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Status Updates posted by Generations

  1. That's a smooth avy, fella.

  2. Your sig makes me way too hyped for Alpha and Omega. I thought I could wait patiently, but you're ruining my plan.

    1. Counting Lights

      Counting Lights

      lolol I'm sorry, I'm beyond hyped too XD

      Dat Mega Sceptile <3

  3. Your signature is legendary. Classic Simpsons.

    1. darthcynical


      If you're going to put vasoline on your toast you have to expect you'll end up an outcast like Milhouse.

  4. The image is from here. I don't think there are any others.


  5. The name change was accidental.I changed my name as a joke, and when I changed it back, it automatically made it lowercase. Then I tried to make it uppercase again, and it wasted my three name changes. Hahaha.

  6. For sure, SoA is an awesome show. Yeah, I've finished both expansions of GTAIV.

  7. Why, certainly, good sir. It's Rosstafarian88. My headset doesn't work, though...so don't expect to talk to me. I should try to get a new one. Hahaha.

  8. Nope...it's just a piece of art relating to a musician I like. It's supposed to be vertical, but it obviously wouldn't fit that way. Hahaha.

  9. It's basically the same as the other games, but with achievements...and the challenges seem to be harder, IMO. I think it's really cheap...so yeah, I'd say it's worth buying if you like the series.

  10. Thanks for being a jerk. Yes, I mean it.

  11. Awesome, dude. Thanks for the heads up. Honestly, I thought that show was canceled. I'm pumped.

  12. I'm officially jealous that you got to witness the best Raw ending ever, live.

  13. Oh...the usual. Life's got my number, but I'm working on taking it back.

  14. Haha, no...not dead. Just been busy with friends, and getting wasted on a nightly basis.

  15. Haha...nah dude, I love it.

  16. It's an Ibanez GSR200. It was cheap for learning. Unfortunately, I haven't done much learning. Hahaha.

  17. Your name would sound better if it was Ultimo Americano...just saying.

  18. If you seriously have nothing better to do with your time than spam a forum, I pity you.

  19. No, I haven't been on in like a year. Lol.

  20. Yeah, there are some videos.

  21. No, AC2 didn't get canceled. It's one of the most anticipated upcoming games.

  22. I do have a pretty sweet social life.

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