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  1. I remember that London, I bet we're talking 6/7 years ago? Yeah he's the dude making all the caws nowadays, not that I play the games, but followed Status on twitter since back in the day when we we're friends. Hope being sober is going well for you dude, you have way more willpower than me to be able to pull that off. 33 w/ a kid. I can't even relate. I'm 28 but I really don't see myself as a family man, although its not something I'd be against. Hope you're doing well & your daughter too. I imagine your permaban should be expired, I mean we've all grown up since then but who knows haha!
  2. Most of you were around here before me and keeping it going. It's good to see the some of the same faces when I log on. Wish there was a way we could get this place popular like it used to be, I miss the good ol' days. Like M3J said when we didn't need to worry about money or other stresses in life. It's sad not more people have responded to this thread. I liked that we all could have different opinions and it was a bit of a melting pot in that sense. Bit of drama every now n' then but most of the time we just carried on debating and discussing which I think is important.
  3. 5 wins on the bounce, 0 goals conceded. Still not too late for us to *Censored* it up
  4. Well we won the FIFA fair play award last year, seems a good way to retain it
  5. Yep, we're both doing our best to *Censored* it up ahaha
  6. We started the last 4 decades top of every division we've been in, worked well for us.
  7. Hey you've no reason to watch our club now Roofe's gone </3
  8. Eddie Nketiah should be a good loan signing for us!
  9. EFL are useless. Cared more about us watching a training session from a public path than the state of your club and many others in your situation. Clubs having to sell their effing grounds to get past FFP. The state of the EFL.
  10. Good result on Saturday for us! Puts 3 points between us and Sheffield United in 3rd.
  11. Wouldn't wanna score for a club that doesn't pay me either they got paid 2 hours before kick off tbf True, but the way your club has been run is a joke. Feel sorry for you guys. We've had our fair share of shit owners. Least one Leeds fan is nice lol You should see the ones on Twitter, who say it's revenge for relegation in 2004/money jokes to Leeds over the years etc. As though that wasn't just banter. There are Leeds fans on Twitter who want Bolton to fold etc, seems a lot of fans have hatred for us. i think it's all banter to be honest.
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