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  1. Tamagotchi wasn't a part of Digimon, and was released in 96. Digimon just copied the idea and put it under their branding in 97. Tamagotchi was 96. Pokemon was also 96. There-go, Pokemon came before Digimon.
  2. Last night I finished watching Shakugan no Shana and I have to say it was pretty good. I was pretty invested in the main characters, even to the point that I was saying 'go away' out loud at points when Shana's 'rival' for Yuki was onscreen. Overall, pretty good. One problem was that nothing was explained, and so a lot of the time you were left thinking, 'well why does this matter?' as it wasn't clear what the significance was. Still good overall. Also, I started a new anime, Puni Puni Poemy. It's up there with the most confusing things i've ever seen. It's just batshit insane. I'm not sure how far through it i'll get to be honest.
  3. Pokemon was 97 and Digimon was 99 wasn't it? When they aired was obviously different for different countries, but that was the Japanese releases I think.
  4. I think the drama in it was very strong, which is sometimes lacking in something with a theme like that that involves supernatural beings and what have you. I mean there was so much room for mindless fights, but it was only used sparingly and to further that plot or characters. I prefer that rather than just fill time with a fight or something unnecessary. I feel as though I could easily watch each episode back to back too, as it was really well paced throughout.
  5. I enjoyed it all, including the ending. I also got pretty heavily invested in the characters too. The art was also really, really nice in it, which is something that really boosts it in my eyes.
  6. I gave Elfen Lied 10/10. One of my absolute favourite anime.
  7. Finished Starship Operators and Squid Girl two days ago. Would give Squid Girl an 8/10, because it was really easy to watch, and had plenty of fun moments. Liked the characters a lot in that one. Starship Operators gets a generous 7/10. First couple of episodes were a lot of hard work, but the last 4 episodes really picked up and were pretty enjoyable. Not really an abundance of good characters. Even the main character was quite undeveloped. Now watching Shakugan no Shana, which is interesting so far.
  8. I honestly couldn't wrap my head around FLCL. The animation was terrible for a start, but even the ideas behind it just left me crippled mentally. Then there was the woeful voices and sound effects. Just one big disaster that 'll never grasp how anybody enjoyed. Dropped after one episode. Interesting that most of the anime you've watched is mid to late 90s. I find it quite hard to watch anime from that far back at times, due to the obvious and notable drop in animation quality.
  9. Pokemon sucks as an anime. Digimon had it by the balls.
  10. I honestly never found Dragon Ball at all appealing.
  11. Wilkommen. Don't be surprised if your gender is instantly questioned.
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