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  1. Yawn, so just because they didn't follow through with what you wanted to happen basically you threw your toys out the pram like a lot of the fanbase. Also yeah the Laura Dern character might have been farfetched but at the end of the day you're watching a film. To the people who think that was franchise shattering is a bit much. The amount of dumb shit that happens in the other Star Wars movie and people go into meltdown over a kamikaze sequence... yeah lol, if you was that assed you should have given up on Star Wars a long time ago if you wanted good story telling without holes.
  2. Because there are 100 ways fans thought it would(should)go and they intentionally made it go the 101st. I still believe it was specifically made to say "*Censored* you" to fan theories. " You say TFA is too much like ANH? We're predictable now, huh? Hold my blue milk" Just because a film went left field and you they did something you didn't want doesn't make it bad lmao. Star Wars fanbase is so immature about this kinda stuff.
  3. *Censored* outta here, Terminator is absolutely a classic. Especially the 2nd one which I'd say is one of the best sci-fi, action films going.
  4. Really don't think the game will get a create a spidersuit. Also don't think it needs one either. Why is multiplayer even a thought in a spiderman game too lol.
  5. The problem isn't his shit talking, the problem is he attacks peoples backgrounds. Was Khabib's family fighting? No so why does he bring them up. Talking shit about someones family is like street fighting level insults that starts as young as kids hit the playground.The games the game. If you can't take people talking shit about your background and family you're in the wrong proffession. They're prize fighting ffs.
  6. Back to the actual fighting side of things. The best fight to book Conor with other than Nate who he's already fought is probaby Kevin Lee imo. Another hard match up for him but Conor hasn't become famous by taking easy match ups his career. I expect the Nate trilogy to come before he fights for the belt again though. Don't wanna comment on Khabib v Tony because the chances of that fight never happening is still pretty likely imo. Also can we comment on how *censored*ing stupid the rule is for not being able to knee downed opponents. Like sure maybe it's fair enough for when you're opponent is on the floor and you are on top position or on your feet but if you're in full defence mode after a fighter is constantly trying to get you to the mat it's pretty dumb it's not allowed. https://twitter.com/robwhittakermma/status/1049177093802680320?s=19 UFC's best champions reaction.
  7. There's no way Conor's fighting Al Iaquinta lol. Think Conor actually looked great while defending wrestling but his stand up definetely wasn't as good as it use to look. Which was a massive suprise. Bet the UFC are pretty gutted Khabib won, especially since watching him GnP guys isn't exactly the most pretty sights,
  8. FFS Put shit in spoilers guys I was just about to watch the episode and came in here.
  9. Personally thought Hereditary sucked ass. Had high hopes of it as well. Was weird but not exactly scary at all. Bohemien Rhapsody does look great though.
  10. How has Giggs proved himself exactly other than being a club legend?
  11. It's so obvious this game isn't going to flat out suck but something tells me it's going to be a dissapointment. We seem to have been shown a lot of gameplay and I think the lack of variety is going to be what makes it underwhelming.
  12. People probably hated Jack that much they reloaded from an earlier save anyway. I get ya point though.
  13. Mad how we're already on season 4 of this.
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