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  1. Wow. So much has changed. I feel so old at 31. I was a teenager here. Hope everyone is doing ok. This is my annual check in.
  2. I actually liked this draft, especially for my Ravens.
  3. Nice to see you grew facial hair.
  4. I'm a big fan of both these guys!
  5. I was tested a lot last year and this year and it kind of put me in a daze and effected my work performance. I work as an account specialist for a warehouse, so I do everything from invoice billing to inventory management. It requires a lot of focus and I just of lost it with all the distractions. I was suspended for too many mistakes and while I was suspended, I had a realization that I'm better than that. It made me realize that my depression was affecting everything and I've kind of just been putting 100% effort into everything lately. My new work performance is being noticed and I think after a while I could get a promotion. So yeah, good shit. Sometimes you gotta go through bad shit before you can find the good.
  6. That's a sexy dude. I'll take it! Are you really challenging for the title at MITB? Who?
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