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  1. Finally got me a Gastly in Shield(already evolved it to Haunter), and got a metal coat. So whenever I'm able to trade with my friends I'll have a Gengar and a shiny Scizor AND I got a shiny Machop in Go. I don't want to evolve it in Go. I rather put it in Shield and work it to Machoke and Machamp. Now I wish I had a metal coat in Go so I too can have a Scizor in Go. Atleast I don't have to trade it, just evolve it with the coat Finally finished the Distracted By Something Shiny quest. I thought it would give me a random Shiny, not a Flipping Celebi! Thats awesome
  2. Trying to recover from the worst migraine I've had in years! I can't remember the last time my head has killed me this bad. Been tossing and turning all day. Almost went to the ER to see what they could do. Its still hurting but God not near as bad it was. Edit: It's finally gone! Gosh that was actually the worst migraine in my life
  3. Well 100 Gastly candies or trade. I haven't seen a Gastly in months so the only other way is to trade lol. Now I'm on a mission to find a Gastly in Shield
  4. Minecraft Been playing on my bestfriend world where he wants to beat the game without cheats(He just today got the trophy to enter the nether, so he used cheats everytime) Haven't been able to log into his world past few times..so been working on my world. See back on 360 I created an underground hallway of rooms that I've recreated like 5 times. And 2 of them were used without creative. So today I almost finished on it on my world. Modern Warfare/Cold War Just Multiplayer and WarZone. I was a beast today on Multiplayer. And got another Mini Royale win Pokémon Go
  5. Oh lol, don't really know much about Sword and Shield. Its like the least I know about a Pokémon game. All I heard it had a very small roster but some DLC helped fixed that.
  6. Correction on my part Gigantamax Gengar is Exclusive to Shield
  7. WOO WON 2 WarZone games in a row! Rebirth Island but still won 2 in a row. That's 3 Wins for me Edit: My bestfriend told me after we got off he jumped on a game and got another win so thats 3 wins in a row for him lol
  8. I said screw it and got Shield, with the 2 DLC packs. What made me do it, I watched Jaden Animations Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke which got me in the Pokémon Mood I got Shield because I heard Gengar was exclusive or something to it so I had to get it if true because Gengar is my child. I wanna do a Nuzlocke of Shield after I beat it
  9. Dang that sucks, I missed sleep Thursday night and when I finally got sleep it was like 2 PM and I avoided anything internet until I watched it. Hell back when Force Awakens a few years back I got spoiled for me while playing Freaking Town of Salem of all games lol. Yeah spoilers suck when I dont go out my way to see what it was. Ive had multiple games spoiled for me before. Back to Star Wars I can't wait till next season, I want more Mandalorian lol. Imo these 2 seasons are WAY better than the Sequel Trilogy. And now we have like 10 shows that are being made. If they are all as entertaining as Mandalorian ill watch them in a heartbeat Also the other day, The day I was finally gonna purchase the Grogu Pop in my Walmart, its no longer there...I kept seeing it each time I was in there but I didn't see Mandalorian yet so I thought No point to. But now its gone lol. I know I can buy one online but still
  10. Been playing alot more Pokémon Go past few weeks, still trying to get my Haunter traded to my friend to make a Gengar. Actually caught my first shiny today, a Piplup, it was very low leveled though. I have like 4 other Pokémon I need to trade in order to evolve. I tried yesterday but my friend didn't have enough stardust to do the trade Also DANG Pokémon Sword and Shield is still expensive AH I got a Shadow Shiny Scyther from Team Rocket. Now I need a Metal Coat so I can evolve it. But its weaker than my other Scyther but ill evolve the shiny. Awesome, thats 2 Shinys so far. Oh since I live out in the woods I couldn't get any Pokémon around me, only was able to get 1 a day because I guess that what they do. Since I've been playing this game every day for over a month now, my house is now a hot spot, I can't run out of Pokémon now lol. I get so many a day now here lol. Thats cool
  11. Bill Burr did AMAZING last episode, he freaking killed it
  12. As Fight Me said, it was a GREAT DAY to be a Marvel and Star Wars fan. I'm most excited for Fantastic Four(And to finally have one that won't suck) Thor Love and Thunder(Glad Christian Bale is the villian) Freaking cool Abomination is gonna return, with it being the same actor I hope that means The Thinker may return
  13. Spider-Man Remastered I'm almost done with the game, then I can FINALLY play Miles Morales Fortnite Just grinding the battle pass and also OMG DARYL AND MICHONNE FROM TWD WILL BE ADDED. I saw that during the game awards and immediately called my friends because we like Fortnite and TWD. That was a shock, that actually made my jaw drop, same with Kratos
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