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  1. Decided to log in and check out how the forum is doing only to finding about this. Dazman was more than obsessed--dude used to live, smell, and breath Kaitlyn. By the time she got released, the dude was starting to shift gears into being a jackass from what I remember. As for me, I was known for a while as DC12X. Lurker in early 2007, made my account nearly a decade ago! Saw some familiar names like Crowley and JTS in here which, I gotta say, was completely unexpected. Good on some of you guys for keeping the place alive and vibrant here. Changed my username to Infinity in 2013/2014, and college happened lol.
  2. Did they give em the ol' one-two Yoga Fire?
  3. Raddad88 I read your feed on my account from four years ago I wanted to just say *Censored* off thx
  4. Honestly, the point of this match was to show that Roman is the guy. The guy that will be the new face. Now, you're out of your mind if you tell me that this match showed he's capable of performing and telling a story like Austin, Rock, Hogan, or Cena can. Reigns showed some good physicality and character, don't get me wrong. Those forearms were mighty impressive, along with a pretty nifty powerbomb in there. However, that wasn't enough if this was WWE's attempt to try and convince everyone that Roman is the future. Dean Ambrose, Ziggler, and Rollins put a performance on par, or better, than what Roman did on a near-regular basis. 2 out of 3 of them are midcarders. Roman isn't much a ring general, and unfortunately, I suspect that this will be the best we see from Roman until after Wrestlemania. I personally felt that Bryan carried Roman far too much, and that the guy wasn't good on his own feet to perform on his own and pull off a few of his own neat moves without assistance from Bryan in some form.. Half the guys here recognize what's going to happen. Reigns isn't a ring general, and Brock isn't either. Brock can lead a bit and perform on his two feet, but if it's against someone like Reigns, then you're going to get a carbon copy of Goldberg-Lesnar at Mania XX
  5. Does no one really remember Cena's match with Lesnar a Extreme Rules a while back? Lesnar beat the *Censored* out of the guy, going to the point of legit busting him open, and just wrecking the guy for 30 *censored*ing minutes. Chair shots, attempted "kimura", F5s, and all kinds of shit by Lesnar. Goes on for 30 minutes. Cena? Grabs a chain, punches Lesnar, gives him an AA on some steps, over in a 15 second sequence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAtJ0Spx62E .
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