chapter of the compendium, but they fully explored that whole storyline in the show. I read in a GameInformer interview with Robert Kirkman that this is because he didn't expect the comic to make it past issue 10, and he wanted to finish that particular story before it was cancelled.
  4. The show is nothing like the comic, sadly. I've read every issue, and I still don't know what to expect from the show. It differs from the comic in some very unflattering ways. I despise their clean cut Governor.. He's supposed to look like a white Danny Trejo. They also killed Dale off way too early, and he never hooked up with Andrea, so he died alone. It is cool that they're finally bringing in Rick's best friend, Tyreese, and he's played by the voice actor who portrayed Coach in L4D2.
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