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  1. Wow. So much has changed. I feel so old at 31. I was a teenager here. Hope everyone is doing ok. This is my annual check in.
  2. I actually liked this draft, especially for my Ravens.
  3. Nice to see you grew facial hair.
  4. I'm a big fan of both these guys!
  5. I was tested a lot last year and this year and it kind of put me in a daze and effected my work performance. I work as an account specialist for a warehouse, so I do everything from invoice billing to inventory management. It requires a lot of focus and I just of lost it with all the distractions. I was suspended for too many mistakes and while I was suspended, I had a realization that I'm better than that. It made me realize that my depression was affecting everything and I've kind of just been putting 100% effort into everything lately. My new work performance is being noticed and I think after a while I could get a promotion. So yeah, good shit. Sometimes you gotta go through bad shit before you can find the good.
  6. That's a sexy dude. I'll take it! Are you really challenging for the title at MITB? Who?
  7. I think the album is better as a whole and flows together well. Maybe the songs aren't as individually good as they could be. That's just me. I love concept albums.
  8. I thought it was pretty chill. Trash? No. I think it's just not what people were expecting.
  9. Yeah for sure man, him and Jarren Benton were the most talented from FV Hopsin, Jarren and Dizzy are so good. I still wonder what they saw in SwizZz. I get annoyed every time I hear his voice on a song.
  10. Gonna drop some new Dizzy Wright in here... I'd like to see him get on a good record label since Funk Volume broke up.
  11. To the contrary, I thought Muur looked surprised, and Alter looked like he was falling asleep. Putting in work with the 45's: JACKED! I can't believe you still post here lol.
  12. Once Upon a Time in America
  13. It's a great story telling game. It's a hybrid of classic point and click and action. The best part about the game is every decision you make leads you to something that feels different. And the little girl you care for (Clementine), you genuinely want to care for her and make sure nothing hurts her. It's not like any typical game. Definitely one of the better games on arcade.
  14. I recently went back and watched all of season 1 and most of season 2. I was a little shocked to see that the characters were really different. It's been so long, that I actually forgot how much the characters really developed. Their acting skills got a lot better too. You really have to watch a lot more of it to say it's overrated. Maybe uninteresting is the word for you, but the magnitude of being overrated has to be judged with a more thorough viewing.
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