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  1. Netflix are making a Witcher show. Please don't be shit.
  2. I thought the identity of the MIB was quite clear about midway through the season. The ending surprised me but I think they've left it quite open in terms of what they can do with that character now.
  3. It's definitely thought provoking. The scene with Ford and Peter Abernathy was sensational. Not often Anthony Hopkins gets overshadowed in a scene like that.
  4. Is this on in the UK? Haven't seen any ads but I'm guessing it's on Sky Atlantic.
  5. Punk gunna get KO faster than Kell Brook
  6. That was the best fight in ages
  7. Almost like the ratings for their lame ass show are at an all time low or something...
  8. The RP you get from being an associate is a bit mad. Being a CEO hasn't been that fun for me yet tbh.
  9. Hilary is down with the teenagers on Twitter
  10. It's very good but kind of a shame that a lot of grime artists pack their albums with stuff that was released time ago.
  11. Don't get the reaction to this album at all really. People who aren't into it are criticising it for not being as good as Take Care or game changing. People these days are too desperate to rank an artists' albums and compare similar projects, why can't *Censored*s just appreciate the music without the mindset that every album a rapper drops has to change the game...
  12. Shit is chill...5 songs in I've already text all my ex's
  13. If you had continued reading you'd probably understand why so many people are unhappy with how he was portrayed in those ten minutes. I can appreciate he maybe can't be as r rated as he is in the comics, but they appeared to make him pretty much a carbon copy of the Guv in terms of his quiet, calm demeanour.
  14. Finally caught up with the finale, what a waste that entire episode was. Build it all the way up to that climax then don't even bother showing it? It's the most iconic comic book moment and they really did *Censored* it up. Oh and the actor playing Negan either sucks or was completely misled on how he should play the part. That portrayal was shite.
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