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  1. Friend made me watch some NXT UK stuff and I gotta say I really like Dunne and Ripley, they're cool. Ripley's theme is kinda meh though.
  2. Sorry, I know this isn't WWE, but the indy women's topics are sorta dead so I'mma ask here, 'cause I know there's plenty of fans who follow other stuff anyways: Does Chelsea Diamond still wrestle at all?
  3. Damn, now I feel kinda bad for listening to his shit for years and telling friends about him and stuff. That's hella *censored*ed up.
  4. Accuracy / Power is a trade off you can make beforehand. I wouldn't mind if they keep lower power moves with a high crit chance so that sort of trade off can also be made. It also makes sense to intentionally make a mechanic that breaks through stat changes, so moves like Frost Breath are fine, too. I don't mind RNG if it's part of a trade off you have to make, where the enemy also is aware that there is that sort of gamble. Like, if you see your opponent runs Thunder, for example, you know "Hey, this might KO me where tbolt wouldn't, but it might also miss whereas tbolt would always hit." But randomly having EQ or Flamethrower or whatever crit is just dumb. Imagine World's finals are instantly decided by a first turn crit lmao. I don't expect them to remove it, and I'm also okay with it being there, but it's far from "dumb" to criticize it or preferring it'd be gone just because it's been there since the start lmfao. This isn't the republican voting booth
  5. So guys last night this dude hit me up on Facebook. He asked me if I had any weed I could sell to him. I hadn't talked to this guy in 2 years, but what happened was he said he had gas money for us too so me and a buddy decided fine we'll do it. We had to drive like thirty miles and when we get to his place he is standing on the porch, I was in an F-150 and I told him "yo come here". He was like hold up and went into the house. He came out empty handed thirty seconds later and told me to come in real quick. Right there I should have turned the truck around and left but I figured he had a scale and wanted to make sure it weighed out right. I end up going in and I was in there for 10-15 seconds. As soon as I pull the weed out of my pocket (a quarter ounce) the dude coughed. Immediately this guy with a red bandanna over the bottom half of his face and sunglasses on with a beanie on comes out with a rifle. He told me to take everything out my pockets, (20 dollars, glass bowl, and my ID) I listened obviously and put everything on a couch near me. He walked closer and stuck the gun to my chest. And was yelling at me where's the weed and shit, but it was on the table near me already. I became hysterical and kept repeating "Come on man, please man". They told me to get the *censored* out and "don't think about calling the cops". I ran outside and got in the truck my friend starts the truck and we dipped out, I told him everything and he was just glad I was okay. But I figured since it was the most scary situation of my life that I should share it. I almost got *censored*ing killed over some weed.
  6. it's not gay if it's feminine dick so
  7. There's just a fine but important distinction between "I find certain features attractive/unattractive, and they are more commonly found in [insertethnicityhere]" and "I don't find [insertethnicityhere] attractive." The latter just IS racist. Like, certain features I tend to find attractive are somewhat less frequent in black women, but I've certainly seen black girls that I thought were really attractive. And then there are of course some women that don't have these features at all but I might still find them attractive. Point is, having visual preference is fine and normal, and just from an evolutionary view, it is likely you find people of your race more attractive. That is not racist. But finding someone unattractive "because black" or "because asian" or whatever, yeah, that's racist.
  8. But then should I have an issue with Iris West being black? Or Green Lantern being gay? Hell, I wouldn't care if James Bond was black, gay, or Japanese. I don't because they're adaptions. Similar story...based off material...but an adaption. I don't know who Iris West is but I'm pretty sure the other two are monikers to be picked up by people, not individuals. Like how there's multiple Robins etc. So I don't see an issue with having diverse people play the part. But if you re-interpret a literal individual, then yes, I think that's dumb.
  9. I think it depends on the context a lot? Like, the Ghost in the Shell thingy is pretty dumb IMO (the complaining, that is) 'cause she's an android and she looks very much caucasian to begin with. She can literally be anything she wants to be, design-wise, so why not white? For Light/Death Note, I think it's a legitimate gripe. Light Yagami is Japanese. If they take the liberty to relocate the story as a whole, why not just create a new Light? A new person that pays homage to Light. I dunno. It's like, yes, a robot can be white or whatever, it doesn't matter, but a Japanese person shouldn't be white all of the sudden.
  10. that's probably because you're a socially inept, privileged weaboo
  11. idk it doesnt seem much faster to pee in a urinal than in a stall. a bit yeah, but not much tbh now logistically i'm on board with them, they're hella efficent
  12. Guys, only guys. i mean i heard from some girls before that they know another girl who can actually pee standing up if they have to go bad enough but i honestly don't know i mean you could also probably have urinals for transwomen in the states where who goes pee pee where is a pressing political matter
  13. I'm glad urinals exists. I can't pee in public. I know nobody is gonna watch me or whatever but I just can't pee, unless I'm literally about to piss my pants. So I'm always glad about urinals, cause it means there's always free stalls
  14. I mean if you didn't have to seperate an area into two rooms (so like, have less wall and stuff) you could probably fit a frick ton of stalls and urinals in there
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