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  1. Netflix are making a Witcher show. Please don't be shit.
  2. If you had continued reading you'd probably understand why so many people are unhappy with how he was portrayed in those ten minutes. I can appreciate he maybe can't be as r rated as he is in the comics, but they appeared to make him pretty much a carbon copy of the Guv in terms of his quiet, calm demeanour.
  3. Finally caught up with the finale, what a waste that entire episode was. Build it all the way up to that climax then don't even bother showing it? It's the most iconic comic book moment and they really did *Censored* it up. Oh and the actor playing Negan either sucks or was completely misled on how he should play the part. That portrayal was shite.
  4. Probably the best episode of the show yet. Unfortunately I spoiled a few of the major events for myself a little while ago so I didn't get as big a pay off as most did, but it was still epic. The scene near the end when it was quickly switching between every character was really cool. Seems to have been very well received by show only watchers and comic book readers alike which isn't always the case with what I'd consider to be majorly important episodes.
  5. Ain't no way they gunna have two babies on the show. Maggie is gunna die this season though I don't know if it will be next week. They need to thin out some of the main group now as well so Sasha, Rosita, Tara, Gabriel, Eugene etc are all in danger imo.
  6. This season needs a lot more Daryl and Abraham.
  7. It's not a prequel, the two are in no way linked. It's only the producers of whatever of AMC's 2 biggest shows just stirring up the internet.Pinkman's blue dealt to Mearle man
  8. The right person died if you ask me, the way it came about was a bit lame though and the end resolution just felt like a let down.
  9. The van thing looked terrible and was hilarious...stunk of them only having one van and/or one take to get it done. No way that gets through the editing process otherwise. Anyway, I enjoyed the episode. Carol is a bad ass and I'm looking forward to what she can do in the next two episodes.
  10. You can get around that. Netflix pretty much encourages you to use something like Hola to access catalogues from other countries.
  11. Ultimately I think Maggie and Glenn just want to be together at whatever cost. Which is probably why she doesn't really question what he wants to do. Plus it doesn't make for a great show when you have a massive group of 15ish people all the time, easier to make it interesting when they are split into groups and paired off. I get the feeling there has to be a decent amount of deaths this season given where the story is headed.
  12. Tyreese Comic spoilers so click at your peril
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