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  1. I enjoyed it, didn't enjoy it failed every time I tried matchmaking. My main atm is Kamala! She is just fun to play as, 2nd is Ironman, then Widow, then Hulk. Idk I just didn't enjoy playing Hulk that much, a little too slow imo. I love he is played by Troy Baker. Thor and Cap was fun for the VERY little we played as them for the beta. I've leveled Kamala the most, and then Hulk. Didnt play much of Widow except during the bridge section And the Hulk Hands for Fortnite are so much fun! Its my main harvesting tool now, fun to just punch stuff. OH I just remembered ANYONE can get in the Hulkbuster suit. I saw a video on Twitter and it showed Hulk getting in the Hulkbuster. They thought it was a glitch but the makers themselves said this
  2. OH MY GOD! HITMAN IN PSVR!!!! NOT JUST HITMAN 3 BUT THE WHOLE TRILOGY!!° This is game changing for Hitman. PLEASE don't let it be like Resident Evil 7 with PSVR but with a controller, let us use the move controllers!
  3. For Fortnite Players, if you complete 3 Hard Room Challenges, you'll unlock Hulk/Hulkbuster Hand Harvesting Tools. 3 more days till Beta
  4. Was playing Solo WarZone, and did the best I've ever done solo. I killed someone and they dropped Contraband and told me to take it to a drop off point id get a Sniper Rifle Blueprint. Just barely did it too. That was news to me. I knew about the bunker Blueprints but not random ones like this
  5. Spider-Man! I'm still a believer that PS4 Spider-Man is in the same Universe as this game. Mainly because when at the Avengers Tower he says they are on the west coast, this game the Avengers are in the west coast
  6. Is it worth it? I've been wanting to really try it out eventually
  7. Pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition, ready for next week's Beta! And got a theme, its alright ill use it for now
  8. I really may be done with the game, for now probably. Might just exchange info with my team so I can leave and if I want to come back I can. Don't wanna hold them back, I mean I help in TRTG and TRD but I haven't done TBG, but i haven't joined it. Just tired
  9. Ghost of Tsushima Modern Warfare Itching for another win, and now with Double XP on Level, Weapon, and BattlePass, im gonna grind so see how far I can get. Finally completed the Headhunter Co-Op mission, but I shouldn't have, idk how I manged to do that. I was at the VERY end, I was on the other side of the bridge, I just took down the last Tank. My 3 teammates are down, all I have is an Uzi (because I dropped my Bison when I ran out of ammo, but I picked up an ammo case shortly after...) I'm running out of bullets in my Uzi, I'm being surrounded by enemies, on the ground shooting them as I see them. Im a medic and my skill is about to come back so I just SPAM L1 and R1 and I brought my teammates back just as I went down. Like I said I shouldn't have won Gosh I wish I could hear my teammates reaction Fortnite Getting kinda eh with it now, haven't got a win in solo or duos but haven't got a win in squads in like 2 weeks. Just trying to grind, gotta git gud at building or I won't survive long in this
  10. Ultra lame but me and my bro finally got our first Warzone win! In Duos, about dang time we got it. It took NOWHERE near as long it took our Blackout win. I feel like that's the best I've played this game, we didn't even go to the gulag, I only went down twice and he did once. I still don't know how we pulled it off, but I tell you it felt good! He said that he almost died because he had to reload, it was at that point the other guy also had to reload Uploading that to my channel soon. Hell we mainly was trying to find Intel and we wound up winning. We dropped to get the intel and then we played it out instead of just quitting. Funny note, the dang final circle was INSDE the gas itself lol.
  11. Yeah broken air conditioners suck! Mine broke many years ago because the unit was struck by lightning. We had to stay at our neighbors for a week while we got a new one
  12. Already have Modern Warfare 2, got it a few months back so I could get Ghost's MW2 Skin. And never heard of Fall Guys
  13. Just...AHHHHHHHHH OMFG!!!!! I remember coming home from school and watching G4, AOTS was my S*** I loved that show, my tweet was shown on OMGROFLOL segment and that helped get me followers. I remember screaming with joy when they said my Twitter Name. I knew the segment was about to come on and I asked my mom to sit with me and they said it, I jumped up and yelled. If I'm not mistaken it came on at 6 PM Central right before RAW. I barely watched X-Play. I hated when the channel became a Cops and Cheaters channel. I was so sad when Olivia left AOTS and devastated when Kevin left, then each week was just guest hosts. I pray AOTS comes back with Kevin. And I hope my crushs, Candice Bailey, Allison Haislip, and Sara Underwood returns too. I still have recorded episodes of AOTS on my Dish's DVR. I'm sad I no longer have the episode where they said my Twitter name. God I wish Comic Con was live with people because think of the reaction they would have had, they would probably blown the roof off of it
  14. Idk if the new Paper Mario is for me, the first 2 are my favorite and they are my favorite Mario games of all time. I've played Super Paper Mario and didnt like it much, only because they changed the combat. The only turn based combat games I love are the first 2 Paper Mario and Pokemon. Paper Mario is my childhood. In gonna go back and play them again later on soon I've heard major rumors of a Super Mario 64 remake
  15. Still Skyrim My I've maxed out Pickpocket, I'm working on Smithing and Enchanting the most atm, I want Ebony stuff and want to put good Enchantments on my Weapons and Armor, I currently got The Black Star and I have a soul sucking Enchantment on my Warhammer
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