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    Bret 'Hitman' Hart
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    Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Boston, Foghat, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden
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    what ever im eating at that moment
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    Knight Rider
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    classic rocknroll, heavy metal, classic muscle cars, collect Funko POPs

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  1. definitely recreating Bret and Davey's SummerSlam match
  2. these gonna be some good episodes
  3. was playing Universe mode and theres that 2K20 bug where everyone starts sliding around the ring area.
  4. maybe not completely automatic, but they are semi-automatic. and he got them as soon as he turned 18, with no waiting period at all.
  5. WHO THE *Censored* DO YA THINK BOUGHT THOSE AR15s AND SHOT THOSE KIDS?????? AN 18 YEAR OLD!!! and he didnt have a 'special license' either.
  6. WHAT??? now thats *censored*ing bullshit! well that explains why a couple alt attires i made for Becky are gone. sigh, it gets harder to want to play this game when they do shit like this.
  7. Mr.Dreadful

    WWE Drama

    JESUS *censored*ING CHRIST!!!!!! https://www.wrestlingattitude.com/2022/05/a-fan-threats-to-shoot-alexa-bliss-and-her-husband-police-notified.html
  8. seems like the hot fix patch fixed the 'edit superstar' crash. but it did not fix the alt attire selection menu. some alt are still greyed out.
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