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  1. Apparently filming for Halloween End starts next week. Hell I thought they shot it back to back with Halloween Kills
  2. I'm back into playing Town of Salem, got interested into it many years ago by Chilledchaos and the Derp Crew, now they played it again last week and it sucked me right back in. Forgot how fun it was. I do hate the evil roles, I usually suck as the Exe/Jester but I've been causing enough chaos they lynch me lol. I bought the mobile premium for the Town Points, The Exclusive Pet, and the 100% bonus merit points. I do own 2 very Exclusive Skins and thats for being a sponsor for their 2 card games. I tell you when those 2 skins were first released I was TARGETED so much because of the skin. Now no one cares
  3. FNAF Security Breach It's fun, not what I expected, it still needs work done Fortnite Still grinding, at 61 now. I got a one handed gaming keyboard for Christmas, so I'm trying to learn how to play with it. Editing and aiming/shooting is pretty simple, it's actually moving around, and building, gotta walk before you run, and crawl before you walk. If only really Mouse itself had haptic feedback, also ordered a gaming mouse to go with the keyboard
  4. Not only my favorite Spider-Man movie, but my favorite Marvel movie of all time
  5. Skyrim PS5 It runs soo smooth on PS5, I would have loved Haptic Feedback, atleast on the Bows or Shouting. I'm doing a Khajiit run, I made him look more like a Tiger, like a character in the story I'm writing. Funny enough in the story he uses Spirit Energy Weapons, just like the Bound Bow/Sword/Battleaxe. I'm still exploring, Pickpocket is 100, Archery is 100 Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is here, got my first solo win, AND I got the special emote you only can get for winning a match with a crown you picked up the previous game. I'm grinding because, as J. Jonah Jameson said, I WANT SPIDER-MAN. Oh I'm gonna go broke because new Spider-Man Skins are being added along with villians
  6. Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Stone Ocean Dropped yesterday. I finally actually just finished Golden Wind. I kind was saving finishing up until Stone Ocean came out. Also it's cool it was dubbed day 1 of release and dropped 11 episodes day 1. Glad I became a Jojo fan this year
  7. He was such a great VA, I'll always remember him replying to me a few times on Twitter years ago. Damn.. R.I.P.
  8. Genshin Impact Trying to get leveled up because my world level is 3 so stronger enemies, my Razor is the best I have, even have a 5 Star Claymore, Wolf's Gravestone which is perfect for him. Edit: Razor is now level 60 and my Claymore is 60 also, Average damage is about 600, except when it comes to Ruin Hunters. Ok, I'm not leveling anything up anymore until Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn gets added, glad it's free, same with her bow Fortnite Ok got Toxic Rick and Silver Rick, and Blaxk Suit Superman. I doubt I'll get Rainbow Rick but I'll atleast try and help my Sister to Level 100. Split Gate Wow it's actually fun, a TDM + Portal, enjoyed it, trying to convince my friends to download it 76 Even if I don't really play it, I try to log on once a day because the Atom Shop gives away 1 item free, mostly Scrap, Caps, Repair Kits, ect
  9. I tested negative! But I'm still gonna quarantine myself for 2 weeks to keep myself and others safe
  10. Also God of War 2018, finally trying to beat it in God Mode, and I'm counting my deaths Fortnite Playing with my sister, she's at like 61 out of 100, she may get Rick. I'm working on Toxic Rick now and getting Alien Artifacts to finish up my Alien. Also got Wonder Woman's skin, I REALLY wanted her Wing Glider to put on Armored Kratos, I also got her bundle, most for the Trinity loading screen. Having fun again Mosy because I'm playing with my Sister. Morty should be coming to Fortnite soon, if she gets Rick ill gift it to her
  11. Had to cut a family vist week short because we were exposed to Covid so I had to go home, and gonna get tested tomorrow, I feel fine but still gonna test and quarantine myself. Gonna need someone to get me supplies for 2 weeks
  12. Fortnite Almost done with the Battle Pass, finished the Free Guy quests and got an Emote that has Ryan Reynolds talking, and OF COURSE I put the Emote on Deadpool lol Genshin Impact Playing daily now to level up, hopefully Aloy gets released soon so I'll have a 5 ☆ Character Hades Haven't played it yet but have it downloaded, hopefully I'll like it
  13. Genshin Impact I guess I'm kinda getting addicted to it, not big on the story, just like going around, leveling up, and gambling primo gems and wishes hoping to get a good character. Sister jokingly got mad at me because I got a character she doesn't own lol. Now I have a character my sister and step sister doesn't own
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