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    Cena, Taker, Fiend, HHH, HBK,
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    Almost everything County, A7X, Skillet Imagine Dragons, Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Evanescence
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    Disabled by Neurofibromatosis 1
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    Chicken Strips with Zatarains Southern Buttermilk Chicken mix, BBQ Chili, Checkers Frys, Five Guy Burgers & Fries
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    Wrestling, Video Games, Zelda, Flash, Arrow, Batman Auburn(WAR EAGLE) Youtube, Cooking, Football, Story Writing and my friends and family

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  1. Warzone Halloween Event Fortnite Halloween Event Borderlands 3 Halloween Event
  2. I bought the Saw bundle. I HAD to, im a huge Saw fan and the deal was to great to pass up. I can freaking play as the Billy Puppet. Gosh I wish it had a horn sound that played his laugh. But the 2 guns are amazing! IT HAS DISMEMBERMENT! I can finally blow peoples limbs off lol. And I'm working on finding all the items, ive got 3 so far. I want that dang watch! It looks awesome, and definitely want the blueprint for finding them all. This event is awesome
  3. This could really be happening. If so also bring back Emma Stone for Spider-Gwen. A live action SpiderVerse could be as big as Endgame if done right
  4. MY BOY IS BACK!! RAIN!!! I remember he was in MKX story very briefly Rain, Kenshi, and Kratos were my mains on MK9. I still pray we get a current Kratos for MK11. I don't see it happening unless they add someone big for Xbox also. Also I still pray for Michael Myers. I mean come on! MK9 had Freddy Kruger, MKX had Jason, Leatherface, Predator, Alien. And MK11 has Terminator, RoboCop, Rambo. I'll be ok with no Kratos if they give us Michael lol. Also PEOPLE CAN FINALLY GIVE IT A REST. YOU HAVE MELINA BACK. Gosh couldn't look at any of Ed Boons tweets without non stop We Want MELINA lol. Wait..will she have a Remnant skin? Since she died in MKX, everyone who died has a Remnant skin, I dont care for them, only one I actually use is on Kabal
  5. Finally beat Borderlands 3, now onto the rest of the side missions, DLC, and Mayhem/True Vault Hunter Mode Also Bloody Harvest And 1 thing, I tried Mayhem Mode 10...impossible solo. But I am gonna farm bosses on Mayhem 1 or 2 for Legendaries. Already got my One Pump Chump back, haven't used one in so long because I was way passed the level and the weapon did nothing to later places
  6. DAMN IT. It would have been PERFECT to release it like that October 29th. But I understand because of Covid and couldn't film
  7. I hear its not the same version that was in TASM2. And Jamie said he won't be blue this time. I kinda dig this concept art. A modernized version of Electro's classic look
  9. Yes that i would be ok with. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the previous model
  10. Zombies looks amazing AND SAM, THAT IS FREAKING SAMANTHA MAXIS 100% The numbers she dials spell Maxis
  11. Just NO! HELL NO. If it ain't broke, DONT FIX IT. It was JUST FINE before. He looks 13, he is supposed to be 23. And looks like Tom Holland, I feel soo sorry for the previous face actor for him
  12. Read every first letter of this thread Ragnarok is coming, also anyone remember the free theme we got after the 1 year anniversary of the game? With Kratos and Atreus? Look at the runes on the boat http://imgur.com/a/rr6fkVv Ragnarok is coming
  13. Well saw them, and I have to have tests done before they try to give me my meds, but the scheduled tests are after I run out. So im gonna be hurting very badly in the next few days. And the Dr I talked about passed away, he's the Dr I liked the most, sucks. I heard he was real sick, dang. He actually listened to me and made sure I was ok and everything Been having to half my pills so I can try and make do. Only like twice I took a whole one. Now i have a nerve study, a psychiatrist, and a MRI next week Nerve study F'ing sucked, the dang needles part was bad MRI today, upper and lower back. I think without contrast, just gonna suck having to lay down for awhile Asked for music, country music, but...the dang headphones weren't working correctly so like 1 hour I had louder sound in the headphones than the damn MRI itself, gosh my hears hurt after that. Now my left ear is constantly vibrating and spasms. Driving me insane
  14. As soon as Mike Henry left, I said Azerrz would he PERFECT. But id thought they wouldn't cast him because he was a Youtuber. Ive been an Azerrz fan for over 5 years! I found him though his Ted Call of Duty videos. Im so freaking happy for him, I dont watch Family Guy anymore, but ill watch it some to hear him. I mean he is just perfect. Think, a man who just does impressions and post on YouTube, actually becomes the character he was doing an impression of
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