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  1. Well rather than making a new threads let’s just reply here super *censored*ed up at a bar and someone played somewhere out there by our lady peace. Shit reminded me of old school wrestling because tbeh played Benoit’s theme. man we didnt know how good we had it back then. We had school in the morning and afternoons. As soon as it was over it was time for fun. Half ass that homework (or don’t… dog ate it..: whatever) and get to chilling with friends. Can’t fathom the amount of time I spent talking about what happened on wcw and wwf with my friends and playing the games with my friends. Not a care in the world except Austin getting one up on vinnie Mac. Those were the *censored*ing days fellas miss all you mother*censored*ers. For real. We had some fun times shooting the shit here. I don’t know how many people will actually see this but dhoot really a pm. Let’s leep up on socials
  2. I would’ve replied to one of the older topics, but apparently they get archived now and you can’t reply to them? I dunno. Whatever. I heard a Paramore song and it made me think of early 2000’s emo kids which made me think of this site. Hope any of you old guys that remember me or the old days are doing well. Miss you guys and miss the community we used to have here. The late 90’s/early 2000’s message board days were somE really fun times.
  3. I got a random sponsored post from ROH on my Instagram feed, and apparently Doombunny that used to post here years ago wrestled for them now. Pretty cool.
  4. I found a Randy Savage shirt at Walmart for 8 bucks. Cant beat that as a work shirt.
  5. Might've been, she was in one of LAX's vignettes recently when they invaded Wrestle Pro. That's pretty cool. Hope she makes it to WWE some day.
  6. was that doombunny dressed as one of the cheerleaders when Moose came out?
  7. I could answer that, but I'm pretty sure you asked that before and ignored the answer. So I'm not going to do that. But you can make a passive aggressive post acknowledging my question? (Also it wasn't me that asked. I just happened to see him on a list of people on a Facebook post about people you wouldn't expect to still be employed with the WWE)
  8. David Otunga keeps making the cut though. How!?
  9. I really like that Ricky Steamboat shirt that someone posted a few pages back. I actually just ordered it. I wish they'd do something for Rick Rude.
  10. Coming back as Biker Taker actually would've been cool for this one. Take a swing at Brock with the bike chain. Or do that nifty little chair thing to the throat he was doing for a while. On another note, I always meant to buy an NWO shirt. Guess I missed that boat.
  11. I'm getting the United Nations shirt. That's really clever.
  12. i kinda want to see Rusev on this. Apparently he's into Mortal Kombat.
  13. Why do they stick those hideous tags on the shirts now?
  14. It's the scream for me one. Admittedly the title belt ones look pretty cool. I'd never wear one, but they're pretty cool.
  15. They have a belt buckle on there that says "SAWFT". Not exactly what I'd like on near my crotch. There's a Paige one as with an equally creepy slogan as well. What respectable human being came up with some of these items? lol
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