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  1. There will be more in the long run, that you'll need the DLC for. Unless that's the only DLC you don't have.
  2. When you planning on updating this? Cause I'm really looking forward to seeing where I finish.
  3. So, I'm looking to start a Universe in WWE 2k17, and I'm trying to figure out what brands I should have. Raw and Smackdown are a given, but I'm getting rid of Main Event, keeping NXT, and adding ROH. I also added NJPW and have the ROH World, TV and Tag Team titles, along with the IWGP Heavyweight, Intercontinental, Jr Heavyweight, Jr Tag Team, Tag Team, and the Women's championships. I just need more superstars for the shows to have a balanced roster and I'm gonna implement a draft in the future to shake things up. I've added ROH and New Japan, with the following CAWs and titles. ROH World ROH TV ROH Tag Team IWGP World IWGP Intercontinental IWGP Jr Heavyweight IWGP Jr Tag Team IWGP Tag Team IWGP Women's Adam Cole Alex Shelley Bobby Roode THE Brian Kendrick Brother Nero Candice LaRae Cedric Alexander Chris Benoit Chris Sabin CM Punk Cody Rhodes Gran Metalik Jack Evans Jay Lethal Joey Ryan Johnny Gargano Kassius Ohno Kenny Omega Matt Hardy Matt Jackson Matt Sydal Nick Jackson Nick Miller Pentagon Jr Perry Saturn Raven Ricochet RVD Shane Thorne Shelton Benjamin Tommaso Ciampa
  4. Boondox


    Still? . Yes problem ? It would be great if he could upload a version without that, cause whoever's bright idea it was to NOT include the NXT Enhancement pack in the season pass needs to be fired. That's the one DLC pack I don't have.
  5. Boondox

    Matt Sydal

    I guess you can close this now.
  6. I'll upload my CAW here in a little bit. Might even make a second attire for him before I do upload him. Name: Jackal Billed From: Houston, TX Weight: 220 lbs Nicknames: "Filth Jeezus"(social media account), "The Punisher"(what he's introduced as) Finisher: Filthy Spirit Bomb (450 Splash), Lights Out(Leg Hook Reverse STO) Age: 28 Representing Company: Freelance, representing the Bullet Club Backstory: Jackal grew up in Houston, having wanted to be a wrestler since he was but a wee child. He spent countless hours in local wrestling gyms helping build and tear down the ring to get his foot in the door. He had traveled all over the indy scene of the States, before stepping away from the business for political reasons and focused on helping others train. With his passion restored after seeing such young hopefuls, Jackal has returned to active competition and looks to claim the one thing that has always alluded him. A World championship Edit: I just uploaded him with Caws.wsT as the main tag, but the other tags are "Jackal" and "Filth Jeezus"
  7. Just downloaded your Matt Sydal, cause I needed a partner for my Ricochet.
  8. Boondox

    Matt Sydal

    Oh god, I actually just discovered how to use custom search tags. This is gonna make searching for stuff so much easier.
  9. Boondox

    Matt Sydal

    Can somebody help me find a decent Matt Sydal, or Evan Bourne, on PS4? Kind of annoyed that we can't manually search for shit now days. It's gotta be done by "Hashtag". How stupid is that? Really makes this shit harder.
  10. I'm sure they have ROH, CZW(for Ambrose), and even NXT/FCW before they formed the Shield.
  11. Once you put a PT on a CAW, it will stay there once deleted from the PT slot. However, show logos and what not are a different story.
  12. Boondox

    Kicked out of CC

    Well, no shit they are all gonna pass the blame to somebody else.
  13. I'll shed some light on why I'm leaving. Yeah, the online is a mess. I've also missed a few matches that weren't entirely my fault, but overall I'm just not having fun anymore. If 2k15 is better, I'll probably join another fed, but until then, I'm just going to turn in my 2k14 as I've gotten everything I can get out of it.
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