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  1. Or you could find a town that has a cheaper price, that's what I'll do from now on if mine are higher than 90s, if its 100 I'll find a town elsewhere. Getting my "Man Cave" completed. I have Manga Wall(which took 2 days to fully get because I had to order magazines and can only order 5 a day) Pool Table, Ping Pong Table, Arcade Machine, Fighting Machine, Darts, VR Headset, Pinball Machine
  2. And he has a lot of brainwashed fans defending him
  3. Fortnite Got Shadow Skye and Shadow Midas today. Gonna jump back to MW now that I got that out of the way. Now I have each character's shadow version. Didnt like Ghosts
  4. I procrastinated too much this week and almost lost those Turnips, I went to 1 town that had 500+ and sold an inventory full. And thank goodness my friend had 121 price which was a tiny bit higher that I bought them for. So atleast I didnt lose money. Only gained 1 million in profits. Next time I wont procrastinate and get it done with. Just VERY VERY LONG waiting times on the Turnip Exchange and it was 1 trip only which sucks because I had like 8 inventory space full of turnips
  5. Modern Warfare Just playing Multiplayer and leveling up and doing the tiers. Getting my AK leveled. And doing the Aisle 9 and getting my shotguns leveled, really want Dragon Breath Had to work on my headshot game because to unlock an assault rifle(I dont recall the name atm) I had to get 2 headshots in 25 or so games.
  6. Ok technically this isnt from the Avengers Game. But a demo from the Iron Man VR game is out, and it's a pretty big demo
  7. Utter Garbage this Event is, and I thought Over the Limit/Team Roadblock was bad
  8. It should have been way cheaper than that. With the Trilogy being $60 for 3 games. And Mafia II and III both by itself is $30. Its best to just get the Trilogy
  9. Just bought 5 Million in Turnips, man I'm bout to make bank
  10. I'll wait until August to buy the trilogy, even though I really want to play Mafia II, but if only be paying for Mafia II since I already own III twice already and I know its "Remastered" but still. I still havent forgiven that game being too tedious and repetitive I know I can buy them separately but $30 for Mafia II and $30 for Mafia III and its $60 for the trilogy
  11. Yeah sadly we probably wont get XV3 for awhile, I heard XV2 is gonna get ported over to next gen instead of making and releasing XV3
  12. Hopefully the previous unlockable characters will return, like Spiderman
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