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  1. Apparently filming for Halloween End starts next week. Hell I thought they shot it back to back with Halloween Kills
  2. I'm back into playing Town of Salem, got interested into it many years ago by Chilledchaos and the Derp Crew, now they played it again last week and it sucked me right back in. Forgot how fun it was. I do hate the evil roles, I usually suck as the Exe/Jester but I've been causing enough chaos they lynch me lol. I bought the mobile premium for the Town Points, The Exclusive Pet, and the 100% bonus merit points. I do own 2 very Exclusive Skins and thats for being a sponsor for their 2 card games. I tell you when those 2 skins were first released I was TARGETED so much because of the skin. Now no one cares
  3. FNAF Security Breach It's fun, not what I expected, it still needs work done Fortnite Still grinding, at 61 now. I got a one handed gaming keyboard for Christmas, so I'm trying to learn how to play with it. Editing and aiming/shooting is pretty simple, it's actually moving around, and building, gotta walk before you run, and crawl before you walk. If only really Mouse itself had haptic feedback, also ordered a gaming mouse to go with the keyboard
  4. Not only my favorite Spider-Man movie, but my favorite Marvel movie of all time
  5. Skyrim PS5 It runs soo smooth on PS5, I would have loved Haptic Feedback, atleast on the Bows or Shouting. I'm doing a Khajiit run, I made him look more like a Tiger, like a character in the story I'm writing. Funny enough in the story he uses Spirit Energy Weapons, just like the Bound Bow/Sword/Battleaxe. I'm still exploring, Pickpocket is 100, Archery is 100 Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is here, got my first solo win, AND I got the special emote you only can get for winning a match with a crown you picked up the previous game. I'm grinding because, as J. Jonah Jameson said, I WANT SPIDER-MAN. Oh I'm gonna go broke because new Spider-Man Skins are being added along with villians
  6. Genshin Impact Trying to get leveled up because my world level is 3 so stronger enemies, my Razor is the best I have, even have a 5 Star Claymore, Wolf's Gravestone which is perfect for him. Edit: Razor is now level 60 and my Claymore is 60 also, Average damage is about 600, except when it comes to Ruin Hunters. Ok, I'm not leveling anything up anymore until Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn gets added, glad it's free, same with her bow Fortnite Ok got Toxic Rick and Silver Rick, and Blaxk Suit Superman. I doubt I'll get Rainbow Rick but I'll atleast try and help my Sister to Level 100. Split Gate Wow it's actually fun, a TDM + Portal, enjoyed it, trying to convince my friends to download it 76 Even if I don't really play it, I try to log on once a day because the Atom Shop gives away 1 item free, mostly Scrap, Caps, Repair Kits, ect
  7. Also God of War 2018, finally trying to beat it in God Mode, and I'm counting my deaths Fortnite Playing with my sister, she's at like 61 out of 100, she may get Rick. I'm working on Toxic Rick now and getting Alien Artifacts to finish up my Alien. Also got Wonder Woman's skin, I REALLY wanted her Wing Glider to put on Armored Kratos, I also got her bundle, most for the Trinity loading screen. Having fun again Mosy because I'm playing with my Sister. Morty should be coming to Fortnite soon, if she gets Rick ill gift it to her
  8. Had to cut a family vist week short because we were exposed to Covid so I had to go home, and gonna get tested tomorrow, I feel fine but still gonna test and quarantine myself. Gonna need someone to get me supplies for 2 weeks
  9. Fortnite Almost done with the Battle Pass, finished the Free Guy quests and got an Emote that has Ryan Reynolds talking, and OF COURSE I put the Emote on Deadpool lol Genshin Impact Playing daily now to level up, hopefully Aloy gets released soon so I'll have a 5 ☆ Character Hades Haven't played it yet but have it downloaded, hopefully I'll like it
  10. Genshin Impact I guess I'm kinda getting addicted to it, not big on the story, just like going around, leveling up, and gambling primo gems and wishes hoping to get a good character. Sister jokingly got mad at me because I got a character she doesn't own lol. Now I have a character my sister and step sister doesn't own
  11. Genshin Impact Trying to get level 16 so I can play with my Sister, and get to level 20 so I can get Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. Edit: OK at Adventure Rank 21 so definitely get Aloy when it's out. Genshin Impact players will understand this, I FINALLY got a 5 Star Wish....it was a book...BUT I did get a 4 Star Wish Character Yanfei, AS my sister jokingly says Manifesting Yanfei, I get her. She's a book character so I put my 5 Star Book on her. Also got a character I wanted, Razor, ONLY because his special looks like he has a Stand from JoJo Bizarre Adventure The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Playing this with my sister who really got me into Ace Attorney
  12. Today would have been my Dad's 73 Birthday, it's the first Birthday since he passed....gonna be around friends today to help cope and keep me company so I'm not alone Excuse my language but *Censored* YOU COVID
  13. Cold War Mauer Der Toten is out, me and my bestfriend made it pretty far in the EE, may need more people GTA Online Been playing this with my friends more, and now a new update is coming out
  14. Fortnite Thanos came out and I had the V Bucks for him, and got the snap emote, AND the Infinity Gauntlet along with the Infinity Gauntlet Back Bling actually shines and lights up when he snaps. That to me is the coolest feature of Thanos's Skin. They also brought back every non Battle Pass Marvel skin except Black Widow black skin and Star Lord We have 100 slots to our Fortnite Locker, and majority of mine are Marvel and DC lol, and Video Game/Movie Characters.
  15. Mainly Fortnite, trying to level up, I actually got my little sister liking it, and I bought her thr battlepass so she can play along with us, she mainly wants Rick we along with my other friends played for hours yesterday, and she told me she had a blast, I'm glad. It's more bonding we can do
  16. Not really a BS to me but I found out my Biological father died yesterday. Don't have to say you're sorry, I don't want to speak ill of the Dead so I'll put it at that. I feel bad for his family. I've only seen him 1 time like 8 years ago and he didn't know who I was. So just pray for his other family Ok a true BS for me, see I've been doing Perler Beads art, and I made my biggest one yet, the Harley Davidson Logo, I had it all together, I then ironed it, and it didn't all stick and it was ruined, it took me 2 days to complete that now it's ruined. I've seen people say try masking tape first, remove from Board and them iron it, gosh this bums me out. It was gonna be a father's day gift for my Biological Mom's Boyfriend
  17. Subnautica Below Zero Ok, it's a bit different than I'm use to, it's strange, just need to get over the nostalgia of the orginal. Hopefully I can start building a base soon Apollo Justice Finally playing more of this game. Wasn't really a big fan or anything until my sister got me into it. The 3 3DS games were on sale so I bought all 3 and sent money to my sister so she too can play them, we live over 100 Miles away so that way we can play around the same time and then play together when I go back there. OK anyway it's really fun this series
  18. Subnautica PS5 My journey is sadly now over for PS4 Subnautica. All I need now is 2 more trophies. But omg it looks even better on PS5. Wanna do things differently, I already put my home base in a different place than my PS4 world. Hopefully I can find Jacksepticeye and Markiplier's EE if I'm able to, now on to PS5, but not yet because Subnautica Below Zero Unlike orginal Subnautica I don't wanna look up stuff. I've seen how it USE to look back when it was early access when Jacksepticeye played it like years ago, other than that I want to find stuff myself Loony Tunes World Of Mayhem Ok I've been addicted to this game for the past month. I literally downloaded this to try to unlock Big Chungus for a joke with my sister. I then loved the game, its fun, turn based combat, ALOT of characters and abilities. It's just fun, like Pokémon Go I try to play every day. Biggest downside, like Harry Potter, is waiting for energy, if only I could find a hack for unlimited energy
  19. Subnautica ALMOST Done then I'll play Below Zero Ace Attorney Apollo Justice I bought all 3 3DS Ace Attorney games because they were on sale, and I also sent money to my sister that way she too can play it!
  20. Mostly been playing Ace Attorney Trilogy with my sister, we are on the last case of the 3rd game. Been enjoying it, mostly been enjoying it because we are bonding more[Edit] We finished the game last night, dang what a emotional roller-coaster ride that was. Now onto Apollo Justice Spider-Man Remastered Almost done beating this game, then I'll go to Miles Morales Fortnite Still trying to get to 100, I read the 2 comics on DC Infinite and still haven't received my damn codes for the items
  21. Getting my sister into the MCU movies , I suggested watching it in order it came out, she wants to watch it in timeline order. Glad I finally get to experience someone watching these movies blind She thought Captian America 1 was OK, slow start, Capitan Marvel she just hated because she said it was boring so I just explained the rest of it, She loved Iron Man 1. That's all so far, she's ready for Thor because of Loki lol She enjoyed Ironman 2, and loved Thor(she simps for Thor and Loki ) hopefully Avengers tomorrow, I wanna see her reaction to Captian America 2 with Bucky[Hopefully Skip Thor 2 lol] I'm just smiling ear to ear and having a blast, my sis is now a Marvel fan, we still have alot to go She enjoyed Avengers, didn't like Ironman 3 so much, only towards the end She says she doesn't really like Captian America, I told her Winter Solider should change her mind about that lol
  22. Genshin Impact PS4 My sister convinced me to play it, it's alright. Im mainly playing it so eventually it's another game we can play together.
  23. YES! Me and my sister were just talking about this game over the weekend, and how it wasn't localized and may never be. HERE IT IS. I even said they they should call Sherlock Holems Herlock Sholmes, I was just bluffing, I didn't expect they'd do it. Man my sister is pumped
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