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  1. Friend made me watch some NXT UK stuff and I gotta say I really like Dunne and Ripley, they're cool. Ripley's theme is kinda meh though.
  2. Sorry, I know this isn't WWE, but the indy women's topics are sorta dead so I'mma ask here, 'cause I know there's plenty of fans who follow other stuff anyways: Does Chelsea Diamond still wrestle at all?
  3. Accuracy / Power is a trade off you can make beforehand. I wouldn't mind if they keep lower power moves with a high crit chance so that sort of trade off can also be made. It also makes sense to intentionally make a mechanic that breaks through stat changes, so moves like Frost Breath are fine, too. I don't mind RNG if it's part of a trade off you have to make, where the enemy also is aware that there is that sort of gamble. Like, if you see your opponent runs Thunder, for example, you know "Hey, this might KO me where tbolt wouldn't, but it might also miss whereas tbolt would always hit." But randomly having EQ or Flamethrower or whatever crit is just dumb. Imagine World's finals are instantly decided by a first turn crit lmao. I don't expect them to remove it, and I'm also okay with it being there, but it's far from "dumb" to criticize it or preferring it'd be gone just because it's been there since the start lmfao. This isn't the republican voting booth
  4. But heat has nothing to do with "the definition of a heel". A heel, by definition, is a villainous character. They could be reasonable and beloved, but if they are contentually villainous, they're a heel.
  5. ? What's questionable about this? I'd argue there are plenty of worse characters than those two. Don't know about Charlotte, but Miz is just a vain douchebag. How is that the most villainous character on WWE TV? From what I've gathered, Kevin Owens, for example, is far more aggressive, violent, and disrespectful.
  6. Probably been sleeping on it, but god, Green Room is so *censored*ing good. Could actually watch it over and over again. Saulnier has such a polished approach, despite being so "new" to the business.
  7. He probably has a point is praising The Miz, cause he makes everyone hate him, but I'm not sure what a funny, entertaining and efficent heel has to do with vanilla midget. I mean, Miz is pretty chubby compared to a ton of other guys on the roster and he's not that tall either.
  8. Just got home from seeing Godspeed You! Black Emperor. It was absolutely fantastic. Piss Crowns Are Trebled is my absolute favorite piece of music ever made, over classical music, ancient slavic folks music, any other contemporary work or whatever. It's just... the best, and I saw it being played live. It was magical. I honestly almost cried, it was so great. They played the most amazing rendition of Sleep as well. It was sick. I'm half deaf, but it was so *censored*ing amazing. Man, this year's been good with Joanna, Deafheaven and GY!BE. I'll have a few on my list still, but I'm most excited about Death Grips, Swans and Native Locals later this years. edit: Royal Nakamura, be *censored*ing jelly. <3
  9. well shit I totally was mistaken of course that belt is sexy as hell i can see that now, i wanna do it so bad right now
  10. That title is ugly as shit though
  11. Looks cool! Very... I dunno... traditionally superhero-y? I made two, haven't played very far though. Afroskull Marine with iiiiiiice powers: aaaand cyborg soldier chick:
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