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  1. YES! Me and my sister were just talking about this game over the weekend, and how it wasn't localized and may never be. HERE IT IS. I even said they they should call Sherlock Holems Herlock Sholmes, I was just bluffing, I didn't expect they'd do it. Man my sister is pumped
  2. She freaking LOVED IT! She started crying and shaking, I made her day
  3. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy: I bought this game back when Gamegrumps first played it and hardly touched it, I watched them do the first 3 cases then stopped. Then last week when I visited family my sister(who's now obsessed with it)was playing it and I watched her play and helped her, I actually got into it. So now I'm playing atleast near where we got before I came back home.
  4. AHHHHHH I got the voice actor for Miles Edgeworth from the Phoenix Wright English Dub TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR MY SISTER! I requested it today and did not expect to get a response that fast. She's gonna love it. Again she's obsessed with Phoenix Wright, hell I even got her a name plaque that says her name and under it Attorney At Law. Gosh next week can't come fast enough to show her. Also I didn't even ask to mention the Autopsy report(it's from the game) which is awesome, I did ask to say her favorite quote and he did! AH HA! I have an idea, I'll actually use the custom case maker of Phoenix Wright to match up what the VA actually said as an even more special video for her, first I'll show the Cameo, then the custom case maker. I'll definitely be using Cameo again in the future(#notsponsored lol)
  5. Spent the weekend at my Biological Mom's house with her, her boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend's daughter for Easter Weekend. They live 2 hours away from me, had fun, really bonding with my sister. When she was younger and temporary living with my family we didn't have much in common because she was real little and I'm not fond of kids but now we have ALOT in common now lol. Also bonding more with my Biological mom, getting back lost time. I'll come back for my sister's birthday next week. During the weekend we played Ace Attorney, well I watched her play but also helped, she's obsessed with that now. So I bought her a personalized Ace Attorney mug with her name on it, and Phoenix Wright's attorney badge. It was really fun playing it with her. Because of this game, she is deadset on becoming a lawyer when she gets older
  6. I may do that, thanks In Go I FINALLY got a Gengar....but its kinda weak because I got it from a Mega Raid. So it's my buddy until I'm able to get another Male Ghastly and get 125+ candies to make him strong, hopefully I'll get an XL and atleast 2 ☆ FINALLY got a Metal Coat! Now I can evolve my Scyther, but I'll wait until I get even more Candies for him, want him at my top. ALSO my new phone...the frames are soo much better playing this game Now working on getting 400+ Meltan candies, I'm over 300 now and now gotta wait 4 days to open the box again, and I've gotten a level 827 Meltan that's 3 stars! I'll just get and use atleast 30 more Candies to level it to 901, and according to an evolution calculator should be around 3190, and become my strongest Pokémon yet
  7. Moved into my dad's old room Sunday, it's the master bedroom with a master bathroom, walk in closet, and retreat room. I now have ALOT more space, the retreat room I want to turn into my VR room and maybe a recording room for YouTube, Voice Acting, etc. Had help clean up, we still have a lot more to do
  8. Did you save the data to the cloud? I had to do that so I could get my data to my PS5.
  9. Back playing New Vegas after a few day break. I think I'm ready for Old World Blues or Honest Hearts. I have the perk where I deal more damage to robots and have the pulse gun, so hopefully those dang robot scorpions don't stand a chance. Also increasing my Melee for that Axe
  10. Keep hitting dead ends trying to find my Brothers, ok backstory My biological birth mom gave birth to twin boys and again she couldn't take care of them. This time someone not in our family adopted them and I haven't seen them. I know their birthday and birth place, a few baby pictures and thats it. I wonder if they even know their adopted
  11. Trying to get through each day. My biological mom is staying for the weekend to help clean around with my dads stuff. (OK if you didn't know my biological mom couldn't take care of me so her biological father and his wife adopted me, for years I thought she was my sister until I got old enough. He's my biological grandfather but he WAS MY DAD. He treated me as his own son, same with my biological grandmother, she was MY MOM. So if you didn't know you know) Found his class ring, his ring he got from the PD, ect. His Police Department Ring was on his string where he turns his light on/off ok his ceiling fan. I knew he had his class ring somewhere but we eventually found it. It fits pretty good on me. He had 2 badge wallets, his retirement badge is mine, he gave that to me, but we found his smaller one and I gave it to her, she was confused for a minute and started crying when I gave it to her. My family has all said that I get first grabs on EVERYTHING in the house since he left it all for me House is looking alot nicer now Working on a tribute video for my dad, having Zac Brown Band's My Old Man song playing with pictures of him. It hurts to hear that song now. Gonna go through photo albums for pictures of him. It sucks, I had a breakdown last night adding more photos Old childhood friend is moving back here(Alabama) with his wife and kids, been awhile since I've seen him(got into a spat last week but I was stressed about my dad) eventually ill invite my bestfriend and his wife and kid, and then my old friend and his wife and kids over to my house and fish and have a fish fry. Haven't fished in awhile. I need to keep up my pond in memory for my dad who loved that pond. I tell you there are some MONSTERS in there, Catfish BTW. They gonna have to clean them lol, I guess I'm just too Squeamish. Maybe eventually buy some new furniture to make my house look nicer
  12. Ok now have 100 Lockpick and Science so I can't be locked out of anything(unless IT NEEDS a key)and 1 more level up to get Barter so I can fast travel overencumbered. Working on Legion quests so I can open a shack to get the Lucky Glasses to help my luck gambling for the trophy to get kicked out. Hardcore mode is really fun, I feel like its the best way to play New Vegas. I kept hearing and overhyping how HARD it is. I got use to 76 so this isn't much of a challenge. Oh did the challenge to kill Benny with his own gun lol. I still want to do this as a Yes Man playthrough, but my seprate playthrough as a melee only and sneaky ill side with Caesar
  13. There are moders who are working on a Fallout 4 Mod that turns it into New Vegas
  14. I wish Bethesda treated New Vegas like they do Skyrim and port it all over the place. I wish I could play it on PS4/5 I know Playstation Now is a thing but my internet isn't strong enough for streaming it, now if I could download it and play it offline I'd be happy. I mostly want to earn Trophies for it. Since I got almost all the Trophies on PS3 except a few missions and Hardcore mode, and the Lonesome Road DLC.
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