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    Nash Sandman Lita
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    Nickleback Metallica Queen Nirvana Ozzy Osbourne anything that sounds good. i really hate Rap, classical, folk, country and western all that kinda granny music sucks too.
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    wwe /ecw /tna
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    Hmm, tricky. anything with Chicken
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    MVPStatus ;) for all my GTFO sigs

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    Cardiff South Wales

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  1. WOW WOW WOW WOW the Sandman isnt nocturnal hahaha

  2. I'll do him last, Ryan and Sheamus are my warm up's lol.

    just getting all the parts ready, cant seem to find a head that'd work well for sheamus :\

  3. im offline anyway hehe. I was just trolling, hope liger goes well

  4. who me? :P

    I'd come on MSN but I'm making Liger, Mason Ryan and another Sheamus :P

  5. Trolololololololololololololololol

  6. soz,

    I knew we were going to town, but I didnt realize so early, one of my gals came down for me and I was still in my PJ's lol soz for bailing out on you <3

  7. you were on MSN till you shrugged me off with someone with a Vagina hahahahaha jk.

  8. I'm on now, but I think I've missed you lolz bloody time difference sucks my left bollock.

  9. Any chance on coming on MSN? XD

  10. people seem to be dragging me out the house a lot more lately,

    I mean not literally but you know what I mean.

  11. thats cool, i wouldnt say im inactive im just less active with school on :/.

  12. thats cool, i wouldnt say im inactive im just less active with school on :/.

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