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  1. I didn't have a main in MK9. Well, I can't remember if I had one or not...I think I used Smoke a lot, but I literally haven't played it since 2012. Anyway, I'm actually trying to avoid a lot of the gameplay for now, until after Monday night (I'm going to an event which has the EB Games staff playing the best stuff of E3 on a cinema screen). I also don't know what I think about the new characters yet.
  2. I'd still love to see Jason Voorhees in a game, but I highly doubt that's ever happen. I can always dream...
  3. Originally wasn't that hyped for the game. But now, I think this will be on the list of games to preorder.
  4. Video not available in my country...*Censored*.
  5. While I liked MK9, I'm looking forward more to a potential Injustice 2 over an MK10.
  6. The thing I hate about Vegeta, is the fact that he's so easily beatable these days. Especially in the movies. Canon or not, look at the list of the DBZ movies, and then look at the list of movies that feature Vegeta getting his ass kicked (at least in one scene): -The Return Of Cooler -Super Android 13 -Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan -Bojack Unbound -Fusion Reborn -Wrath Of The Dragon Speaking of movies, what do y'all think of the movie "Plan To Eradicate The Saiyans"?
  7. I never played it. Nor did I play Sagas. I went straight to Budokai 3. Shame I don't have Budokai 3 anymore - I let a mate borrow it, but he ended up moving out of his house, so he's got it somewhere packed away.
  8. Why, because Vegeta makes an absolute fool out of himself?
  9. For me it'd be the lack of decent cutscenes. I was replaying Tenkaichi 3, and oh man the cutscenes for that game were bad. You know what game had a really good roster for its time? Ultimate Battle 22 for Playstation. Ok so the roster started off a little weak. But once you added a code, it unlocked a heap of other characters, including a Hercule that pretended to power up, and blasted by throwing grenades and using rocket launchers.
  10. And Golden Ape Baby Vegeta? I was rather surprised to see that Trunks from GT wasn't in Tenkaichi 3, seeing as how all the others were. I'd also love to see them bring back giant characters like in Tenkaichi 3. I know they brought some of them back in Ultimate Tenkaichi, but they also sucked (as did everything else in that game). I enjoyed them. Hell, Raging Blast 2 was the last DB game that I did enjoy. Anyways, I hope this one's better than the recent games. I miss the days of when I would be excited for the release of a new DB game. Raging Blast 2 is one that I'm still playing (now only have 2 trophies left before the Platinum). I do like it how you are able to change the characters moves in that game.
  11. After playing Raging Blast 2, I realized that I can't stand Gohan's new voice. Doesn't help that aside from SS2 Teen Gohan, SS Future Gohan and Ultimate Gohan, all of the Gohan characters in that game suck.
  12. Budokai Tenkaichi 3 was amazing. Super 17 FTW!!! As for the Raging Blast games, I'm 2 trophies away from getting the platinum in Raging Blast 2. I'm still waiting to see if they make an HD collection of the Budokai Tenkaichi games, like what they did with the Budokai games. I *censored*ing loved BT3. I'd always end up using either Broly, Kid Buu, Perfect Cell or Super 17. Anyway, I'd be keen for a PS4 DBZ game. I skipped Battle Of Z as it's pretty bad, and I had no intention of getting Ultimate Tenkaichi.
  13. Yeah I think it should be 2 separate threads. Anyone know where I can possibly get Cromartie High School on DVD? That anime was awesome! Awesome and random.
  14. Plus, you wouldn't want to *Censored* with Frieza after lines like these...
  15. Go back and watch it for comic relieft (even though Goten and Trunks' scenes are full of that as well). Seeing a fat Gogeta (or Veku as South Kai refers to him as) make fun of Janemba is definitely one of my fave moments in that movie. Rabbit Feet Technique FTW!! I actually got to meet the voice of Gohan from Dragon Ball Z Kai a few years ago. She signed a photo of Android #18 for me.
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