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  1. Wow, I remember all of those. I’m an old
  2. I got a random sponsored post from ROH on my Instagram feed, and apparently Doombunny that used to post here years ago wrestled for them now. Pretty cool.
  3. Comic question; anyone know when compendium 4 will be released? I have the first three. Would I just be better off buying the volumes that have come out after 3 ended?
  4. Word of warning though, you dont regenerate health. Not sure if its like that on all difficulties, but you have to find or earn med packs to heal. Storming the beach, which is the first objective of the game, is pretty tough without having any meds (which you dont get until you complete it).
  5. Veteran provides a good challenge, but not to the extent of the earlier games. Its good so far.
  6. I cant figure out if COD just isnt fun anymore, or if I just really suck now. This one is better than the last few futuristic bullshit titles, but its still just... meh. And the menu system is incredibly unintuitive.
  7. Supposedly my gamestop took less than 100 preorders for it. Theyve really killed this series with the microtranaactions and general overall lack of quality. Campaign is still probably going to be good though. That was about the only redeeming quality of IW
  8. I found a Randy Savage shirt at Walmart for 8 bucks. Cant beat that as a work shirt.
  9. Might've been, she was in one of LAX's vignettes recently when they invaded Wrestle Pro. That's pretty cool. Hope she makes it to WWE some day.
  10. was that doombunny dressed as one of the cheerleaders when Moose came out?
  11. The pats win you sorry bitches hahahahahahaahahahabah yesssssssssass
  12. I could answer that, but I'm pretty sure you asked that before and ignored the answer. So I'm not going to do that. But you can make a passive aggressive post acknowledging my question? (Also it wasn't me that asked. I just happened to see him on a list of people on a Facebook post about people you wouldn't expect to still be employed with the WWE)
  13. David Otunga keeps making the cut though. How!?
  14. I really like that Ricky Steamboat shirt that someone posted a few pages back. I actually just ordered it. I wish they'd do something for Rick Rude.
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