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  1. are you *censored*ing kidding?! to pull some shit like that knowing full damn well not everyone has the new console(s) do to lack of supplies (and part of the problem is from the greediness of those scumbag scalpers that went on spree) is an absolute bad decision.
  2. request denied https://www.wrestlingattitude.com/2022/01/wwe-not-granting-mustafa-ali-his-release.html
  3. Mr.Dreadful

    WWE Drama

    so, looks like WWE recently filed a new trademark for the phrase, ‘As Good As It Gets.’ a generic phrase that has been around forever. https://www.wrestlingattitude.com/2022/01/wwe-files-trademark-for-phrase-as-good-as-it-gets.html
  4. RIP Betty. she would have made it to 100 January 17th.
  5. i picked up the Ezio Trilogy for the PS4 ( i have it for the X1 but wanted for PS) 2 weeks ago so im going through that. im on Brotherhood already. i miss this style of play of AC.
  6. well this got me more hyped. Batman, TMNT, He-Man, cars, HELLS YEAH! i just hope they give us more real life classic muscle cars. Chargers, Barricuda's, Chevelle's, Roadrunners, Trans Am's, Camero's ect. i love when game company's/publishers release DLC plans/roadmaps to show us that the games life cycle will continue well past its release.
  7. NO! stop with the EA shit. they would micro transaction the shit out of WWE games.
  8. Mr.Dreadful

    WWE Drama

    https://www.wrestlingattitude.com/2021/08/mick-foley-defends-cm-punk-in-response-to-comments-from-roman-reigns.html *Censored* off Roman
  9. Mr.Dreadful

    WWE Drama

    how in the hell can they legally trademark someones BIRTH name? god, the more shady shit WWE does, the more i *censored*ing hate them.
  10. here's an idea, 1/ if you are so protective of your tattoo art from being reproduced, don't tattoo athletes that are going to end up in their represented sports related video games. 2/ if you are an athlete looking to get tattoos, be up front with the artist and see if they are cool with the likelihood their art may end up in a video game. if not, find an artist that is.
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