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  1. No Mans Sky PSVR I have No Mans Sky Beyond from Gamefly, and I own the orginal No Mans Sky but it didnt work on my PS4 anymore hince me getting it from Gamefly. My bestfriend wanted to see if itll work on his and it did! Now me and him are playing it in VR together. Its really fun now. He didnt know it was full blown VR and you use the move controllers, that blew him away Day 2 and we've got shelters and we almost have the hyperdrive. Have teleporters to get to space station. Now we have solar panels and a save beacon Also WOO the Werewolf sidequest for Hogwarts Mystery is back!
  2. I only save them and use for Fusions or level up a 36 card
  3. Been playing more Hogwarts Mystery, still on my 2nd year, and currently doing the Malfoy quest. Dont wanna progress to the next year until we are winning the house cup Modern Warfare I finally unlocked Dragons Breath for my shotgun. Been playing Shipment 24/7 playlist. I use to hate Shipment and other small maps, I find it fun now to level up my shotguns and SMGs
  4. Havent dabbled with the Aftermath Story yet, been leaning RoboCop and Fujin. Robocop is a bit weird to play as. 1 thing I LOVE is the Eternal Klash Skin Pack. IT HAS MK9 SCORPION GEAR. That's my 2nd favorite Scorpion Skin, my favorite is Injustice Scorpion. I was happy it was included in MKX, but disappointed it's not I'm MK11 Also I hate in The Deadpool Map, with the stage Fatality, with Terminator, he doesn't do a thumbs up like everyone was speculating. That would have been an awesome Easter Egg
  5. My town is selling Gold Crowns today. Its 1 Million Bells but I had to get it. Just to get it lol
  6. LEGO DC Super-Villians I got the Deluxe Edition, it was like $22 and it orginally was over $70. Never really bought a Lego game, last time I played one, there was no voice Acting. And the deluxe edition had the season pass, which had the DC TV skins Not a game per se, but in Fortnite they FINALLY added the Psycho from Borderlands back in the store, I HAD to get him. Him and Batman are the only 2 I wanted so badly. Just hopefully they'll add him back soon. Also Star-Lord would be awesome too.
  7. WWII is gonna be free for May's Playstation Plus
  8. Or you could find a town that has a cheaper price, that's what I'll do from now on if mine are higher than 90s, if its 100 I'll find a town elsewhere. Getting my "Man Cave" completed. I have Manga Wall(which took 2 days to fully get because I had to order magazines and can only order 5 a day) Pool Table, Ping Pong Table, Arcade Machine, Fighting Machine, Darts, VR Headset, Pinball Machine
  9. And he has a lot of brainwashed fans defending him
  10. Fortnite Got Shadow Skye and Shadow Midas today. Gonna jump back to MW now that I got that out of the way. Now I have each character's shadow version. Didnt like Ghosts
  11. Mine was 90, didnt buy as many i did last week
  12. I procrastinated too much this week and almost lost those Turnips, I went to 1 town that had 500+ and sold an inventory full. And thank goodness my friend had 121 price which was a tiny bit higher that I bought them for. So atleast I didnt lose money. Only gained 1 million in profits. Next time I wont procrastinate and get it done with. Just VERY VERY LONG waiting times on the Turnip Exchange and it was 1 trip only which sucks because I had like 8 inventory space full of turnips
  13. Modern Warfare Just playing Multiplayer and leveling up and doing the tiers. Getting my AK leveled. And doing the Aisle 9 and getting my shotguns leveled, really want Dragon Breath Had to work on my headshot game because to unlock an assault rifle(I dont recall the name atm) I had to get 2 headshots in 25 or so games.
  14. Ok technically this isnt from the Avengers Game. But a demo from the Iron Man VR game is out, and it's a pretty big demo
  15. Utter Garbage this Event is, and I thought Over the Limit/Team Roadblock was bad
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