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  1. It’s one of the fatter PS3s. Not the OG ones with backwards compatibility. I want to say when I bought it, it was bundled with CODMW3, so whatever era that puts it at. im in the US. Maybe I’ll check eBay and see if I can get one cheap since no physical stores are open now. Is there a way to upload some of my saves to an external HDD or a cloud or something? I’ve never run into an issue like this, so I’m completely ignorant on it
  2. Yeah, I’ve tried using a different HDMI cable in my PS3, and it didn’t work either. I have other consoles hooked up, and I verified both of the cables I used in it work. I’ve pretty well exhausted all possibilities in that regard. I think you may be right that it’s the port going bad. Is there any “quick” fixes for it, or am I SOL? I know baking PS3s used to temporarily fix the yellow lights.
  3. Nah no dust or rust. I think I’ve had it since 2014-ish?
  4. I have my PS3 hooked to my TV with an HDMI cable. I don’t use it a ton, but I keep things dusted around it. All of a sudden, the picture starts flickering and then eventually I get a “no signal” message from my TV. The HDMI cable appears to be fine; it worked fine on my PS4. Any help? I took a quick video of what it’s doing. https://youtu.be/pgyVlkSanEk forgot to mention it will boot up in 480p. I used to have it in 1080p, but then this started and it would only work in 720p. And now it’s flickering in 720p too.
  5. Wow, I remember all of those. I’m an old
  6. I didn’t know you could run a speed test on your console? I did on my laptop. If I go to my IP’s speed test, it says I’m getting 55mbs down/10 up. If I do any other one, it tops out around 40 down/8up. Not great by any means, but it’s always done the job before Xbox One. brwndon what else do I need to provide?
  7. It’s constantly lagging this badly on modern warfare. (Usually worse...hits upwards of 600ms frequently) My Xbox is wired directly to the modem. No WiFi. No other devices using my connection. Doesn’t seem to have issues with any other games. And i have little to no issues playing PS4 relatively lag free (also wired directly...I just change the Ethernet cord plugged in) one of you computer nerds figure this out for me, I’m a simpleton
  8. I got a random sponsored post from ROH on my Instagram feed, and apparently Doombunny that used to post here years ago wrestled for them now. Pretty cool.
  9. Anyone else playing RE2? I havent gotten super far (just about done with the police station), but so far I love it. I was a bit disappointed you didnt go to the gun store before the police station though. For whatever reason, that part always really stood out to me as being cool.
  10. I havent read a single post. Is there an actual storyline, or is it all just exploration on your own?
  11. So its not going to be in the classic fixed camera style?
  12. He beat his gay cell mate because he was ya know...gay. That seems kinda sorta maybe homophobic to me. Also he threatened to jam barbecue utensils up his girlfriends snatch. Lets go ahead and celebrate this one. Ill bake cookies.
  13. Is that blood dragon game related to the far cry game?
  14. Comic question; anyone know when compendium 4 will be released? I have the first three. Would I just be better off buying the volumes that have come out after 3 ended?
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