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  1. Apparently my google skills are trash. Thank you, those are good. Wish gifs could contain a bit more quality, but way better than anything I could find! Thanks!
  2. https://i.imgur.com/v7V2N4J.gifv Gif is in this link. My photoshop corrupted somehow and I haven't gotten word from support, so can't really do it myself without using these eyesight-killing online tools. Would be appreciated if someone could turn it to 190 height and whatever the width is to keep it proportionate. Also if you CAN do that, then it'd be lit if you could add the text on what she's saying, which is "Don't forget to like, follow, and obey". Cheers!
  3. Friend made me watch some NXT UK stuff and I gotta say I really like Dunne and Ripley, they're cool. Ripley's theme is kinda meh though.
  4. Worst Member of the Year: Creep, *Censored* that guy, what a bitch
  5. Sorry, I know this isn't WWE, but the indy women's topics are sorta dead so I'mma ask here, 'cause I know there's plenty of fans who follow other stuff anyways: Does Chelsea Diamond still wrestle at all?
  6. NXT has been kinda shit ever since Reigns got called up, they lost much raw technical talent that day tbh
  7. Damn, now I feel kinda bad for listening to his shit for years and telling friends about him and stuff. That's hella *censored*ed up.
  8. How? Ive just seen this trend about a year or two now where every little thing makes everyone cringe. Like, something may be stupid or lame, but how are you guys that uncomfortable with everything ? Lmfao. And its not just this site. Everywhere. Everyone on the internet is 12 and too cool to not cringe at everything.
  9. Yes, of course. All people of all times had the capability to make cool stuff. If you say you don't enjoy anything from any particular timeframe you likely just don't know enough about the time's creative output. It's the same with people who say "omg today's music (or whatever) sucks!" No, clown, you just don't know shit.
  10. bruh i'm not a native speaker, i even had to google what vernacular means. and just cause i felt like it tbh. I had the name Kaka Carrotcake for like a day cause I felt like it, it's not that meaningful
  11. what how can a name not work? i don't think i understand what you're trying to say
  12. *censored*ing weebs talking about name choices smh
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