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  1. I like that. That's a good idea.
  2. The flame-thrower really lacks the intimidation factor of the rocket launcher, but yeah, it's definitely more believable. Jill tanking a blast from a rocket launcher would look pretty silly in this game, given the more realistic presentation (compared to the old games). My only concern is, how many of these Nemesis encounters are going to be set-pieces? Most gamers probably don't mind it, but I can't stand set-pieces in video games. They're minimally-interactive and boring. I feel no sense of connection, intensity or dread when I know that I'm just being strung along and playing out a sequence of events that I have virtually no say-so in.
  3. ^Agreed. The original voice is miles better. Man, I hate to be so negative towards one of my all-time favorite series, but I'm not liking what I'm seeing so far (although I'm glad that Jill's original costume is a pre-order bonus, at least). I'm not discounting it just yet, though, given that we've seen very little.
  4. Man, that Jill re-design bums me out. Reminds me of the approach they took with Lara Croft's re-design (which I also disliked). It's just... boring. No character. I really wish they would've stuck with her RE1 remake/RE5 face. The re-design seems completely unnecessary. Also wish they would've stuck with the original RE3 outfit as well, but in this day and age, I'm not surprised that they changed it. Too "skimpy" or whatever. I'll likely still play it, but honestly, the Mr. X shit in the RE2 remake really soured me on the whole 'run away from the invincible monster' thing (you technically didn't have to always run away from the Nemesis in the original, but still). I'm over it. Though, I'm confident that the concept will be done better than it was done in the RE2 remake. As for the Nemesis re-design, I'm fine with it. The changes are pretty insignificant and harmless to me.
  5. This game must have really flown under the radar, because I didn't even hear about it until yesterday. Definitely a must-by, but not until I've had my fill of Borderlands 3 first.
  6. That is one of the worst Joker iterations I've ever seen. Everyone else looks great, though.
  7. I used to find his whining and toxicity amusing, but I think he deliberately plays into his lolcow status now. Like, he's in on the joke now and embraces it (because it's how he makes money, through the many people who like him ironically and support him). Watching DSP has lost its fun for me.
  8. Prepare for disappointment. Lol. From what little we know about it, it doesn't appear to have anything to do with GoT. I'd only be disappointed if they reverted back to Souls in terms of gameplay. I could never go back to that after playing Sekiro.
  9. As someone who played the shit out of the PS2 era MKs, they are definitely not better than the past three entries in the series, gameplay-wise. They were very slow and simplistic, by comparison (although I do think that the progression system in MK11 is the worst in the series).
  10. Has Mileena been confirmed? She's been my main since MK9, so I'm gonna be really disappointed if she doesn't make the cut.
  11. That's the sticking point, though. The loot box model just turns every game into a grind, so even if you never spend a dime, they still have a negative impact on progression systems. Personally, I've never played a game with loot boxes that actually struck a reasonable balance. Maybe they're out there, but the ones I've played have always strongly incentivized spending money, by gutting the progress you make through playing.
  12. I wish they were banned entirely, even if they only contain cosmetics. I miss the days when everything was exclusively an in-game unlockable.
  13. I kinda don't like that Mr. X is sort of ever-present. I get that the intent is to crank up your anxiety and add a sense of realism to the enemy, but for me, the scare/intimidation effect faded pretty quickly, and now I just view him as a nuisance. When it comes to 'invincible enemy that you have to avoid/run from' encounters, I prefer them to be few and far between, especially when they're not particularly challenging. It doesn't really hurt my overall experience, though. I think this game is pretty great. The only bad design, in my opinion, is the Lickers. The new stealth mechanic almost completely trivializes them.
  14. Man, that D'Vorah redesign is pretty hideous. She looks like a female Cyrax or something.
  15. I love the originals, but can't say I'm a fan of the reboot series; they're too derivative of basically every contemporary third-person action-adventure game. I miss the cocky, elegant, super-human Lara Croft. And I also miss, you know, tomb-raiding.
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