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    Bret 'Hitman' Hart
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    Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Boston, Foghat, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden
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    XBox 360, XBOXONE, PS4
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    what ever im eating at that moment
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    Dukes Of Hazzard
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    Ontario, Canada
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    classic rocknroll, heavy metal, classic muscle cars, collect Funko POPs
  1. i dont buy digital games, however i just bought Mafia 3 Deluxe edition on PS4 for $17 because i cant find a physical copy for a reasonable price. i have M3 already for XB1 but want to boost up my trophys and for that price for the Deluxe Edition, sure why not.
  2. https://variety.com/2020/music/obituaries-people-news/kenny-rogers-dead-dies-1203541233/ damn man. RIP
  3. Vince McMahon: "It's all about the moneeeeey"
  4. looks like The Bat and the Furious: Gotham Drift
  5. trailer for the new Candyman movie. apparently its a direct sequel to the original ignoring Farewell To The Flesh and Day Of The Dead www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TSMulpd3Bc
  6. Mr.Dreadful

    WWE Drama

    Vickie Guerrero Says WWE Has Stopped Talking to Her After AEW appearance https://www.wrestlingattitude.com/2020/02/vickie-guerrero-says-wwe-has-stopped.html not surprised. just more of WWEs typical pettyness. Superstar Billy Graham just recently ripped into Vince for it on his facebook.
  7. Mr.Dreadful

    WWE Drama

    jesus, did you see some of the douchey shit said in her post from asshole nobodys?
  8. found a real time cycle map with the locations of all Collector items. the cycle changes every 24hrs. my mission is to collect 10 complete sets of all categories (wild flowers, coins, arrowheads etc) and then sell them to Madam Nazar. i calculated it all. 10 sets of everything is $40,220.
  9. Aug. 27 this year will be the 30th anniversary of that. RIP Kobe
  10. Mr.Dreadful

    WWE Drama

    https://www.wrestlingattitude.com/2020/01/triple-h-insensitive-joke-about-paige.html i was gonna shrug off what was said until the part about her not actually being able to have kids due to a medical condition came up.
  11. well for one, discontinue 'weapons of war' (AK-47s, AR-15s) from being available to the general public. because their is no reason the general public needs either of them. and how about make it mandatory to show proof of a purchased gunsafe/lock box when purchasing/registering for a firearm.
  12. well first of all murder IS illegal duh, secondly, NOBODY is saying to make guns illegal. people want reasonable and sensible laws and regulations.
  13. i wish that beige leather coat came with Arthur's outfit. did you equip the Husky for your camp to? so i was thinking about what they could add to online gameplay. since we're able to create posse's, how about if R* added bank and train robbery missions with your posse?!
  14. was asked for help by a woman to look for her cousin at the cemetery so i went and he was held hostage by the Lemoyne Raiders, so after i killed them i looted them at found a treasure map on one of them. looting corpses is more beneficial online then in story mode. also there is this for story mode. it is available on consoles to. i found it last night www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDsTUmu64p4
  15. i love how you get 1500xp for each set sold. helps ya rank up fast.
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