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  1. iSmex.


    For the time being Jayson Addair could be found outside in the Californian sunshine. It was late Morning and he at present adorned clothes mostly suited towards time being spent within the confines of a gym. He was heading there after all. But in walking there along the sidewalk with a gym bag hung over his shoulder, Jayson had his attention on his phone as he was currently interested in watching a recent video uploaded on the NBCSN app platform. It was an interview conducted with Rima and yes, it was certainly an interesting interview, and an informative one at that. It made for compelling viewing; there was no debating that fact. But… there was one little detail that irked Jayson a small bit… because that detail was inherently wrong. It was minor and in the context of the interview as a whole it really didn’t matter at all… but it was wrong nonetheless. Addair was not at all happy. It didn’t matter the amount of zeros displayed on his pay check that followed another number beforehand. Jayson was not happy, at least not for the time being. His morale and move would hit an upturn in time as that would come with him being able to make his debut, as well as him having the World Championship in his possession. It would happen in time… patience was needed for now. Course if Rima did so want to guarantee the happiness of her top employee then… she could always present him with the World Championship in the coming hours. It wasn’t like Storm was doing anything with it, being absent since he had been laid out. Once the video ended Jayson put the thought to the back of his mind as made the move to slide the phone back into one of his pockets. He continued along his way and when the right time came he would turn to head into the gym. Back to the football.
  2. iSmex.


    It was with the same degree of subtlety that had led Jayson to be able to enter the arena without so much as a whisper being said about him that had allowed for him to retreat out of there with the exact same effect. He really didn’t care too much to stick around to see the fallout of the event as a whole. Amidst the jubilation of those that had a successful showing last night, there were bound to be a lot more bitter men and woman roaming the halls from being on the losing end, as well as from those who didn’t so much as see a lick of screen time. It was best to avoid all that, so much so that Jayson had not even checked his phone to see what was being said on social media. It didn’t matter in the long run, and stopping himself from checking wasn’t so hard seeing as he had been absent from it for more than a few months. He would wait until the next time he finds himself within a wrestling ring so that he can experience the more steadied reaction he was thusly promised after having left the World Champion floored on his back. He was at present, the morning after, in his own residence. It weren’t too far away, really, well… it varies. It all is determined by the traffic in Los Angeles which was sort of unavoidable when travelling between Hollywood and Huntington Beach. He was in the kitchen for the moment, a television on at minimal volume as there was a roundup of all the recent political news. He switched the blasted thing off before grabbing his keys on the counter top and exiting the room to step out into the hallway. “Laters”. He said calling out as he lifted his glance from his phone and half turned to look over his shoulder. He weren’t too sure on whether he was shouting into the wind or not but going by the fact it drew no response he figured he must be. He turned and walked forward, pushing open and stepping through the front door and locking it behind him. He quickly took a few small steps down the small set of steps outside and then halted as he unlocked his phone. He ignored the text and missed call alerts to instead open his music library and start a track playing. Sliding his phone into his pocket then, he lifted the headphone draped round his neck to place them over his ears before dashing off into a run.
  3. 11 more on-disc songs confirmed; Aerosmith – “Toys in the Attic” The Cure – “Friday I’m In Love” Dream Theater – “Metropolis - Part 1 “The Miracle And The Sleeper” Foo Fighters – “The Feast and the Famine” Judas Priest – “Halls Of Valhalla” Live – “All Over You” The Outfield – “Your Love” Ozzy Osbourne – “Miracle Man” Paramore – “Still Into You” St. Vincent – “Birth In Reverse” Van Morrison – “Brown Eyed Girl”
  4. I just finished the game, got the ending I had hoped for. Easily GOTY for me.
  5. 4-3-3: Luke Harper Jey Uso Cesaro Titus O'Neil Jimmy Uso Sheamus Tyson Kidd Dean Ambrose Hunico Seth Rollins Randy Orton
  6. Story is moving along nicely now, though I feel kind of over-leveled, with a load of side quests still to do. What's everyone doing ability wise? I've gone pure combat with greater red mutagens in all the slots.
  7. ^ I know it's definitely at E3. Surely will show up somewhere.
  8. I got the Yennefer/Unicorn scene, I have won the game! Skellige seems like such a daunting place to explore. So much sea travel...
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